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As a leading online marketing solutions provider in Miami, Kukic Advertising has been helping businesses of all sizes meet their online marketing goals. We have over 45 years of experience as a full-service ad agency, making us a perfect online marketing partner for any business looking for ways to increase its web traffic. Unlike other advertising agencies, Kuric Advertising takes online marketing to another level, incorporating with it other forms of advertising service, including custom publishing, direct mail, and TV and radio production. If you are interested in our products and services or you want to get to know us more, you are welcome in our office at 4041 nw 26 st, 2nd Floor, Miami, Fl, 33142, United States.

Ad Agencies List Down the Most Important Google Ranking Signals Today. An Advertising Agency Lists Down Factors to Help Your Business Rank Higher Locally. How Miami Ad Agencies Can Turn Your Business into a Viral Success. In a recent study by Ooyala, long form video has “won the most watch-time across TVs, PCs and mobile devices” (source:

How Miami Ad Agencies Can Turn Your Business into a Viral Success

To some, this may come as a surprise with how short the attention span of viewers are, whatever device they are on. Competition doesn’t get any easier with mobile devices which can host myriad of apps from games to social media. The same goes with PCs where desktop browsing of entertainment and eCommerce sites and gaming consume most user time. With TV, it takes only a couple of seconds for any film, show, or commercial to hook the audience, or else, they switch the channel. Ooyala’s statistics show that mobile has increased “from 47 percent last year to 55 percent during Q1 2017. Miami Ad Agency Shares Tips to Improve Your Social Media Campaign. In today’s digital world, social media is the biggest thing around.

Miami Ad Agency Shares Tips to Improve Your Social Media Campaign

From Facebook to Pinterest, social media has transformed the way people interact with one another on a daily basis. In fact, social media has quickly replaced the typical “word of mouth” that many businesses around Miami rely on to draw in new customers. As such, it is imperative that business owners have a social media campaign running. Of course, simply having a social media campaign isn’t enough to achieve the results you want and need. You’ll want to make sure your campaign is hitting all the right notes. Research Your Target Market Even the catchiest social media campaign will have trouble producing results if it didn’t reach the right people.

The Top Services Miami Advertising Agencies Provide for Small Businesses. There’s not a business in the world who can say they’re passing up on any form of marketing whatsoever.

The Top Services Miami Advertising Agencies Provide for Small Businesses

In the birth of advertising in the 1950s, every business had to have a print ad, a radio ad, and a spot on the television. While today that’s somehow different with industries going digital, the drive to get promoted stays the same. Every business wants to be noticed, now even more so in the World Wide Web. Tips to Get the Most Out of Working with Advertising Agencies in Miami. Today, traditional forms of advertising are still a highly effective way to get your business noticed and establish good will with existing and potential customers. Unlike certain processes, however, businesses interested in starting an advertising campaign should definitely work with professional advertising agencies in Miami.

This ensures you that your campaigns are done with the polish necessary to yield the best results. Needless to say, you’ll want to work with an ad agency, such as Kukic Advertising, that has a fantastic reputation and has won several awards in the past—but that isn’t the only thing you should be concerned about. Keep in mind that working with ad agencies is a two-way street. Both sides need to work well together to achieve the best results possible. Increase Your Brand Awareness by Collaborating with Experienced Ad Agencies. Putting Out Social Media Disasters with the Help of Advertising Agencies. An Ad Agency Discusses the Best Marketing Trends of 2017. While a business can achieve success through marketing, the marketplace is an ever-changing environment, so your marketing strategies must continually adapt to current trends.

An Ad Agency Discusses the Best Marketing Trends of 2017

Businesses race to update their marketing strategy, but this does not mean your business should immediately jump on every trend that presents itself. Not all trends are suitable for your business. Each marketing strategy serves different purposes and target different audiences. To decide if a certain trend or strategy is right for you, look at your own business model. Evaluate your vision, products, and target market annually to see if the same principle still stands. Interactive Content. Step Up Your Marketing Game with the Help of Ad Agencies. Are you feeling like your business has reached stagnancy?

Step Up Your Marketing Game with the Help of Ad Agencies

Or are you simply looking for a new customer base? Rebranding with the Help of Advertising Agencies May Save Your Business. At some point in their business lives, people will see rebranding as a viable option.

