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Web port. 8 Free eBooks to Learn AngularJS. Angular JS is really an efficient JavaScript framework, mostly used in the Single Page Application projects.

8 Free eBooks to Learn AngularJS

This Angular JS is very crucial to afford a responsive and interactive experience while accessing the website. In order to indulge into the stunning functions and stuff to your website, you should use this directive without fail. So, having some knowledge on this Angular JS directive is mandatory. This is where; you need to consider reading the free ebooks. Yes, through the ebooks, you will be able to know about the Angular JS directive very easily and simply. 8 Free eBooks to Learn AngularJS: Angular JS in 60 Minutes: This ebook is done by Lan Smith, which contains the transcription video and related screenshots for each and every topic. Angular JS Fundamentals: This ebook is written by Dan Wahlin and it contains the video information about the fundamentals and basics of Angular JS.

Practical Angular JS: This ebook is written by Dinis Cruz. Recipes with Angular.Js: re: 8 Web Apps to Create Animation Gif - Codeable Magazine. Animation Gif is a way to express your feeling by designing in your own way.

8 Web Apps to Create Animation Gif - Codeable Magazine

With the help of gif file, you can create exceptional and impressive animation. This is the era of animated files and recordings. 50+ Amazing Behind The Ear Tattoos For Women - Tattoos Hub. Designs behind the ears are gaining importance these days especially among women.

50+ Amazing Behind The Ear Tattoos For Women - Tattoos Hub

It has been observed and evaluated that most of the girls are fascinated by a design which not only gives a feeling of dignified soul but adds a charm to the happiness of a person. You now don’t have to fear about the anger of your boss on the implementation or your parents constantly worried about the representation. Follow your dreams and pick up one to achieve the level of happiness. That happiness which comes by taking a decision without worrying about other factors. There are many wonderful designs you can have an eye shot on. 50+ Best Beauty Salon Website Templates - Web Design Cover. Beauty Salon is a place most chosen by the people to relax themselves and maintain themselves.

50+ Best Beauty Salon Website Templates - Web Design Cover

From hair cut till manicures, salon is responsible for delivering all the facilities to them. Beauty is something people are searching for in the salons. Since, the importance of salons is on a peak, many people have decided to open salons and provide services. 13 Best Tools for Creating Infographics. An Infographics is the way to present information in visualizing or graphical form so that it is easy to comprehend if the information is complex and complicated.

13 Best Tools for Creating Infographics

It is a most popular way to present information. If your data is quite stuffy and boring, then Infographics may assist you in presenting information in more funny as well as entertaining way. We are well aware of the visual effects as it is very easy to grasp or comprehend. Infographics offers you myriad of features which make it distinct from others tools such as a graph, timeline, visualize data and so forth. Here we have compiled a list of available tools which is completely free along with more advanced features which are unable to perform various types of task.

Top 6 Live Chat Software for Websites - Codeable Magazine. Live chat software are more in demand for online business.

Top 6 Live Chat Software for Websites - Codeable Magazine

Your online business/E-commerce store needs a way to get in touch with your customer. People have accepted the idea of speaking and want to find out quick solution about their products. The Owner of every website always looks for greater customizability and innovative features in live chat software for easy and straightforward chat. The benefits of live chat software includes Instant Feedback, saving money, explore your business and long-term customer relationships. 32 Beautiful Crown Tattoos Fit For Royalty - Tattoos Hub. There is a very obvious reason why crown tattoos have reached a hype these days.

32 Beautiful Crown Tattoos Fit For Royalty - Tattoos Hub

Going back to the time when kings and queens ruled their region, remember that they considered crown to be their respect and self esteem ? Well yeah, who doesn’t remembers. So crowns are considered the symbol of respect and power. The world of today is pretty much fascinated with the concept of crown tattoos. Well, from the opinion of people, it has been evaluated that community prefers crown tattoos over any other design. 50+ Best Fitness Gym Website Templates - Web Design Cover. Health consciousness is spreading like fire day by day.

50+ Best Fitness Gym Website Templates - Web Design Cover

As the diseases are on hike, people are tending towards fitness. The very first parameter towards a healthy body is exercise. Since, lives are too busy to take some time out and find some exercises, gyms are the platform that are chosen. You can have some healthy gossips with your trainer, try some new machines, learn some tips, know your body type and actually spend some time on yourself. After some time, gym becomes a routine. To make a strong presence, here is the collection of 50+ Best Fitness Gym Website Templates Free & Premium. 5 Awesome Open Source Cloning Software - Codeable Magazine. Cloning is the process of copying and paste data from hard disk to another location.

5 Awesome Open Source Cloning Software - Codeable Magazine

Disk cloning is useful for full system backup, system recovery, rebooting and to convert a physical server to virtual. It is not possible to copy hidden files or in-use files. To over this problem open source cloning software are introduced in digital market. Now, even you can save backup image from your files or folder. 15 Best Free Screen Capture Tools. Are you thinking to share things with your friends or mates or loved one?

