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Get an Xml without using states. Basics, Scripting (4 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5) Loading ...

Get an Xml without using states

Here is a very easy to use sample of script to get an xml. Instead of using states, I recommend using handlers… Introduction States suffice when you only have one xml to get, but when you want to load more than one file, or when you want to use states for another usage, it becomes difficult to use them for the xml. Setup Firstly, create a variable in your AIModel, named myXml1 in my case, type xml. Test the status At the beginning of the script, get the status of the xml variable: local status = xml.getReceiveStatus ( this.myXml1 ( ) ) If the status is 1, it means the xml has been received and you can parse it. if ( status == 1 )then local root = xml.getRootElement ( this.myXml1 ( ) ) --To doelse I have written the first step of the parse process (get the root element), you now have replace the “–To do” by your own parse process, according to your xml structure.

Facebook/Shiva Sample Project. This will save you some major pain.

Facebook/Shiva Sample Project

About a year ago to the day I wrestled with the Facebook API and Shiva. I got something partially working, but it was broken beyond belief in IE. This is because I was relying too heavily on Javascript to do things, and couldn’t safely call Javascript functions from within Shiva when IE was involved. So every few months I went back to , grabbed the latest php SDK from github, and tried things out. A pattern emerged. This time I tried something different! I used a good part of this for the wall post and user info stuff.


Server. Otras Plataformas. RPG Kit - Life of a Game Designer. Need some optimization guidance for iPad/iPhone. Batching and optimization. Scripting (4 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5) Loading ...

Batching and optimization

This tutorial explains how to improve performances, on IPhone necessarily but also on computer, by reducing the number of draw calls and the CPU usage. Required ShiVa 1.8.1 Summary 1 – Draw calls2 – Auto-batcher3 – Object combiner4 – Numbers Draw calls The major problem on IPhone is the draw call number. Auto-batcher The engine has a feature to optimize the draw call number. Note you can gain performances if your models have no scale and no rotation. Learn more about the auto-batching optimisation Object combiner There is a new feature with ShiVa 1.8.1, allowing you to merge all your models into a single mesh.

How to combine your objects? hGroup = scene.createRuntimeObject ( hScene, "" ) Then, for each object you want to combine, parent it to the group: object.setParent ( hObject, hGroup, true ) The group is ready, it’s merge time, call the function bellow to combine your objects into a single mesh. Numbers 3GS (framerate): - Combined: 50 fps. Texture Atlas Generator. This script generates a texture atlas out of the selected objects, and manipulates their UVs (and if necessary, their geometry as well).

Texture Atlas Generator

Currently only Multimaterials and/or Standardmaterials (with bitmaps in diffuse channel!) Supported. Texture atlasses especially are important for real time applications and game development. Check to see performance comparisons. Features: - geometry slicing - padding - simple packing algorithm - editing many objects at once, thus creating only one atlas for all of them If feedback is positive, 3d-io would consider transforming this script into a much faster and better plugin, developed in C++. Example for a generated texture atlas: Additional Info: First ShiVa App Tutorial - Part 2. FirstPersonView. From ShiVa Wiki Models CornellBox with 2 boxes, grouped "Car" helper, tagged "FPVStart" (hehe) FPVDummy, created dynamically, just another helper Lights Cameras DefaultCamera, but FPVCamera set as Main User Camera (resulting in 2 cameras in the scene) AIModels main: FPVMain FPVCamera: FPVCamera (AIModel directly on the model) Scenes FIrstPersonView Misc HUD for the screen fading at the beginning Player gets created at the FPVStart, no model for the player traditional mouse and keyboard control typically found in a first person shooter Setup CornellBox is a collider specially-designed main user camera Init FPVMain.onInit ( ) loads HUD (screen fader) BEFORE setting the current scene custom function this.enableInputsHandling ( true ) to capture the mouse:


S3D Module for joomla.