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Renters Solutions: Get the Wallpaper Look Without the Commitment. (Image credit: Etsy) By now, we all recognize the tremendous strides wallpaper has made since its infamous reign in past decades. Its resurgence has brought forth a new generation of admirers (and skeptics that were burned in the '80s with wall-to-wall chintz and toile). Companies are pumping out everything from bold modern prints in monochromatic palettes and textured raffias on metallic grasscloths to lively ombres and large-scale florals set on moody backdrops. Though I hope we can say that we're all in agreement that wallpaper is the best way to make a dramatic statement on your walls, it's not always the most practical solution, especially for renters. Who wants to spend money on a design element you can't take with you (and will probably get penalized for using)?

When you hear the word decal, you might be quick to think of cheesy inspirational quotes plastered across your mom's wall. We'll let you be the judge. Feather Decal at Boho Walls, $38 Vinyl Wall Stripes at Amazon, $19.99. Rethink Your Walls – Stikwood. How To: Make Removable Fabric Wallpaper. Applying fabric to a wall with liquid starch is a great solution for renters and commitment-phobes alike. A bit time intensive, yes, but the results are just about as good as it gets. And unlike wallpaper, you can take it with you when you move! This kitchenette turned walk-in closet (old house, used to be multiple apartments..) had great light and was begging for some inspired design.

I'm a big fan of print/pattern/texture/print (repeat) and decided my closet would be the perfect space to bring that design aesthetic to life. And I must admit, I am a fabric hoarder that doesn't sew... so this project is truly the most satisfying project ever. I got to use up that gorgeous fabric and didn't even have to thread a bobbin thing. What You Need Materials Lightweight, cotton fabric Liquid starch Tacks or Tape (painters or duct) Drop cloth Tools Paint roller Roller cover Paint tray Utility knife Step ladder Scissors Measuring tape Instructions 1. 2. 3. 4. There are two ways you could tackle this step:

Pimp My Small Kitchen: 10 Cheap, Renter-Friendly Improvements. All the small space goodness from last month inspired me to make some tweaks and additions to make my small Brooklyn kitchen more serviceable and user-friendly (especially since I am its primary user). The changes are affordable, renter-friendly and, hopefully, helpful to some of you simmering and sautéing away in your own small kitchens. 1. Over-the-Stove Cutting Board: small kitchens are a challenge not just for storing things but for actually cooking. To gain a bit more usable counter space I purchased this bamboo cutting board that fits across two burners. If you don't use your stove much you could leave it there most of them time. Or, of course, you can just bring it out when you need more surface area to work on. I used it for an easier quesadilla assembly line recently and it was a great improvement. 2. 3. Public Service Announcement: I first tried to hang the dust pan on the fridge with glued-on magnets. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

(Image credits: Carrie McBride) 10 Ways To Be Less Frustrated With Your Rental Kitchen. I've lived in rental apartments my entire adult life, and have experienced my share of less-than-ideal kitchens. There was the kitchen with no counter space and a refrigerator in the living room; another basement kitchen with a dishwasher (yay!) But no natural light; and then there was the kitchen with nice appliances but the crummiest, dirtiest floor tile ever.

Rental kitchen challenges range from minor annoyances to serious, hair-pulling frustrations. But before you go and break your lease, consider this: the 10 most frustrating things about rental kitchens all have solutions. And none of them require blowing your security deposit. Frustration #1: Ugly or undesirable cabinets. As a renter, you get what you get. You may paint the cabinets only if you have a very flexible landlord, but for most of us, that's not an option. Move your most-used utensils out of drawers and to a crock or other easy-to-access location. Frustration #2: Drawers that don't open properly. Seriously, folks. 10 Clever DIY Projects to Hide Household Eyesores. Here’s the unfortunate truth about 99% of all living spaces: every house and apartment - large or small - likely has something that's weird, oddly placed, or just plain ugly. These persistent little problems (cords, vents, pipes, outlets) might drive you nuts, but stay they must, especially if you are a renter.