15 Best Free Screen Capture Tools

Here are solutions for your problems through which you may enable to share images, screen area, videos or a lot of things you can do with these tools. Screen capture is the solution of the issues. Now we need to know what basically screen capture is. 40+ Beautiful Back Neck Tattoos For Women - Tattoos Hub. Neck region is known as the signature place for tattoo where the eyes of many get encapsulated on the design. Women consider neck region to be the place where they find themselves comfortable and the most confident to carry the designs. Printing a tattoo could prove one of the most bravest yet toughest step for the girls. They usually fear of getting scolded by the boss for not maintaining the integrity or by their parents as they feel owning a tattoo may lead to the loss of social image in the society.

As the time is heading towards future, the old thoughts of people are leaving their minds and the acceptance of change has been seen around the globe. So there is nothing to fear and you can accelerate the thoughts and attain one which will not only increase your smile but let you spread the showers of happiness every single place. 30+ Best Church Website Templates 2017 - Web Design Cover. If you are looking for a place which helps in uplifting the religious thoughts, you are going on a correct path. don’t forget to have a look on 30+ Best Church Website Templates 2017 Free & Premium. The best thing about his collection that it is quite responsive to the mobile phones and personal computers. Now the themes allow you to build you presence over internet and appear with a blast in front of the world. Through your presence over internet, you can share a lot about the religious events, beliefs, sayings of the people at that time, you basically can preserve your culture.

15 Best jQuery SVG Plugins for Animation. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) is based on an XML vector image that is used to create two-dimensional images which are highly interactive and animated. You can add more effects or animation in the images through these tools. The SVG images or their behaviors are defined in XML text files. This means you can search, indexed, compressed or plug-in the apps. There is a numerous Jquery plugins which we can utilize to manipulate and animate the SVG files. 5 Free Hosting Solutions for Small Web Projects - Codeable Magazine. Whenever you heard about “free” word, you can’t help yourself even for free drinks or free t-shirts. When you are spending too much on development and designing for your website project. Then, why you are paying for web hosting. To minimise the cost of your developed website, give a try to free hosting solutions for your small web projects.

Most of people throw their latest project on free hosting solutions without wasting money. Joomla is the one of best web hosting solutions in USA. Award Space: 50 Best Egyptian Tattoos That Are Bold and Fierce - Tattoos Hub. Tattoos are directly related to the identity and personality of a person. Egyptian tattoos look elegant yet attractive.

The representations have a very deep meaning dispensing to the time when Pharaohs. Who captured the land of god and goddesses. The tattoos are gaining importance these days among people due to its unique and fascinating appearance. It blends the ancient days and charm of today which enhances the overall personality of a person.. Talking about the placements and logos, you will find variety of tattoos which are accepted by the people these days. 3D tattoos are also in trend these days. 20+ Creative WordPress Themes For Agency, Portfolio, Blog 2017. World is a packet of talents, emphasizing on artists, they are diamond to this globe. 11 Best IDEs for Node.js Development. Node.js is getting more popular day by day owing its flexibility or performance which is being offered by it.

20 Best Websites for Designing Your Logos Online for Free. Logo is unique identification of a company/business or website. 40+ Incredible Lighthouse Tattoo Designs - Tattoos Hub. Light House is a building which assists the ship to go on a correct path. Basically it emits light for the signal . 40+ Best Lawyer WordPress Themes For Attorneys and Law Firms 2017. Lawyers are the ones who need to gain the trust of their clients by adding professionalism, potential and a strong profile access over internet. The profile is first identity of a person and many of the most talented professionals lack behind the proper profile and so are rejected by numerous clients. Keeping in mind the human rights act, right to information, it is necessary to keep all the details transparent between the clients and lawyers.

Since, it is not an easy business to pursue further, first of all you have to emphasize a lot on your profile. 15 New CSS Tools for Web Designers. CSS is basically a programming language that assists you in creating websites or apps in an efficient way. Now most of the developers are using this language since it requires fewer web pages and also have fast loading pages as compared to other web programming languages. CSS just styles that have been only used in the web programming to only give style. You can add colors, styles, font styles, images, background styles or you can do many more things with the help of this. CSS is compact form code which uses fewer pages. You can edit the web pages coding at any stage and easy to comprehend for others that what we doing with the code. 7 Best Voice Recognition Software - Codeable Magazine.

Voice Recognition is a very popular concept in many sectors and hence there are many Voice Recognition tools that are used all round the globe. There have been a lot of innovations in this sector. 45+ Beautifully Designed Tattoos for Women - Tattoos Hub. Tattoo is a modification of body which is done by printing a specific design with the help of ink which is penetrated below the skin. Some are temporary and some are permanent. 50+ Popular Corporate Business WordPress Themes 2017 - Web Design Cover.

