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International. Industrial Technologies Program: Industrial Distributed Energy. Announcements During and after Hurricane Sandy, CHP enabled a number of critical infrastructure and other facilities to continue operating when the electric grid went down.

Industrial Technologies Program: Industrial Distributed Energy

A new Guide on CHP's Role in Promoting Reliability and Resiliency —developed by DOE, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)—provides practical information on factors to consider when configuring a CHP system to operate independently of the grid, and what steps are involved in a typical CHP project development process.

A CHP blog post and infographic provides details on the Energy Department's ongoing activities in support of President Obama's August 2012 Executive Order "Accelerating Investment in Industrial Energy Efficiency. " Combined heat and power (CHP) is a key component of distributed energy within the Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO). Accelerated CHP has proven its effectiveness and holds promise for the future—as an: More Information.

The USNG National Implementation Center (TUNIC) at Delta State University. A Modern Electric Grid: The New Highway System? Power Hungry: Reinventing The U.S. Electric Grid. Visualizing The U.S. Electric Grid. NERC Regions. Regional Entities and Regional Councils NERC Long-Term Reliability Assessment Areas (2010 forward) Source: Source is the North American Electric Reliability Corporation These are the new NERC reliability assessment areas, which were adapted in 2011.

NERC Regions

In prior years NERC reliability assessments were performed by regional entities, which are mapped in Figure 2. The new NERC reliability assessment areas are a mixture of NERC reliability entities, entity sub-regions, regional transmission organizations and system operators. Starting in 2011, the data for the Coordinated Bulk Power Supply and Demand Program Report (EIA-411) are displayed for the following reliability assessment areas: FRCC, NPCC, MAPP, MISO-US, PJM, SERC aggregate, SPP, ERCOT Interconnection, and Western Interconnection aggregate (WECC). Notes: See Figure 2 for NERC regional entity names WECC, NPCC, SERC, TRE.

Regional Entities Source: Source is the North American Electric Reliability Corporation. U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) Energy Information Administration (EIA) Sorry, the page or file you were looking for could not be found.

Energy Information Administration (EIA)

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Department of Energy. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.


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Planned System Maintenance and Technical Issues

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