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Robot Models

Legions: Overdrive. Construct. We had to use Red Barrels. Epic Games is in the business of creating fun games we want to play and building the art and tools we need to bring those games to life.

We had to use Red Barrels

We provide our engine tech to developers around the world, and consistently strive to stay on the cutting edge of our industry. We iterate to improve everything, every day: our games, our technology, our processes, even our workspace and people. This unrelenting focus on innovation and quality defines us. Follow us on Twitter @epictalent to see what life is like for Epic employees! See jobs by location See all jobs Join our talent community. Hand Painted Weapon Texturing. Our friends over at 3dMotive have just released a new tutorial put together by fellow Polycounter Tyson Murphy.

Hand Painted Weapon Texturing

Over the course of the tutorial, Tyson demonstrates the entire process of creating a hand painted model, starting with creating the model in Maya 2011 and ending with the finished texture in Photoshop. Read more about the video here: We’d like to thank both Tyson Murphy and all the guys at 3dMotive for putting this together. Keep up the great work. Drop in and discuss the tutorial here: Murph. Modular Environments - Thiago Klafke. Introduction This tutorial is a result of the knowledge acquired during the production of Zest Foundation.

Modular Environments - Thiago Klafke

That environment started as a simple and casual study of modular sci-fi pieces and quickly grew into one of my biggest personal projects so far. Urban PAD.