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Quality quotes. Putting the Checklist Manifesto to Work for Better Financial and Personal Habits. Several years ago, I read a wonderful book called The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande.

Putting the Checklist Manifesto to Work for Better Financial and Personal Habits

I thought highly enough of the book after reading it that I wrote an article about it for The Simple Dollar, but what I didn’t realize at the time was that this book would subtly stick in my head like few others that I’ve ever read in my life. Several years later, I still see this book resonating for me in the personal, financial, and professional choices I make. So, let’s start at the beginning? 15 Science-Backed Memory Tips to Help You Succeed. Have you ever been introduced to a new person only to forget their name seconds after learning it?

15 Science-Backed Memory Tips to Help You Succeed

Throughout our lives, our brains create a rich tapestry of memories based on the sights, sounds, smells, and everything else that we experience each day. But why can you easily remember some things, like the make and model of your first car, but not others, like what you had for breakfast last week? Three Types of Memory Your memory is basically broken up into three parts: sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory. The sensory memory is like a small holding tank for split-second information from your senses. If someone on the street gives you directions to the post office, then you are engaging your short-term memory. Improvement. How To Be Productive Infographic. 100 Powerful Quotes That Will Boost Your Productivity. How to be More Productive by Using the “Eisenhower Box” Dwight Eisenhower lived one of the most productive lives you can imagine.

How to be More Productive by Using the “Eisenhower Box”

Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States, serving two terms from 1953 to 1961. During his time in office, he launched programs that directly led to the development of the Interstate Highway System in the United States, the launch of the internet (DARPA), the exploration of space (NASA), and the peaceful use of alternative energy sources (Atomic Energy Act). Before becoming president, Eisenhower was a five-star general in the United States Army, served as the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during World War II, and was responsible for planning and executing invasions of North Africa, France, and Germany. At other points along the way, he served as President of Columbia University, became the first Supreme Commander of NATO, and somehow found time to pursue hobbies like golfing and oil painting.

The Eisenhower Box: How to be More Productive. Use This Content Marketing Checklist to Skyrocket Your Productivity. We Too Often Ignore the Tradeoff Between Innovation and Efficiency. 3 Lesser-Known Copywriting Techniques that Keep Readers Glued to Your Content. Write Email With Maximum Efficiency Using This Military System. 4 Life-Changing Lessons in Mental Strength I Learned in the Special Forces.

Online voice recorder. Shonda Rhimes' Rules Of Work: "Come Into My Office With A Solution, Not A Problem" As the CEO of ShondaLand, which produces a whopping four TV shows for ABC, Shonda Rhimes is one of the busiest people in the entertainment world—so busy, in fact, that she had to force herself to say "yes" to non-work endeavors and opportunities for a whole year.

Shonda Rhimes' Rules Of Work: "Come Into My Office With A Solution, Not A Problem"

(Like a typical overachiever, she wrote a book about it. And did a TED Talk.) Below, Rhimes offers insight into the other rules and routines she's put into place that make it possible to create 70 hours of television per season. What's a typical day for you? Let's start with the first thing you do when you get up. I have three small children, so I try to get up well before them so that I can have some quiet time and be in the right head space for the day. So you're not usually working from home? No, this is new. I do. I mean, part of that is not being there. So, not being the definitive "yes" person also means that I do not answer phone calls or emails after 7 p.m.

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Navy SEAL - 11-point checklist he used to prepare for combat. Former Navy SEAL Task Unit Bruiser Charlie Platoon leader Leif Babin.

Navy SEAL - 11-point checklist he used to prepare for combat

Courtesy of Jocko Willink and Leif Babin When Leif Babin was training to become a US Navy SEAL officer, he didn't expect to spend so much time working out combat mission briefs in Powerpoint presentations, he explains in his new book "Extreme Ownership: How US Navy SEALs Lead and Win. " It was a common feeling, and the reason why in training sessions, he and other officers-in-training had a tendency to create briefs with the intention of impressing their instructors, as opposed to crafting plans that would actually be valuable to an entire team. When Babin joined Task Unit Bruiser in 2005 as the officer in charge of Charlie Platoon, his commander and future co-author Jocko Willink told him to forget about Powerpoint. "The true test for a good brief is not whether the senior officers are impressed," Willink told them. It was a valuable teaching experience for Babin. Analyze the mission. How I Work News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Lifehacker.