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Usability Report for the Purdue Online Writing lab OWl - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design. Putting people first. Big Data powers the modern world.

Putting people first

What do we gain from Big Data? What do we lose? Al Jazeera America examines the role of technology and the implications of sharing personal information in the network’s first graphic novella, Terms of Service: Understanding Our Role in the World of Big Data. The new comic novella, available on Al Jazeera America’s website at is a thought provoking, entertaining field guide to help smart people understand how their personal, and often very private, data is collected and used.

Co-produced by well-known cartoonist Josh Neufeld and Al Jazeera America reporter Michael Keller, Terms of Service is an entertaining feature that follows characters “Josh and Michael” as they journey through the challenges of digital privacy and other issues consumers should be aware of in the “brave new world” of technology and Big Data. Between social media profiles, browsing histories, discount programs and new tools controlling our energy use, there’s no escape. Logic+Emotion. In the beginning, there were products and services, and some were good.


Fewer became trusted brands, but those that did enjoyed unquestioned loyalty supported by a simple yet effective marketing engines built to reach people in mass quantity. The formula worked for decades. An empire was built on the shoulders of Madison Avenue and expanded globally. It is an empire, which still exists today, though arguably it’s a diminished version of its former self. More recently, technology has had it’s own evolutionary process which it’s still going through. Responsive DesignToday, digital design and development is often done leveraging the “agile” method of development, which favors smaller, cyclical bursts of development and rapid testing. What content do consumers value most? How do they find it? Meaningful Transitions // Home. Meaningful Transitions - Motion Graphics in the User Interface »Meaningful Transitions - Motion Graphics in the User Interface« deals with the use of animations in the user interface.

It documents transitions in a clustered way to show at which point transitions can be a helpful extension to a static user interface, because of cognitive benefits to enhance the user experience. The purpose of Meaningful Transitions is to illustrate the process of the interaction and the structure of the user interface. They focus on specific events, or clarifying the user's interaction by animation. All transitions are divided into six categories in order to differentiate between their application. »Does your animation have weight, depth and balance? Does your animation have weight, depth and balance?

Click to read »Meaningful Transitions - Motion Graphics in the User Interface« (Preview/German) If you are interested in reading the full Thesis (in German), please contact me at: InspireUX – User Experience quotes and articles to inspire and connect the UX community. EverydayUXObserving, reflecting, designing. Design for Service. Bokardo.