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Be a professional Astrologer while at home. Learn Vedic Astrology online. With the changing times, everyone has to change. In earlier times, there were Gurukuls, where astrologers would learn their trade. Now , with the advent of scientific inventions, you can learn Astrology ONLINE

Diseases of first House – ICAS CHANDIGARH. IntroductionThe first house is the strength of the horoscope and of the native; hence it is of supreme importance.

Diseases of first House – ICAS CHANDIGARH

An important basic principle of medical astrology is the first house or lagna and its lord represent the body of native. Hence it is also called “Tanu Bhava”. It stands for general well-being, physical body, vigour and vitality of the native. However in medical astrology it represents head, brain and control mechanism of the brain of the native. Aries is the sign of 1st house with Ashwini Bharani and 1st quarter of Krittika Nakshatra in in the chart of KaalPurusha. The native often suffer from severe migraine. Note: – Planets in Parenthesis show their position in Navamsha. The native Sun and Saturn (R), both exalted in mutual aspect in fiery and airy sign respectively. Mental Diseases/ DisordersThe term mental disease/ disorder is a rather vague term and indicates certain abnormal behavior in our day to day actions. The native was 40th President of USA from 1981-89.

ICAS - Chandigarh - Google Maps. Vastu Acharya – ICAS CHANDIGARH. Tarot Cards Advanced – ICAS CHANDIGARH. Learn Medical Astrology Remedies Online. Learn Astrology Online India. Online classes for Numerology-ICASCHD. Why should You do “ICAS online Vedic Astrology”course - ICAS CHANDIGARH. Astrology is the oldest science on the Globe.

Why should You do “ICAS online Vedic Astrology”course - ICAS CHANDIGARH

This ancient practice of divination interpretation, studied and integrated by dynasties and sages in India, China, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman has transformed into the modern age’s most profound and specific form of counseling and coaching. The rewarding aspect of being an astrologer is enabling people to advance in life in a practical and meaningful way. Astrologers add massive value to people’s lives by helping them to read their birth chart to find inherent strengths and weaknesses and guide them in life.Jyotish, in Sanskrit means “light”; it shines a light on your karmic path so that you can get to know yourself better in an objective matter enabling you to make better life choices. ICAS which is known to be Indian Council of Allied Science is a formal registered Apex body of top notch astrologers of the country involved in imparting education, certification and examination of true Vedic astrology to the aspirants.

Learn Astrology Online India , Indian and Western astrology. Predictive Astrology Course. Palmistry (Hasta Rekha Visharada) - ICAS CHANDIGARH. Learn Vedic Astrology Online – The Essential Tips to Enhance Your Career. There is no secret that Vedic astrology has become a vital part of our lives.

Learn Vedic Astrology Online – The Essential Tips to Enhance Your Career

Many of us now rely on astrology to unfold the future whereabouts and get familiar with the divine powers. In addition, many individuals have now started pursuing Vedic astrology as their career worldwide. In fact, you can learn Vedic astrology online from a reliable institution to enhance your career the right way. Many certified organizations provide guidance courses through distance learning and in-class training. Secret Tips to Learn Vedic Astrology Online Like a Pro Vedic astrology is quite a complex subject. Let’s start with the tips to groom your learning, right here: Start from the Basics Vedic astrology comprises 3 basic components houses, planets, & zodiac signs with 12 houses. Learning about these modules would help you know about the positive and negative effects of houses and planets in life. Studying Horoscopes. Online classes for Tarot Card Reader. Learn On line Astrology — Benefits of  Learning Course of Astrology.

Benefits of Learning Online Astrology. If you believe in astrology and want to know more about the future prediction then you can learn the online astrology.

Benefits of Learning Online Astrology

You can know more about the life’s up and downs because with the help of astrology you can brush up mystical things which are weak for you and could create the problem for your future. Because there is nothing better than a Horoscope to help a man cross the sea of life. Who You really are: If you are facing a lot of problems in life and want a smooth life. Then you can go through the Vedic astrology. It is the right way to understand the position of a star which is good or not good in position. When to begin: With the help of date of birth you can easily track the position of stars.

Relationship Compatibility: Nowadays everyone wants to spend his/her life with an interesting person who will be emotionally fulfilling. What’s your career path: This is the major part of life. Online Classes for Nadi System- ICAS CHD. Online Classes for Nadi System- ICAS CHD. Palmistry (Hasta Rekha Visharada) - ICAS CHANDIGARH. On line Courses for Astrology.