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App Composer App Composer is a little tool that lets you package Mac applications for the Mac App Store with little hassle. We plan on updating it to potentially support more features and platforms. Comes with an update system. Vetra Games Vetra Games
Wiki Core Tech QA Apr 17 • Known Issues The release notes for April's EA (1.99.97), which has just been released, mention a RSS feed for the advertiser extensions will be provided, but if you're quick in updating GM you may wonder where these demos are. This will be coming shortly - we're packaging the feed resources and doing some final bits of commentting/formatting on the demos themselves. Please note that these demos are only intended to be used with EA97 and later versions of GM: S, so running them in older versions will very likely result in an error about duplicate definitions (depends on which older version you're using) and almost certainly won't work. Wiki
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Game of the Month: March Posted by James Foreman on 3 April 2014 March's GameMaker Game of the Month goes to the fantastic News News
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GM MMORPG GM MMORPG True Valhalla has produced a website guide teaching how you can make a MMORPG using Game Maker. An MMORPG, or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, is an ambitious project often jumped in to by people who do not have sufficient experience of using Game Maker or programming in general. The set of tutorials available on the website is designed to teach the creation of a 2-dimensional Game Maker MMORPG making use of the popular 39DLL networking sockets library. True Valhalla has first-hand experience in developing for the genre with his Myriad Online project recently passing a year of development time. News that the first beta version of the game is currently expected to be released at the end of 2012 or start of 2013 indicates the kind of commitment and dedication that will be required to complete such a game, even with the availability of resources such as How to Make An MMORPG.
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