Google Bookmarks. Ultimate Collection of Facebook Status Updates – Latest Fashionmag of 2017. All In One — Best Cities for young families in Virginia. Best Online word cloud generators – Hema Bisht – Medium. All In One — Best Online Web Invoicing Tools on a budget. 5 Online Word Cloud Generators You Have Probably Never Tried - hemabisht’s blog. Best conference call services of 2017 - Unique Content Mania. Fashion, health, beauty, Technology - 5 Awesome Conference Call Services for Entrepreneurs.4 22 2017. Best locations for bungee jumping around the world.

Best Places to Live in Virginia. Top Thrill Dragster ll Top 10 Roller Coasters - TripTide. How Does a Bungee Jumping Work? 10 Indispensable Animation Tools for web designers. 9 Best Free Online Invoice Creator for Small Businesses. 45+ Wonderful Watercolor Tattoos for Women - Tattoos Hub. 45 Best Responsive Real Estate WordPress Themes 2017 - Web Design Cover.

How to Choose Best Conference Call Services. 10 Best Code Playgrounds for Developers - Dev Code Geek. 7 Best Online Accounting Software for Small Business Owners. 40+ Beautiful Tiny Wrist Tattoos For Women - Tattoos Hub. 40+ Best Listing & Directory WordPress Themes 2017 - Web Design Cover. Womenstrend — Cool, Simple and Easy Nail Art Designs. Nail Art Designs at Home. 10 jQuery Snippets Every Designer Should Know. 12 Best Raid Recovery Services - Codeable Magazine. 100+ Sexy Thigh Tattoos for Women - Tattoos Hub. 60+ Best Music WordPress Themes 2017 - Web Design Cover. Topinternetgeek — Cute Facebook Statuses about your Girlfriend. 15+ Services That Allow You to Send Large Files For Free. 120+ Impressive Unicorn Tattoos - Tattoos Hub. 12 Best Source Code Editors for Developers. 35+ Best Travel WordPress Themes 2017 - Web Design Cover.

15 Best Places to Get Married in Europe - Traveleering. 12 Must Have HTML5 Text Editors - Dev Code Geek. 13 Best Data Recovery Software that are Free - Codeable Magazine. 50 Cute Cherry Tattoos for Girls - Tattoos Hub. 50+ Best Hotel WordPress Themes 2017 - Web Design Cover. How to plan a California Road Trip - hemabisht’s blog. How to choose Places to Live - TripTide. Magnum XL-200: Roller Coaster - Ohiopyle Travel Blog. 5 Most Terrifying Roller Coasters. 12 Most Useful Code Review Tools for Programmers. 18 Best Wedding Destinations in the US - Traveleering.

13 Best Online Collaboration Tools for Project Handling. 55 Magnificent Tree Tattoo Designs and Ideas - Tattoos Hub. 200+ Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes to Create Websites 2017. 35+ Useful Project Management Tools (Free & Premium) 22 Best Places to Get Married on the Beach - Traveleering. 20 Best VPN Services for Secure Browsing Experience. 40+ Stylish Armband Tattoos For Men & Women - Tattoos Hub.

35+ Best Industrial WordPress Themes 2017 - Web Design Cover. Fashion, health, beauty, Technology - Easy and Essential Aspects That Determine Your Google Ranking. 20 Best Places to Get Married in the World - Traveleering. 8 Best PHP Tools For Analysing And Parsing Code. 9 Best Free FTP Clients for Linux - Codeable Magazine. 100+ Small Tattoos for Girls - Tattoos Hub. 75+ Best Education Website Templates - Web Design Cover. Simplex - How to Conduct Conference Calls Meeting.4 15 2017. How to Create the Perfect Website for Your Business. Topinternetgeek — Get the Job Faster with Conference Call Services.

25 Best Holiday Destinations for Couples - Traveleering. 7 Best Java IDEs For Programmers. 8 Best Online Fax Services to Send/Receive Fax - Codeable Magazine. 55 Best Tree Tattoos That Can Paint Your Roots - Tattoos Hub. 60+ Best Free Photography WordPress Themes 2017 - Web Design Cover. 30 Most Breathtaking Hiking Trails in the world You Must Visit - Traveleering. 5 Differences between Front-end and Back-end Developers. 6 Best Linux Video Editing Software for Free Download. 55+ Breathtaking Foo Dog Tattoos for Inspiration - Tattoos Hub. 25+ Best Free Music WordPress Themes 2017 - Web Design Cover. 20 Best Tourist Destinations in the World - Traveleering. 25 Best Data Visualization Tools.

6 Best Linux Video Editing Software for Free Download. 55+ Extraordinary Medusa Tattoo Designs - Tattoos Hub. 50+ Best Transportation WordPress Themes 2017 - Web Design Cover.