Rebranding with the Help of Advertising Agencies May Save Your Business

The reason for this decision varies. Perhaps your company is going through a merger or an acquisition, or perhaps your business is going international or changing markets. Whatever the purpose may be, rebranding can elevate you to a new level of success when done properly. Professional Advertising Agency Talks About the Effects of Social Media Campaigns on Your Business. A business’ biggest concern in digital marketing is whether their contents reach the target audience.

Professional Advertising Agency Talks About the Effects of Social Media Campaigns on Your Business

If you build a website but do not market it properly, people will not get to view what you have to offer and will not be familiar with you or your products and services. Fortunately, this problem can be remedied through an effective social media campaign. In June 2017, the United Nations estimated that there are 7.5 billion people living on Earth. Now, what does that number have to do with social media? It turns out that over 4 billion people use social media on a monthly basis. Social Media User Engagement. Miami Ad Agency Shares 5 Brand Marketing Trends to Monitor this 2017. Best Advertising Agencies In Miami Value of Personalization—Do You? Working with Experienced Ad Agencies in Miami to Help with Your Social Media Campaign. Advertising has made drastic changes in the past two decades.

Working with Experienced Ad Agencies in Miami to Help with Your Social Media Campaign

Many business deal with an ad agency, which helps them stay on top of these new developments. Miami Ad Agencies Discuss Defining the Brand with Brand Optimization. What exactly is a brand?

Miami Ad Agencies Discuss Defining the Brand with Brand Optimization

It seems like a simple enough question that marketers can easily define, but you’ll be surprised to know that even seasoned marketers can have trouble explaining it properly. In the past, a brand is simply the name given to a product or service provided by a specific source. Today however, branding has evolved into a promise to consumers that includes not only tangible products and services, but also the satisfaction that consumers get from using these products and services.

Brand optimization explained Based on this definition, brand optimization can then be expressed as the methods in which a brand is carefully positioned to connect with a target audience in order to reach them when and where they’re looking for your specific type of product or service. Grow Your Business with a Leading Advertising Agency in Miami. An important part of any successful business is creating brand interest within their market.

Grow Your Business with a Leading Advertising Agency in Miami

You certainly want your brand to grow and attract new customers, and it certainly needs to present a positive image of your products. The difficult question for many business owners, however is how can they make all of this happen? 4 Ways to Get a Better ROI from Online Advertising Efforts with Help from Miami Advertising Agencies. The majority of shoppers today make more than half of their purchases online.

More than 80 percent of consumers search online when making a purchase decision. Statistics like this illustrate the importance of investing in online advertising. If your goal is to reach out to customers online, you’re likely to want to maximize your ROI as much as possible, especially if you want to stay within your available budget. Here’s what you can do to reach this goal. 1. Miami Ad Agencies Step Up their Game: Traditional Marketing Blended With Online Resources. Today’s advertising industry has grown and evolved into an entirely different world because of the Internet.

Your company’s reach is no longer limited to the immediate vicinity. Regardless of the business’s size, you’re now a global entity. Miami ad agencies understand this broad spectrum, which is why they have steped up their game by using a collection of resources to boost your bottom line. Take a moment to understand the modern world of advertising and how you fit into it. Advertising as a Science: How Your Business can Benefit from Working with a Professional Ad Agency. Advertising as a practice is a highly creative one.

It requires a lot of brainstorming in order to come up with an effective branding strategy. This strategy, in order for your business to reap the actual benefits, must first be executed and communicate well with your target audience. This is where the science part of advertising comes in. When it comes to activating advertising campaigns, what is crucial to understand is the psychological profile of your target consumers. Miami Advertising Agencies on the Importance of Social Media in Ad Campaigns. Advertising is a key element to any marketing campaign, and there are various ways you can advertise for your business. The quintessential advertising methods that people usually think of regarding “advertising” include billboard ads, television and radio commercial spots and even mailers and flyers.