The only solution is to get creative…. Here are 10 common household eyesores, and DIY projects and ideas to help you disguise them: 1. Appliances: Not everyone is as entranced by your mustard-colored stove as you are. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Of course, if you don’t want to build a cover, or are worried about heat loss, paint it instead. 7. 8. 9. 10.

(Image credits: Kirsten's Bluebird of Happiness House; Julie Blanner; Ana White; Fred Beck; The Lettered Cottage; Paula Grace; Chez Larsson; Manhattan Nest; One Kings Lane; Anamu; Canadian House & Home; Buzzfeed) Shopping Resources: Decals, Removable Wallpaper, Washi Tape & Contact Paper Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies. As a follow up to my last post with lots of inspiration for how to use decals, removable wallpaper, washi tape, and contact paper, I've created a shopping guide so you can have some fun making it happen in your own space. First up is removable wallpaper. Now this is a huge category! What you see is just a tiny sample of what's out there. Here are a few of my favorites, but I encourage you to look around on each site, as there are so many great styles out there.

The wallpaper is great to create a full accent wall in your space, or you can get creative and use it to line the back of a shelf or closet. TOP: PatPrintbyAmy on Etsy / All ModernMIDDLE: Betapet on Etsy / Chasing PaperBOTTOM: Accentu Wall on Etsy / Kate Zaremba Company on Etsy Contact paper has been around forever and is probably most well known for its solid or wood pattern options. TOP: Aubuchon Hardware / AliexpressMIDDLE: Amazon / PanylBOTTOM: Chic Shelf Paper (both) Washi tape has become so popular. Beautify Your Bathroom in a Weekend: Super Easy Ideas for an Instant Style Boost. When folks aren't happy with the look of a bathroom, sometimes it's because it is in need of some major changes: a renovation. For most of us, though, creative decoration will instantly help boost the look of this often woefully under-styled space. Yes, it's a utilitarian room, but don't let that stop you - in this small space, simple decorative changes are fast, affordable and definitely go a long way...

The bathroom above from Liz and John's 1926 Sears Craftsman tour is a perfect example of how a bit of decorating chutzpah can take a space from very nice (and maybe a little safe) to a big, gorgeous wow! Of a room. Painting the ceiling black was a risky move (in concept) that totally pays off in reality, elevating the design of the whole room and it certainly could be done in a day or two. This Shaker-style rail from Phil & Vicki's Halloween House in Providence adds function and style to the room.

Don't forget the floor. Are you inspired to make some style updates to your bathroom? DIY Temporary Botanical Wall Decals The Horticult. When Chantal and Ryan uncovered a trove of high-resolution vintage botanical images online, they couldn't believe their luck. The couple behind The Horticult are endlessly inspired by scientific drawings of flora, fauna and fungi. Because they're renters, they came up with a smart way to turn an illustration of Protea speciosa latifolia into fabulous temporary wall decals. Perhaps you saw Chantal and Ryan in the New York Times a few days ago.

The San Diego couple, who chronicle their covetable backyard life at The Horticult, landed a huge spread, "Marriage is Yard Work," in the Home & Garden section. And this latest project of theirs couldn't be simpler. If you're looking for more home and garden inspiration, definitely check out the Horticult. (Images: The Horticult) Top Floral Apartment Temporary Wallpaper | Mod Retro Vintage Wall Decor. Stick It! Colorful Decal Headboards. Reversible Decor: 10 Quirky Removable Wallpaper Patterns Renters' Solutions. Removable Wallpapers: Graphic Patterns Renters Solutions.

Temp stainless backsplash. We now offer international shipping through global provider, Borderfree. As you shop, you will see prices in your selected currency. You can change where you would like to ship your items in the top right corner of our website. To learn more about international shipping, please visit our International Orders page. Some items are not eligible for international shipping. Please look for eligibility notifications on our product pages, or view our guidelines to see which items are ineligible . PLEASE NOTE: All international orders must have a ship-to destination outside of the United States. Birch temp wallpaper. UO temporary wallpaper. 1246 rue Sainte-Catherine O.

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