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Kudrat Kart is a platform of the kind that is never friendly to nature. We are one of the most renowned e-commerce stores and are known for delivering authentic and original products/our dedication and inclination to 100% Pure and 100% Natural Products makes us stand on the market.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Kalonji Seeds: The Ultimate Flavoring Spice. Nigella seeds also known as Kalonji seeds are a popular Indian spice that adds aroma to your food.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Kalonji Seeds: The Ultimate Flavoring Spice

It is a member of the buttercup family of plants that grow up to 12 inches tall and produce a fruit with these seeds. They contain slightly herbaceous notes, a warm toasted onion flavor as well as a slight bitterness with a hint of savory scent. Also known as black seed cumin, they are used to enhance the flavor profile of food including dal, vegetables, curries, pickles. Homemade Nimbu Ka khatta meetha Achar at Best Price in India - Kudrat Kart. Modern Agro's Nimbu ka Khatta Meetha Achar is sun-ripened, absolutely delicious, prepared without oil, vinegar, or any chemical preservative using generations-old recipe transferred from one generation to another.

Homemade Nimbu Ka khatta meetha Achar at Best Price in India - Kudrat Kart

If we recall, in the northern part of India in almost every household our grandmothers used to prepare sweet lemon pickles without any oil or vinegar but surprisingly no brand other than modern agro use's that recipe. Almost every other brand either use edible oil or some sort of vinegar along with chemical preservative in the preparation of sweet lemon pickle.

It's a question for us to ask from these brands as well as ourselves that why a chemical preservative is required to preserve lemon which itself is a source of one of the best preservatives provided to us by nature “Citric acid”. Extreme care is taken in the whole process starting from procurement, to preparation, and packaging. Benefits. 11 Reasons Why You Should Have Saunf Seeds Daily. Amazing Health Benefits of Almond Oil. We often snack on almonds as it is the nutritional powerhouse containing healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, fibre and phytochemicals.

Amazing Health Benefits of Almond Oil

But it isn’t limited to just snacking or adding to trail mix. Due to the nutrition stored in it, it is no surprise if I say Almond oil, derived from this nut, is extremely beneficial for skin, hair and body nourishment. Let’s polish our knowledge about Pure Almond Oil. Almond is a seed inside the fruits of the Almond tree which appears like peaches, only in green colour. First grown in the Middle East, almonds soon became popular due to the extremely beneficial oil extracted from the seeds. Almond oils are mainly of two types- bitter and sweet. . • Vitamin A- The production of new skin cells and smooth fine lines are stimulated with the retinol in vitamin A. • Vitamin E- The ultraviolet rays of the sun are harmful for the skin and we all know that. . • Omega-3 Fatty Acids- These nutrients may help prevent premature ageing and safeguard against sun damage. Uses and Benefits Of Fenugreek Seeds - You Never Knew About It.

A herb that finds itself as a common ingredient in the Indian kitchen; known for its numerous health benefits, Fenugreek is also used as alternative medicine.

Uses and Benefits Of Fenugreek Seeds - You Never Knew About It

ModernAgro brings you the fresh and best quality Fenugreek seeds in re-sealable pouch packets. Buy the Methi Danna, as it's commonly called in every Indian household by visiting the KudratKart website. A close family member of pea, Fenugreek or Methi or Alholva, or Chandrika as called by different names worldwide, dates back to have originated in the Mediterranean region and Western Asia. Today, India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are the largest producers of Fenugreek in the world. The organically grown golden-brown Fenugreek seeds (Methi Dana), has been valued since traditions in the alternative and Chinese medicine to treat skin problems, and other diseases. Modern Agro Fenugreek Seeds Nutritional Value.

Homemade Lemon Pickle - Deals1 Promo. Mere listening to the word, lemon pickle is mouth-watering.

Homemade Lemon Pickle - Deals1 Promo

So no more just imagining having the sweet and sour lemon pickle widely known as nimbu ka achar brought to you by ModernAgro in two different pet jar sizes. A common condiment in the cuisines of the Indian subcontinent and North Africa has a long history dating back as early as 2400 BC. Historically, the lemon pickles had been the most affordable and practical method for longer use. The organically preserved ModernAgro lemon pickle is sun-ripened and absolutely delicious to be accompanied with your breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.

Benefits of Lemon Pickle. Methi Dana - A healthy addition to your diet. Known for its medicinal qualities such as hypocholesterolemic, antidiabetic, gastric stimulant, antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, and immunological activities, Fenugreek Seeds, commonly called Methi Dana/ Seeds in Indian households, is a legume.

Methi Dana - A healthy addition to your diet

9 Benefits Of Green Cardamom That May Change Your Perspective. What comes to your mind when you get a refreshing taste of Green cardamom in your food?

9 Benefits Of Green Cardamom That May Change Your Perspective.

It gives your taste buds the feeling of wow, isn’t it? Speaking of Green Cardamom, Modern Agro not only gives a sense of good taste but also removes the odor of your breath 1 hour after having your meal or a cup of coffee or tea. We all comply with the fact that Green Cardamom is a spice native to our home country India. We all agree with the fact that Choti Elaichi consists of small whole or ground fruits. The seeds are quite warm and carry aromatic/pleasant and medicinal/healing properties that help you fight against digestive problems like Ulcers, and prevent you from catching any bacterial infections in the future.

It’s time to shed some light on the no. of benefits Modern Agro’s Green Cardamom carries: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.