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Academical articles for New Media. HOW TO: Engage and Mobilize Facebook Fans Beyond the "Like" Last year, we encouraged businesses to move out of broadcast mode and start a two-way dialogue with their Facebook fans.

HOW TO: Engage and Mobilize Facebook Fans Beyond the "Like"

As Facebook marketing has matured and more companies have had an opportunity to experiment and innovate, this approach has become de rigueur. New tactics are emerging that raise the bar for what constitutes successful engagement, particularly as brands and digital marketing agencies look to engage and activate a large number of fans. According to Daniel Stein, co-founder of digital marketing agency EVB, more of the agency's clients are now asking for programs that mobilize their millions of passionate fans on Facebook to take action in the real world. "It's important to remember that 'Likes' aren't just mechanical clicks of a button — they're people," said Stein.

Social Animals? Yes, Ladies, That’s You. Find yourself trolling Twitter at all hours?

Social Animals? Yes, Ladies, That’s You

Can’t turn away from your Facebook page? Elected “Mayor” of more places than you’d like to admit on Foursquare? Then consider yourself part of a new breed of humans, a 21st century breed, and one that is largely composed of…middle-aged women, says new research. What, then, should you be calling yourself? Try, “social animal.” And if you are young and female, consider yourself among the majority of social animals. 82 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds use social networking, Netpop’s research found, while, across all ages, 78 percent of women use social media compared to 66 percent of men. More specifically, women in their 30s make up more than half of heavy contributors to social media, defined as those who engage in six or more social media activities. “It’s becoming a form of seamless integration with users’ lives; it’s always with them,” Cate Riegner, vice president of Brand Insights and co-founder of Netpop Research, told USA TODAY. 5 Masterminds Redefining Social Media Marketing.

The Social Media Strategist Series is supported by StrongMail, which helps marketers forge meaningful, profitable and long-lasting connections with customers through e-mail marketing and social media.

5 Masterminds Redefining Social Media Marketing

Learn more here. Social media marketing is a quickly changing area within the marketing discipline. Social platforms evolve, consumer needs change and businesses adapt. Within this space, a small set of leaders are paving the way for how businesses are using social tools. Whether they are reimagining platforms or creating new tool for analyzing data, these visionaries are steering the way towards innovation. Here are five masterminds that are redefining how businesses perceive, create, implement and analyze social media marketing programs. 1. With more than 500 million active users spending more than 700 billion minutes per month on its platform, Facebook has quickly become the most visited website on the Internet.

As they should, digital marketers go where Internet users flock. 2. 3. 4. How New Media is Changing TV: A New Kind of Storytelling [Part 3] This guest post is the last in a series of three authored by Lauren Maynard, Director of Research for Room 214, where she leads the agency’s business intelligence practice.

How New Media is Changing TV: A New Kind of Storytelling [Part 3]

Part one looked at shifts in consumer behavior, while part two examined changes in engagement and content delivery. Follow Maynard’s conversation on Twitter and the Room 214 blog, Capture the Conversation. Today I’d like to talk about storytelling, an ancient form of communication that is now highly relevant to the convergence of television and new media. I’m specifically referring to transmedia storytelling. Transmedia is a fairly new term that refers to the act of telling a story on multiple disparate media platforms, often simultaneously. This concept is central to our understanding of TV. In a wonderful talk at MIT’s Future of Entertainment conference, USC Professor Henry Jenkins outlined seven individual characteristics that allow a story to catch hold in this transmedia environment.

Influencer Communities. Logo Design, Web Design and Copywriting by the World's Best Creative Team. Library 2.0 Theory: Web 2.0 and Its Implications for Libraries. Jack M.

Library 2.0 Theory: Web 2.0 and Its Implications for Libraries

Maness MLS, University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries, 1720 Pleasant St., Boulder, CO, USA. Email: jack dot maness at colorado dot edu Received June 19, 2006; Accepted June 29, 2006 Abstract This article posits a definition and theory for "Library 2.0". Keywords. Internet Marketing Blog. 14 fantastic things we found on the internet this week This round-up covers a whole two weeks’ worth of brilliant entertainments, distractions and hijinks that we found on the internet.

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Yes the round-up took the extended Easter weekend off.