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Sidera Visus. La Historia de Zoë – Scalzi, John Fuerzas de Defensa Coloniales 4 Tras La vieja guardia, Las Brigadas Fantasma y La colonia perdida John Scalzi nos trae el relato de Zoë, la historia más grande de la galaxia contada desde el punto de vista de su protagonista.

Sidera Visus

«¿Cómo cuentas tu participación en el relato más grande de la historia? Publicar con Bubok. 365 tomorrows. Publetariat. A Newbie's Guide to Publishing. Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About. A common refrain arising out of last week’s Magic Under Glass cover controversy is that authors are afraid to speak out against their publishers — even over racial misrepresentation on their covers.

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

It seems authors fear that if they speak out they could be labeled as troublesome, and that the label could prevent the publication of future books. Enhancing this fear is the fact that often when an author does speak out, other authors offer criticism rather than support. When Anne Stuart complained her publisher wasn’t adequately supporting her books, for example, many authors declared she was lucky to be published at all and noted there were others who would happily take her place.

It seems there’s so much repressed frustration that it sometimes causes authors to lash out in odd directions. For example, Mindy Klasky was more comfortable castigating Kindle readers for leaving her one-star reviews than she was discussing the publisher decisions that caused the situation in the first place.