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Xbox Modification

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X3 INSTALL TUTORIAL : PIN HEADER : v1.6. Xecuter 3 Installation Tutorial (Rev 1.03) Pin Header : v1.6 This tutorial will guide you through installing the Xecuter 3 modchip by using the pin header installation method. If you follow this tutorial carefully you should have absolutely no problems whatsoever. You should be aware that the Pin Header install is the absolute most highly recommended method of installation, after all the LPC port is SUPPOSED to have a pin header soldered to it in the first place. A wires install should only really be used for those who have the LPC holes filled in with solder (v1.0) so is not really recommended for the v1.6. We are assuming that you have some sort of clue how to use tools and a soldering iron. NOTE: If you have an Xecuter 3CE then you should follow this updated tutorial written by tehsoul (It's basically the same as the one on this page - just a few updated pictures.) Rules for good soldering Use a reasonable quality iron of the correct wattage for the job.

CoinOPS 5 User Guide.doc. WY - CoinOPS Toolbox. What is it? A rom and video validator for CoinOPS running under OSX (10.5 required, Intel/PPC 32/64bit) and Windows (tested under Windows XP, 7, 8). What can do? Check existing roms, videos by its filenames and find valid, missing, unknown ones. It could check videos against all supported roms and existing ones too. What can't (at the moment)? Validate content of rom archives and check support files (eg.

Download for OSX (direct) (RapidShare) Download for Windows (experimental!) CoinOPS-Toolbox-1.3b6-win32.exe (direct) CoinOPS-Toolbox-1.3b6-win32.exe (RapidShare) Download source The program is opensource and you can find it on History 12.16.2012 - v1.3b6. Coinops Project • View forum - CoinOPS 5. v2. This is a follow-up article to my original Modding the Xbox in 10 Minutes. This guide will teach you how to install a larger hard-drive into your modded Xbox. A lot of people will ask for a legitimate reason for installing a hard-drive larger than the stock 8gb one. Here's a reason, games ripped to your Xbox load faster. Booting Halo 2 through the CD takes about twenty seconds to load; booting Halo 2 from the hard-drive takes about five seconds to load. There isn't this night and day difference in all games, but there are plenty of other legitimate uses to using a larger hard-drive in a modded Xbox.

Remember, it's only legal to rip games that you own to your hard-drive. Before you begin, you're going to need the following: Navigate back to the root of your Xbox hard-drive and transfer the contents of your C:\ and E:\ folders from your Xbox to your local \xboxhdm\linux folder. Depending how much stuff you have on your Xbox, this transfer might take a bit of time. Xbox Hard Drive Upgrade Guide for Softmodded Xbox Consoles 2013 (UPDATED 11/9) - HomeBrew Xbox 360 and Orignal Xbox News, JTAG/SMC Hack, DVD Firmware Mods, C4Eva iXtreme LT+, FW Hacks, Modchips, Kinect, Exploits, Modifications, Jailbreak, RRoD, Repair, Tutorials. The Art Of Hdd Upgrades For Softmodded Xbox. Theory There are a few stages to prepare a new hdd and ready it for use in a softmod xbox: 1. The hdd has to be marked with a magic value at a certain offset to be identified as a xbox hdd. 2. The drive has to be partitioned.

Minimum are C drive and E drive . The scratch partitions: X,Y,Z will be created during the first boot with the new hdd. For larger size hdd, you also need to partition F and/or G drives with xbpartitioner . Your softmod will also need LBA48 support to use F/G drive(s). 3. The exploited msdash files needs to be copied to C drive. Approaches: 1. xboxhdm This is the granddad of hdd upgrade methods for softmods. 2. xboxhdm2 This attempts to overcome the limitations of xboxhdm by booting off a USB flash drive. 3. chimp26 This is another Linux tool designed to run on the xbox itself. 4.

However it is possible to ready the new hdd by first connecting it to the xbox and powering it with an external power source. 5. xboxdumper 6. Edit History: Hexen - Heimdall's Xbox Engineering Disc. HeXEn - Heimdall 's Xbox Engineering disc. Keyword: HeXEn 0.99B11-22 Password: Heimdall01 Alternative version edited to work from hdd: Keyword: Hexen For hard disk Drive not dvd This version was edited by shambles1980 from Heimdall's original version. Its origins What does it do? For softmodded Xboxes: * If your Xbox will boot a rescue disc, no matter which softmod you have on there this disk will upgrade it to the latest MS Dash and the latest Krayzie or Kingroach softmod - your choice.

. * While it's doing that it installs the latest UnleashX and EvolutionX dashboards and the XBMC shortcut. * It installs Krayzie gamesaves on all Xboxes (Krayzie and Kingroach) to provide a useful back door. * It has one-click fixes to all common softmod problems: - turn shadow C on and off (with visual indication) - turn virtual eeprom on and off (with visual indication) - enable or disable 480p and VGA * It can replace and automatically repopulate a corrupt shadowc, again with only one click. For all Xboxes: Warning! Tutorial : Completely Uninstall A Softmod. Tutorial : Completely uninstall a softmod.

So you're scared by the Bungie boys and gals (or other source) and you decided to get rid of you softmod. This is the place to be! As you're modded now, you should still have FTP access. If you don't : (I won't be answering questions on networking!) There will be 4 parts: 1) I used an autoinstaller. 2) I used a 'virtual c:', used an exploitable game + gamesave/installer. 3) I didn't use a game. 4) I don't have FTP access, I hotswapped. # Things needed : exploitable game, exploited savegame on HDD * Colboot using your exploitable game. * Load the gamesave you used to mod. * Choose : uninstall, follow the onscreen directions. * Done. 2) I used a 'virtual c:', used an exploitable game + gamesave/installer. # Things needed : exploitable game, original MS dash (from backup or Slayers (xbins)), PC + FTP COnnection. * Colboot using your exploitable game * Load the gamesave you used to mod --> You should now have FTP access.