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SGT. TMX. Renifer. Original author: Google SketchUp Gallery + Raffi_M -- Merry Christmas -- Here´s a little christmas present for you all and it´s my second 3D model for TrackMania. I choosed this animal as present for you because it´s also fitting to the winter we actually have. Człowiek. Finally I released my first ready and high quality model for TrackMania. It´s a farmer wich is drivable very well and also really good for making screens. The diffuse and the textures are actual all high quality and I hope somebody is going to make a racedriver out of him.

I also uploaded the Wireframe and the model itself as the template. Download it, use it for your 3D models as driver, skin it or make something else with it. Have fun ... Słupy. Jakiś pojazd... Nickr.