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Things are either “To do” (so they go into my “to do” system), or they are “For information”, so I file them appropriately – or they are Junk. If I receive unsolicited email from a band promoting a gig or a record – then, like all spam, it gets filtered and I never hear from them again no matter what they send. In this shorthand sorting system, sometimes I fire off responses a little too quickly and casually. Tonight I made a hasty mistake that I feel bad about and I apologise unreservedly to the band in question. CC’d emails irritate the hell out of me.

Hi XXXXXXXX (and all of XXXXXXXX’s internet contacts),Rule #2 of sending out bulk promotional emails is to always put the email addresses into the BCC field, rather than the CC field. Now, you and I may know that I was trying to be helpful (I was, honest), while trying to stomp on what are really quite serious internet practices.

So this is my apology to them. Twubs.


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Ykronos’s Music Profile. - 16xz3 - ykronos (ykronos) on Delivr. Ykronos (ykronos) on Delivr. Yves Verela. CCLQ. #ControlSalonAndGallery. +#Oldjitmusic.cclq™* +#kidHerd™* +#jitcloud140cclq™* +#jitcloud140cclq™*