However, in today’s constantly evolving economy, it’s important for businesses to evolve with the changing technology. Nowadays, the Internet is a daily part of most people’s lives. Consequently, it’s also become one of the most effective marketing tools available to Miami advertising agencies, or any advertising agency for that matter. Social Media Is Hot The social media scene is one of the hottest scenes on the Web nowadays. Maintaining a Social Media Presence. Why Advertising Agencies in Miami Are Embracing Programmatic Ad Buying. The process of buying ads and managing paid campaigns like what’s done with AdWords can be challenging for even the best advertising agencies in Miami. In addition to creating ads, the process often involves carefully tracking results and knowing when to pull campaigns that aren’t performing as expected.

If you haven’t yet considered programmatic ad buying, the use of automation to buy, place, and optimize ads online, here’s why it can be a smart investment. Ad Agencies Share The Steps Of Creating a Successful Marketing Campaign. When Hiring An Advertising Agency, It’s Best To Go Small. One of the biggest advantages a small advertising agency has over large companies is greater flexibility. Top Advertising Trends Your Ad Agency Will Use To Help You Improve Your Business in 2017. Create and Build A Recognizable Brand With The Help Of The Best Ad Agency In Miami.

New business owners often get stumped when prospective clients and new business acquaintances ask them about their brand. Advertising Agencies Possess the Skills to Create an Effective Campaign for Your Brand. Launching an ad campaign is not as simple as coming up with memorable and well-made ads. Hire An Advertising Agency To Steer Your Business Closer To Your Target Market.

A common misconception among new business owners is that they assume hiring an advertising agency is only necessary when creating ads featuring their product(s). A good advertising agency will keep one’s brand front and center of their target audience by featuring them in print ads, TV commercials, radio spots and through viral social media posts. However, beyond just providing creative visuals, a crucial element in an agencies work involves the building of a foundation for client relations. Ad Agencies can Help New and Small Businesses Make the Most Out of the Digital Platform in 2017. Maximize Your Business Growth with the Help of Advertising Agencies. Building a Brand: How Ad Agencies Can Help Your Company Go Where It Needs to. Now that you’ve put opened up your business, the next important thing is to let people know that you are ready to cater to them. As a newcomer in the industry, whatever it may be, how do you call the attention and maintain their interest in you?

One of the most effective ways of achieving these goals is to build an effective brand. With a brand, your company’s identity goes beyond being recognized simply for the product or service, but for your core business philosophy. If you think about it, all of the successful brands today came to be not only because of the products or services they offer, but more importantly because of the values that they represent. You must have this distinct identity that will remain consistent and recognizable all the time despite any adaptations you may have to make to stay relevant. Turn to Professional Ad Agencies to Have Better Leverage when Expanding Target Market Reach. The Relevance of Hiring an Advertising Agency in Miami in Today’s Digital Market. The reach and the importance of social media has grown exponentially in the last 10 years, marketing and advertising will simply never be the same. From traditional media to digital platforms, any company aiming for longevity in their business must recognize the need for a dynamic approach when presenting their brand to the consumers.

Some people, understandably, remain a bit skeptical about investing in digital marketing. After all, there’s something comforting in the familiarity of the traditional tri-media that are print, radio, and TV. Perhaps another reason why there remains some hesitation is the difference in costs. The Role of Creative Advertising Agencies in Driving Your Marketing Success. When it comes to coming up with an effective ad campaign, great ideas are only as good as their execution. Seeing it being played on TV or high up on billboards, hearing it on the radio, and watching it go viral on social media, however, are only a portion of what makes an ad campaign successful. At the core of it all is the need for a clear expression of strategies, preferably one that will remain consistent with the company message in the long run. How to Tell If It’s Time for You to Work with a Professional Ad Agency.

The Different Trends Advertising Agencies Can Help You Maximize In 2017. Ad Agencies Point Out the Major B2B Marketing Trends that will Dominate 2017. An Ad Agency Discusses Why E-Mail Marketing is Still Worth Doing. Ad Agencies Possess and Execute the Means to Test Print Ad Effectiveness. Some Tricks That Advertising Agencies Use to Market Nonprofit Organizations. An Advertising Agency in Miami Will be the First to Affirm that Print is Alive and Kicking. Advertising Agencies in Miami Point Out What Makes Content Go Viral. Advertising Agencies in Miami Promote Social Media – Kukic Advertising.