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Political Analysis

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Marx and Engels on Anarchism and the Conflict with Bakunin. Critique of the Gotha Programme. Karl Marx 1875 Written: April or early May, 1875;Source: Marx/Engels Selected Works, Volume Three, p. 13-30;Publisher: Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1970;First Published: Abridged in the journal Die Neue Zeit, Bd. 1, No. 18, 1890-91;Online Version: mea; 1999;Transcribed: Zodiac and Brian Baggins;HTML Markup: Brian Baggins.

Critique of the Gotha Programme

Table of Contents: ForewordMarx to BrackeEngels to BebelPart IPart IIPart IIIPart IVAppendix. Manifesto of the Communist Party. The Civil War in France. 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte. Marx 1852. Works of Marx & Engels 1852 Written: December 1851 - March 1852;Source: Chapters 1 & 7 are translated by Saul K.

18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte. Marx 1852

Padover from the German edition of 1869; Chapters 2 through 6 are based on the third edition, prepared by Engels (1885), as translated and published by Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1937;First Published: First issue of Die Revolution, 1852, New York;Online Version: Marx/Engels Internet Archive ( 1995, 1999;Transcription/Markup: Zodiac and Brian BagginsProofed: and corrected by Alek Blain, 2006, Mark Harris, 2010. On December 2 1851, followers of President Louis Bonaparte (Napoleon's nephew) broke up the Legislative Assembly and established a dictatorship.