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Improving Your Sales One Customer at a Time. Importance of Scheduling Time for Priorities @SLideshare. The Importance of Budgeting on Your Business. Sanders Wallis- Walk to Real Estate Sales. Tips of Staying Active and Fit (Slideshare) Tammie Hawkins - The Importance of Studying Communications. Ken Wargo - What is Nature Photography? Todd Brouillette - How to Raise a Jack Russell Terrier.

Todd Brouillette - Who is Jack Russel Terrier. Sanders Wallis // Aspires to Real Estate Sales - Sanders Wallis. Ken Wargo: What it Takes to Succeed in Sales. Ken Wargo, a self-driven professional, has a State of Wisconsin Sales License.

Ken Wargo: What it Takes to Succeed in Sales

He worked in collections for many years and was employed with Sallie Mae between 2003 and 2010. He has spent years developing his knowledge of business and sales. He took business courses at the University of Phoenix and enjoys developing his skills through independent study. Sanders Wallis- how to Have a Great Customer Service. Slide1: Sanders Wallis: HOW TO HAVE A CUSTOMER SERVICE GREAT Slide2: Sanders Wallis - is the Director of New Business Development at Wallis Printing.

Sanders Wallis- how to Have a Great Customer Service

He is responsible for bringing in new customers and making sure they are happy with the products and service. Wallis Printing is a very successful company and their success is due to their impressive customer service. Untitled. Sanders Wallis- How To Find The Right Type Of Advertisement. Todd Brouillette - 3 Steps in Supporting Make-a-Wish Foundation. //Tammie Hawkins\\ Helping Others Succeed. Tammie Hawkins has been a noted event planner in Los Angeles for several years.

//Tammie Hawkins\\ Helping Others Succeed

She is an event planner because she enjoys being able to help people plan special events that are important to them; she wanted to work for herself and help others. She has worked hard to become the prosperous business woman she is today and understands the steps are necessary to become a successful event planner. The first step she recommends is getting an education. //Michael Wiles\\ Tips and Advice for Beginning Weightlifting. Michael Wiles is an Actor and Musical Director with many years of experience in the live entertainment industry.

//Michael Wiles\\ Tips and Advice for Beginning Weightlifting

He has been a member of the Actors Equity Association for more than fifteen years. He is the Casting Director for a theater company. A native of Helena, Montana, he grew up involved with a variety of extra-curricular activities, including weightlifting. //Daniel Chammas\\ How To Fight A Class Action Lawsuit. Daniel Chammas is an experienced attorney who has represented over 500 companies against class action lawsuits.

//Daniel Chammas\\ How To Fight A Class Action Lawsuit

If you are being sued and aren’t sure what to do or where to turn to for help, these tips can help. Hire An Attorney. //Daniel Chammas\\ Becoming An Attorney. Daniel Chammas: Becoming An Attorney Daniel Chammas has been an attorney for several years.

//Daniel Chammas\\ Becoming An Attorney

He attended Stanford University Law School, receiving his Juris Doctor in 1999. If you are interested in becoming an attorney, the following tips can help. Daniel Chammas: Choosing The Right Attorney. Daniel Chammas has been an attorney for many years.

Daniel Chammas: Choosing The Right Attorney

He enjoys helping companies protect themselvesfrom lawsuits and also helps defend them if they are part of a lawsuit. If youown a company or business and need to hire an attorney, these tips can help youchoose the right one. -ExperienceYou want an attorney who is experienced with your type of case or lawsuit. //David Gianulias\\ Choosing The Right Wine.

//Bethany Kludt\\ College Nursing Student. //Sanders Wallis\\ Director Of New Business Development At Wallis Printing. //Jason Rozacky\\ Basic Online Marketing Tips For Your Services. //Todd Brouillette\\ Oracle hyper Converged Infrastrcuture. //Bethany Kludt\\ Helping the homeless. //Bethany Kludt\\ NPC Bikini Competitons. //Jason Rozacky\\ Tips for Those Who Love Hiking. Tips for Those Who Love Hiking: Tips for Those Who Love Hiking By Jason Rozacky – Outdoor and Hiking Enthusiast Hiking is great way to enjoy outdoors and enjoy nature.

//Jason Rozacky\\ Tips for Those Who Love Hiking

Jason Rozacky goes hiking often and always makes it a point to plan and prepare properly for his hikes.