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Marmalade - Cross Platform Mobile Application Development. Supported Platforms - Marmalade. OpenFeint - Mobile Social Gaming Network for iPhone, iPad, Android, iOS, iPod Touch. OpenFeint-Binding for iOS and Android. NOTE: a newer version of OF has been released.

OpenFeint-Binding for iOS and Android

We havent tested that with our code, but we recommend to use the most current version of OF! Downloads OpenFeint Backend Tips/Notes If you get something like: "Program received signal: "SIGSYS"" or "EXC_BAD_ACCESS" than the following might help: Compile for THUMB: (xCode: Target->GetInfo->Build->Compile for Thumb->check it). MAOF.onInitMAOF ( sProductKey, sSecret, sName, sClientId ) Use the other MAOF functions as you like. List of MAOF functions MAOF.onInitMAOF ( sProductKey, sSecret, sName, sClientId ) Call this function in the onInit of your main user AI.

Limitations Only leaderboards, achievements and social notifications are supported. Integration Follow step by step. MASH - Modern Alchemists ShiVa Libs. Member Center. iTunes Connect. Single/Double tap management. Basics, Scripting (4 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5) Loading ...

Single/Double tap management

This tutorial explains how to manage a single/double (or more) tap on a the screen of a mobile device. Note this tutorial can be applied to a single/double click with the mouse of your computer. First of all, you have to define the tap speed (delay between each tap). OnMouseButtonDown. Create a popup window. (4 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5) Loading ...

Create a popup window

Learn how to create an iPhone like notification message using HUD components and actions Introduction A popup is composed by a background and windows containing a title, a description and a button to close the popup. The popup will be composed by 2 main HUD components: one for the background and a container to place and scale the popup window. Platform setup In ShiVa Editor, setup your desktop to have the HUD Editor and the scene viewer at the same time. Game setup. How to Create a Provisioning Profile for iPhone. Authoring Tool > Ipad. This documentation explains how to build for iPad target with the ShiVa Authoring Tool.

Authoring Tool > Ipad

Note that the iPhone build is only available on Mac OS X 10.6 and newer systems. Note: xCode 4.5 / Mountain Lion Unfortunately, Apple has completely dropped armv6 support from XCode 4.5. Finding Your iPhone’s Unique Identifier (UDID) - iPhone How To Docs - innerfence. Developers Please feel welcome to point your users at this page.

Finding Your iPhone’s Unique Identifier (UDID) - iPhone How To Docs - innerfence

We’ve provided some query string parameters you can use to customize this page to your application. To avoid having the long link wrap in an email, you may want to use a URL shortening service like Example Query Parameters. OpenGLES. From ShiVa Wiki Devices iPod Toch 1g, 2g 3g (8GB) iPhone, 3g Textures aspect ratio 1:1, textures have to be square and a power of two (e.g. 8x8, 16x16, 64x64; 64x128 f.i. is bad)min size 8x8max size 1024x1024amount 1 texture plus shadow map or 2 textures, blended by "modulate" and "saturate" onlyalpha channel alpha is allowed, but not recommended due to performance reasons, better use masksnormal mapping nospecular mapping noenvironment/sphere mapping notexture clips yestexture scrolling/scaling modifier acceptedtexture filtering mode GPU "default mode" is used (bilinear mipmaped)material settings ambient-diffuse-emissive-specular-shinyness, and emissive will only act as a constant color not depending on the scene and lights Shaders Dynamic Shadows.


Authoring Tool > Installation. The ShiVa Authoring Tool is a powerful software that allows to package your Shiva applications for various target platforms.

Authoring Tool > Installation

This is made possible because the code developed on the Shiva Editor is portable and can be executed on various target platforms without any changes. The supported target platforms are: Windows Mac Linux iPhone iPad Android Palm Blackberry Tablet According to the target platform, some additional third party tool need to be installed to allow building the applications for the given target platform. The objective of this document is to explain how to install the Authoring Tool and the required third party tools. Please note that the screenshots have been taken from Windows but the documentation also applies to Mac OS and Linux. System requirements for installation Installing the ShiVa Authoring Tool under Windows Windows XP or higher is required.

The ShiVa Authoring Tool for Windows is included in the ShiVa Editor Installater. Multitouch Management. HUD Creation In the Data Explorer, import any picture.

Multitouch Management

In the HUD Editor, create a new template (HUD>Create), named “Picture”. In this template, create a new component named “Picture” too, Label type. Now, in the appearance section of the component, load the texture and check the background color to be 127, 127, 127, 255. Press OK and save. Now drag and drop this HUD from the Data Explorer (Resources/HUD/) to the Game Editor, Resource tab, this to have the HUD referenced it the game.

Setup. Create a ‘loading’ animation. Scripting (5 votes, average: 4.80 out of 5) Loading ...

Create a ‘loading’ animation

iPhone OS4.0 ToS and Authoring Tool. Blog (21 votes, average: 4.71 out of 5) Loading ...

iPhone OS4.0 ToS and Authoring Tool

As you may know, in the near future the new iPhone OS 4.0 will be out with a modified version of the ToS (Terms of Service). Installing the SDK.