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Alok Tiwari

KR Technosafe is the competent one in the field of testing equipment. We does testing of lifting tools with different testing procedures and equipments. We uses advanced technology to test lifting tools.

KR Technosafe Team. Mr.

KR Technosafe Team

Alok Kumar Tiwari(Director/ Competent Person/ Lead Auditor) Qualification :B Tech. (Mechanical Engineering), EMBA, DIS, Level II-ASNT. Inspection Services. We have an adroit team which is capable of offering NOC Jobs.

Inspection Services

In this range we provide these services for various promotional programs, canopies, events, road shows for both individuals and corporate sector. EHS Membership Support. Our company has separate packages for its membership holders.

EHS Membership Support

Clients can take our membership for a year, for short time according to their need, and lifetime membership. We also offer E-membership for distant clients. We provide a number of services for our members which include: Customization to meet the National and International standards of safety, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Specification (OHSAS). Medical And First Aid Service. Healthcare management of workers is essential and a part of the industrial law now.

Medical And First Aid Service

Occupational health is a responsibility of industry in law. Apart from this, the health condition of workers is directly related to progress graph of an industry. Today, all the companies which have flourished in international marketplaces have adopted a proper health management system for their workers. Consultancy for EHS Award. Our company provides guidelines for achieving National and International EHS awards.

Consultancy for EHS Award

We help companies to get awards from different National and International awarding bodies like National Safety Council (NSC), Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) etc. To maintain the standards meeting the criteria of awarding agencies we conduct third party investigations. Our company has highly qualified staff to conduct an audit and investigate accidents.

Our team members are expert in their fields and have a large number of successful impartial investigations on their credit. Third party investigations are essential for certain reasons: EHS Software Support. Our company has also launched a special series of softwares for industrial application.

EHS Software Support

These software services have application in healthcare services, environment safety, control of waste management and many other industry related applications. Following is a set of software applications that our company provides: EHS Certification Courses. Testing Of Lifting Tools. Safety Services For Oil & Gas. Oil and gas industry are at risk of dangerous incidents most often.

Safety Services For Oil & Gas

Our company provides best safety measures for prevention of such incidents in oil and gas industry. Apart from this EHS risks is also high in oil and gas industry. To tackle EHS problems related to this industry we have an efficient management system. In Audits section we do both internal audits (throughout the year) and external audits (once a year) to see company’s business issues and its financial status. Safety Consultancy Services. EHS & Fire Professionals.

Occupational Health and Hygiene. Proper safety measurements for occupational health and hygiene are now becoming an important part of industries.

Occupational Health and Hygiene

The progress of industry is a lot dependent on health conditions of workers and safety of the working site. The law also gives the right to employees for the safety of their health and any carelessness which compromises worker’s health is attributed to the company by law. Workers working in chemical industries, food industries, radiation working sites, welders, and asbestos industries are prone to serious ailments if proper measures are not taken. Height Safety Services. Each year a huge amount of cases of accidents at construction sites are reported.

Height Safety Services

And mostly these are due to falling from a height. These incidents involve both falling of a worker from a height or of some instrument or other working equipment. These incidents most often cost workers life or cause severe injuries leading to permanent disabilities. Our company provides a complete and safe set up for such types of work sites. We also provide training to workers who work on heightened construction sites. During working at heightened places a very solid and stable base must be made to prevent any kind of collapse. Barriers must be used in such working sites so that people shouldn’t be allowed at places where overhead construction is going on.

We can customize the safety set up according to the working site and circumstances. Fire Fighting Services. One of the most common accidents that lead to biggest losses in the field of industry is those related to the fire.

Fire Fighting Services

Any incident of fire in industry cause loss of millions and also cause loss of precious life of workers and other officers who are caught inside. Seeing the importance of firefighting abilities and set up our company has worked on it. EHS Training. KRTE has the ability to produce best professional workers of related fields. The highly expert trainers of KRTE can train workers of different levels and different fields with all professional techniques and skills. Apart from technology our company also believes in operators and skill masters of this technology. Led by this motto the company has recruited highly skilled trainers. After training the workers KRTE gives attendance certificates and training certificates to its participants. EHS Publications. EHS Management. We are AN ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY Our company provides the best beneficial facilities to those who work with us.

EHS Audit. Audit of different projects of an industry is a basic requirement and we provide best professional auditors for this service. Our company has more than 400 highly skilled audit professionals who have provided their services to many companies. Our auditory professionals have provided the most valid audit reports to different companies. IMS Consultancy. IMS certifications are very important for a company and they are an index of a company’s reliability in global marketplaces. These certificates show the credibility of a company and it helps to increase the customer’s trust in that company. Complete EHS Package for Companies. Valuable Clients of KR Technosafe. Company Competency Certificate. KR Technosafe- Professional Service Provider.