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Kelly Kettle Review: Camping Kettle - Portable Water Boiler. A great idea never goes out of style, and the Kelly Kettle is a perfect example of well-earned design longevity.

Kelly Kettle Review: Camping Kettle - Portable Water Boiler

It dates back to the 1890s, when Irish anglers and their guides used the Kelly Kettle to boil water for tea. It burns naturally combustible materials for fuel (such as twigs, grass, bark, or pinecones), and it’s remarkably fast, capable of boiling water in just a few minutes, even in extreme weather conditions. The kettle’s efficiency comes from its double-chamber construction. Water sits in the outside chamber, and the fire is contained in the base. The center chamber acts like a chimney, drawing up hot air as the kettle heats, which in turn boils the water. Brothers Patrick and Seamus Kelly, the current directors of Kelly Kettle, are the fourth generation of the Kelly family to share their great-grandfather’s invention. We heard about Kelly Kettle from Tiffney Martin, who shared her find on Pinterest.

Grindmaster CS113 Portable Hot Water Boiler - 3 Gallon Capacity. Take a tank of hot water wherever you need with the Grindmaster CS113 portable hot water boiler!

Grindmaster CS113 Portable Hot Water Boiler - 3 Gallon Capacity

This hot water boiler has a 3 gallon capacity so that it can warm and boil dozens of cups of water that are for perfect for everything from personal servings of coffee or tea to soups, gravies, and more. A precision thermostat indicates the temperature, and a small control dial lets you adjust the heat of the water. To make sure your boiler never runs dry, a sight glass clearly indicates the internal water level. The Grindmaster CS113 portable hot water boiler requires a 120V electrical connection.

Please consult the Specification Sheet for additional details. Overall Dimensions:Width: 11" Depth: 11" Height: 21 1/2" Because this item is not stocked in our warehouse, processing and transit times will vary. NEMA Plug. Adcraft WB-40 40 Cup Electric Water Boiler. (Read full policies here.)

Adcraft WB-40 40 Cup Electric Water Boiler

Damage Policy Summary There are rare occasions when items may be damaged in transit. It is imperative that you check your order thoroughly before signing off on the shipment. If damage incurred in transit, it is your responsibility to sign it "Damaged" on the freight bill and you must file a freight claim with the freight company, not Mission Restaurant Supply. Make sure to save all packaging in case a freight claim needs to be filed. Refused Shipment Policy If a shipment is refused due to damage incurred in transit, we will replace and redeliver the items at no cost to you. Return Policy on Factory Stock Items: Restocking fees vary by factory and can be as much as 50% or in some cases Non-Refundable. Berkey Water Filter Systems - World Leader in Portable Water Purification. Konia Water Products. Japan’s original Pi Mineral Water is highly regarded by health industries around the world.

Konia Water Products

Pi water, or “living water”, is healthy water that helps to restore energy and increase immunity. Konia provides you the option to add a Pi mineral Water Filter to any of our filtered water products (with the exception of the K200 On Tap filter), to enhance the health benefits of your drinking water. Konia’s KA-101 Pi mineral water filter activates purified water into healthy water by adding calcium, regulating natural minerals and stabilizing the pH levels to produce mildly alkaline water. You can start to enjoy drinking healthy water today buy fitting a Pi mineral water filter to your Konia system now. Contact us for more details. Introduction. World Living Water Systems Ltd. Greens Plus - Superfood rich in chlorophyll. Single Counter Top – 6 Stage Living Water Purifier This single Counter Top unit produces Living, microStructured, Alkaline Water with a pH, depending on tap water source, between 7.1 and 8.0 and a Negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) between -50 and -500.

Greens Plus - Superfood rich in chlorophyll.

Can be used as a stand-alone unit or added to existing water filters, including distillers, reverse-osmosis systems or ultraviolet purifiers. Stage 1 – Sediment Pre-Filter Removes dirt, silt, rust, scale and dissolved solids. Stage 2 – KDF-55 Granules Kinetic Degradation Fluxion granules are made of copper and zinc that neutralize organic heavy metals, inhibit bacterial growth, and dechlorinize water by converting harmful chlorine into the essential mineral Chloride.

Stage 3 – Coconut Carbon Granules Removes chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and odors. Double Counter Top – 7 Stage Living Water Purifier The double unit adds a 2 Stage Doulton Sterasyl Ceramic Filter and an additional Fluoride Filter media. Bawell Fountain Ionizer Alkaline Water Machine.