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Objective 3 - Social Technology

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Number of smartphone users worldwide 2014-2020 | Statista. 91% of Retail Brands Use Two or More Social Media Channels. As social media has become more integrated into daily life, people are starting to use more than one network. According to Pew Research Center, more than one-half of adults use more than one social network. New data from email marketing software provider Yesmail indicates that marketers are also using multiple social media channels. Yesmail tracked the social media habits of 50 top retail brands in five major categories–beauty, apparel, electronics, big box and home goods. The data was then compared to a 2014 Pew study of U.S. social media use to “see how well the brands were listening to consumers.” According to the study, more than 90 percent of brands are using two or more social networks. 100 percent of the brands in the home goods category were using multiple channels. However, the apparel industry is the most connected, with 86 percent using four channels and more than 60 percent represented on all five of the social networks that were analyzed.

The Future of Customer Relationship Management. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a mature global market currently estimated at $20.4 billion annually (USD), with forecasted growth at 13.7% CAGR. Currently 41% of all CRM systems are sold as SaaS-based systems. North American accounts for 52.9% of the worldwide CRM market with Western Europe being the fastest growing market with a 15.2% increase in 2013. The CRM industry is continuing to experience double digit growth year-over-year as organisations focus on delivering great customer experiences using CRM data and tools. Medium sized companies, often referred to as mid-market, are the fastest growing base of CRM users as they are in the biggest growth phases and looking to establish their winning recipe for success. Large organisations and enterprises have been strong supporters of the effectiveness of CRM for years and now smaller companies looking to compete in a global marketplace are leveraging the power of CRM.

Future trends Social CRM Mobile CRM Cloudy CRM. Mobile Retail Strategies. Consumers are tethered to their mobile devices and increasingly using these devices as shopping tools. According to a Goldman Sachs retail research report, mobile-commerce (m-commerce) will represent nearly half of all global e-commerce by 2018. Purchases made with mobile and tablet devices will reach $626 billion by 2018 representing a fourfold increase from the 2013 total of $133 billion. Mobility has passed the tipping point and this trend warrants more than a lukewarm response if retailers are to capitalize on the revenue opportunity. The retailer of the future will adopt a mobile-first approach to engage consumers on their devices. There’s a plethora of mobile driven use cases for retailers to consider. Mobile Concierge Services Brick and mortar retailers are using mobile engagement as a concierge service once consumers enter the stores.

They may also offer helpful features such as product search with in-store mapping, quick navigation and quantities on hand. Clienteling. Social Media Gives Consumers and Brands a Direct Connection. It’s guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing and today’s guest post is from Jessica Davis – Enjoy! Remember a time when it was not possible to share your opinions about a specific product with others because there was no outlet.

Not too long ago, the consumer was considered to be at the bottom of the pyramid. There was no way to display dissatisfaction with the services received or products purchased. However, consumers today enjoy a very different situation, all thanks to social media. Through social media outlets, consumers have been able to easily convey their opinions – whether it be criticism or praise – about various brands. There is now an opportunity for consumers and brands to actually build a working relationship in which views can be exchanged and opinions can be voiced. For brands, understanding the consumer and knowing what they think about the product can prove to be very beneficial. Social media – a public forum Brand-consumer relationship.

Multichannel Customer Insight Report 2016 | Drapers Guides. One of the big themes to come out of this year’s report is the increased instance of browsing and buying on mobile and tablet. Retailers Jack Wills and Shop Direct analyse the findings alongside report partners Poq and Adyen. bilal jack wills Bilal Adham, head of digital marketing, Jack Wills It doesn’t surprise me to see uptake of mobile and tablet is so much greater this year.

Because of Jack Wills’ customer demographic being 18-24-year-olds and university-goers, we find that we are ahead of where the wider industry is, so it gives us quite a good view. Our mobile traffic is the most significant part of our online business now, and in terms of conversion rates, we have seen significant growth in mobile conversion year on year. I think conversion is improving thanks to the mindset of the customer and the increase in smartphone usage in the UK. On tablet, our conversion rates are in line with last year and improving, but we have seen browsing on tablet decline. Jonathan wall oyvind poq. Modern Retail Marketing – Challenges & Talent Gaps. 6 CRM predictions for 2016.

CRM software has come a long way from its early days as a desktop-based sales tool. And each year, it seems, there’s some hot new flavor of CRM – social CRM, cloud CRM, mobile CRM, vertical CRM – with new vendors and apps constantly entering the market. So what will be the big trends in CRM in 2016? Here are six predictions. CRM software will become even more social. “In 2016, we'll see a lot more CRM providers adding new social media features, whether that be tracking customer interactions or suggesting new contacts,” says Marc Prosser, cofounder, Fit Small Business. “Nimble is out ahead on this, but expect others to add these features while their team (and others) devise new ways CRM can take advantage of social media.” [ Also on Integrated Sales and CRM System Lets DirecTV Capture More Couch Potatoes ] Mobile CRM will become a must-have.

Integration will be the name of the game. Vertical CRMs will give traditional CRM solutions some serious competition.