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2013 in Rap. Angels We Have Heard on High (Christmas w/ 32 fingers and 8 thumbs) - ThePianoGuys. Propellerhead - Reason Drum Kits. Want lively, realistic drums?

Propellerhead - Reason Drum Kits

Without using loops or hiring a session drummer? Reason Drum Kits 2 gives you masterfully multisampled, perfectly playable, totally recallable multi-output drum kits for Reason's Combinator. Reason Drum Kits 2 ReFill. Dj Scratch controller Pioneer DDJ-SX. Home > Electronics, Lifestyle, Music > Dj Scratch controller Pioneer DDJ-SX Pioneer launches the DDJ-SX.

Dj Scratch controller Pioneer DDJ-SX

If you want the best Dj/scratch controller this is the one for you! This DJ professional software has been carefully designed and developed in partnership with Serato to deliver intuitive control of the included software’s exciting features. DJ Lesson BeatMatchin. 10 Best Affordable Microphones for the Home Studio. Making music is perhaps one of the most expensive hobbies in the world—that is, aside from tasting truffles.

10 Best Affordable Microphones for the Home Studio

When you’re looking to set up a decent home studio, it’s hard to find a way to stay within budget without ending up with a terrible sound. Here are ten options to minimize expenditure while still getting a decent sound out of your system at the end of the day, by buying smart when it comes to one of the most important types of studio equipment: microphones. Shure SM57 For about $100 give or take, you can pick up a Shure SM57 Microphone (you can double that price for the popular two-packs, or the SM57/58 combo packs). Don by Shampoo Guy. Ninja Neeks...The 13th Hour. Two days I got into a near fatal car accident.

Ninja Neeks...The 13th Hour

I was hit at 88MPH by an incoming vehicle. Both cars were totaled, and I was rushed to the ER. Luckily, the injuries are minor and I should be healing up just fine. I wish the best for the others involved and hope them and the little girl in the car with them is in tolerable spirits. Maybach Music Self Made. SoundCloud - Share Your Sounds. How Did Eddie Vedder From Pearl Jam Found His Voice. Neznosna Lahkotnost Življenja by n'toko. DMX - Keep Ya Head Up - NEW 2011 (LIVE) Kardashians Family ft. Biggie Smalls Hypnotize. Dizzy Wright – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work OFFICIAL VIDEO.

Funk Volume Presents: Dizzy Wright – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Dizzy Wright – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work OFFICIAL VIDEO

Verse 1 All my life I’ve been judged All my life I’ve been put down You sacrifice and I ask for life Living life right now is the good child I put in work, discover real Stuck and fucked in a fucked up deal Lucked up still, got up out of this shit Slappin’ pussies with the side of my dick I’ve been on my grind, for my child Made me proud to be part of a blessing Rizzo locked up, baby mama knocked up Now he dealing with another nigga connection Man I’m stressing, man I’m smokin’ Looking at life from a different perspective Man I’m growing, these niggas is hating And now I walk around and I stay protected I ain’t thugging, I ain’t sold a brick I ain’t on stage tryn hold my dick I’m outta town I got a show to give I’m from where the broke niggas had to show me shit I ain’t scared, I know what I’m worth Hide my pain, in my perc put my soul all in my verse I got 4 or 5 niggas that done see me learn and still moving.

Christian Bale Interviews Sean Beavan. Das 18. Openair in Frauenfeld. Dizzy Wright – Solo Dolo. Home > Music, People & Celebrity > Dizzy Wright – Solo Dolo Dizzy Wright’s first single off his upcoming album, SmokeOut Conversations.

Dizzy Wright – Solo Dolo

Funk Volume 2012. Nirvana - Polly. Pachelbel Canon in D Major. In Memory Of All The Great Artists Who Left To Soon. Rolling Stones ft. Jack White – Loving Cup LIVE. Chet Atkins; Mark Knopfler - The Next Time I'm in Town (1990) John Butler Trio - Ocean. Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song (Live Video) Bob Marley - Legend (full album)