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KunFayaKun is an application that integrates consumer’s desires with Angels who fulfill those desires.

Connect People to Ask Desire and Meet Demands: kunfayakun — LiveJournal. About KunFayaKun app Desire is something you wish for or when you want something to happen.

Connect People to Ask Desire and Meet Demands: kunfayakun — LiveJournal

It could be buying a new smartphone brand model or visiting the best places in town. To fulfill these simple yet genuine desires, KunFayaKun is the platform for you. This online app connects you with the right people to find anything and get the best deals on your desires. What makes KunFayaFun so unique is the idea behind the offer sharing app. How does the app work? Register Register using the Sign-Up option through Google or Facebook. Create a New Desire By clicking on the “Add” button on the app, post a desire you wish to come true. The KunFayaKun strictly adheres to its policy and ensures no consumer or desire seeker asks for sexual, copyright, or violent content to the public. Discover Desires Look through all the desires posted by many at once within the search radius. Angel Role Connect people on this fast browsing app and become an angel. Chat Feedback Benefits of the KunFayaKun app Consumer Role.

Connect with people to find the best deals. We, humans, are so fond of socialising that we tend to connect with people as soon as we meet them or try to establish a sense of belongingness with them.

Connect with people to find the best deals

This shapes our relationships, desires, and communication. Many times, we socialise with the people around us to connect with our desires. Our ability to look for the desired person or material wherever we go makes us discover more. In fact, these human desires make us unique and make us look for new human connections with people around us. Relationships and desire matter a lot when it comes to fulfilling our wishes in technologically advanced times. Connect your desires & find best deals at nearby location. The world is little, people are little, human life is little.

Connect your desires & find best deals at nearby location

There is only one big thing — desire. You simply can’t resist yourself regarding any of your desire (legal & feasible of course) and until and unless it is fulfilled, you just keep on striving for them to be accomplished. The KunFayaKun App is developed with a purpose to fulfill all your daily desires with the help of our angels available in your nearby location.

You can find the best deals and offers available in your nearest geographical location and our angels make sure you get them as soon as possible. What it is all about? KunFayaKun is a perfect offer sharing online platform which offers its services with the help of angel role available nearby you. The word “Desire” has to be well understood Just don’t get misunderstood with the term desire and angels fulfilling them. Just sign up & the wonderworks! You can share a video, upload images, or upload text. World-class features with fast browsing. Find the best deals in a nearby location. Shopping or exploring items online from the comfort of your living room is one of the best things you could ask for as the benefit of a digital world.

Find the best deals in a nearby location

Long lost are the days when you had to tire your legs both for picking your favourite items and paying for it. We are thankful for all the technological changes and advancements that we have been seeing in this generation. Many of our tasks are reduced to just a few clicks on our smartphones. Search and browse best offers for consumer desires. Consumers once relied on a trustworthy store or shopping app- for example, the store that is in their area- to help them find the best offers, they tend to remain loyal to them.

Search and browse best offers for consumer desires

This, in turn, helps both the consumers and the store to conduct a seamless selling-buying process. Trust, value, and reliability are some of the many principle ethics of a good and dependable shopping store. Consumers today are often distracted with tonnes of discounts, offers, and coupons. This makes them struggle to find the best deals for themselves. However, consumers must stick to the kind of products or deals that suit them the best. A fraction of consumers look for products that cost the lowest, while 28% of them seek value in return for the money invested in buying a product. On that note, what is your trick for searching and browsing the best offers for yourself?

Best way to connect with your desire and get offers quickly: kunfayakun — LiveJournal. The world of online shopping has expanded our desires and has given wings to our wishes.

Best way to connect with your desire and get offers quickly: kunfayakun — LiveJournal

It is well-said that a human cannot exist without any desire. Well, we all will agree to this. If not, I would not have been writing this article, and you would not have been reading it. So, let us face it. We are full of desires, little or big, but we always are filled with it. Why is connecting with your desires important? We, humans, tend to spend a lot of time and/or money in fulfilling our wishes. Details?id=com.southpointsoft.kunfayakun. Welcome to KunFayaKun, the angelic platform to fulfill your desires!


KunFayaKun is an appropriate platform that gives its consumers an opportunity to search for any desire through this app. It connects people to the angels present who can help them further in fulfilling their desires. It is determined to work as a go-to app for all the consumer desires for a fast online experience to find anything and everything. The app helps you connect with the angel role in a nearby location who is available to offer you whatever they have in store for you. Say, for instance, you are looking for a nearby restaurant or a shop in your area of residence and want one that offers the best Mughlai food. You can share your requirements, share location, check offers, and find the best deals by saving time and money on this app.

How can you post a desire on the KunFayaKun app? One can begin by signing in on the app using their gmail account or via their Facebook ID.