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Mimikama. Internetbetrug.Falschmeldungen.Computersicherheit.Medienkompetenz. Signing up to diaspora* - The diaspora* Project. Welcome to our “Getting started” guide.

Signing up to diaspora* - The diaspora* Project

If you’ve found your way to this page, you’ve probably either just signed up to diaspora* or you’re thinking of doing so. In this series of tutorials we’ll walk you through the sign-up process and get you acquainted with the basics of how diaspora* works. We hope you find it useful, and that you enjoy using diaspora*! Finding a pod Unlike most social networking sites, which have a central hub of computers which store everyone’s data, we can’t give you one specific link and say: sign up here. diaspora* is different from those networks in that it is decentralized, with many different points of access. The word “diaspora” refers to the dispersal of seeds (or people) over a wide area.


Browser. Cercadors. Google. Cloud. Collecting and Sharing. HTML / CSS. Online virenscanner. Identity Leak Checker. Kostenloser Online-Kurs auf openHPI Sicherheit im Internet Prof.

Identity Leak Checker

Dr. Christoph Meinel Pressemeldungen über den Diebstahl sensibler Daten in bislang ungekannten Größenordnungen verdeutlichen immer wieder, dass Sicherheit im Internet ein wichtiges Thema ist. TinEye Reverse Image Search. FotoForensics. Izitru Trusted Photos. Extract Meta Data. Jeffrey Friedl's Image Metadata Viewer. Weebly - Website erstellen. Neocities: Create your own free website! Emoji — Unicode character table. Old Icons. 10 Minute Mail. ZOHO MAIL. Win8Dienste. PDFconv - Online > PDF.

Convert Web/HTML > PDF. PDF Download's Web- to-PDF feature lets you quickly and accurately convert any (unsecured) Web page into a high-quality PDF file. The Web-to-PDF capabilities in PDF Download can be used with all popular browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Flock and Internet Explorer) via our bookmarklet, or if you use Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can install the more powerful browser add-on, which adds extra features like automatically emailing your PDF files and viewing PDF files as HTML (instead of opening them in your PDF viewer). Unlike typical PDF print drivers and creators, PDF Download's advanced support for HTML, XHTML and CSS enables you to preserve the page layout, text, fonts, images and hyperlinks -- creating highly accurate PDF copies of any web pages you want to archive, print or share.

Convert Microsoft Works Database (.wdb) to CSV or Excel Without Works Installed. Microsoft Works is a basic entry-level office or home productivity software suite that includes a word processor, a spreadsheet and a database.

Convert Microsoft Works Database (.wdb) to CSV or Excel Without Works Installed

Microsoft Works is packaged in most Windows-based PC for free, allowing users who doesn’t yet purchase and upgrade to Microsoft Office a way to create their documents, workbooks and databases. Over the time, many users may opt to use full featured Microsoft Office with the like of Word, Excel, and Access, and has uninstalled Microsoft Works. When Microsoft Works no longer existed or installed, the files that created by it cannot or unable to be opened anymore.

It’s the case for databases in. wdb file extension created by Microsoft Works. When Works DB file cannot be opened, read, extracted or viewed as there is no more supported program Microsoft Works installed on the system, it’s almost considered lost. Works Database Converter is useful when users only has the database file created by Microsoft Works, but without the program to open the DB. Galileo Computing - open books. Internet-Anschluss / Internet-Zugang. Der Internet-Anschluss besteht immer aus einer hardwareseitigen Komponente, also einem Übertragungsgerät, und einer softwareseitigen Komponenten, die konfiguriert werden muss und sich um den Zugang kümmert.

Internet-Anschluss / Internet-Zugang

In die technische Einrichtung des Internet-Anschlusses wird ein Kabel gesteckt, das auf der anderen Seite mit einem Computer oder einem anderen Gerät verbunden ist. Es wird dabei hardwareseitig der Internet-Zugang hergestellt. Anschließend erfolgt die Einwahl von einem Computer oder einem anderen Gerät in ein Netzwerk, das den softwareseitigen Zugang zum Internet herstellt. Damit eine Kommunikation im Internet möglich ist, also Daten gesendet und empfangen werden können, bekommt man bei jeder Einwahl eine IP-Adresse zugewiesen. Üblicherweise ist es immer eine andere. How to Open App Folder. Geantwortet Dez 24 '12 Die Windows 8 Metro-Apps werden im Ordner C:\Program Files gespeichert, genauer im Ordner: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps.

How to Open App Folder

Settings Manager - Flash Player. Note: The Settings Manager that you see above is not an image; it is the actual Settings Manager.

Settings Manager - Flash Player

Click the tabs to see different panels, and click the options in the panels to change your Adobe Flash Player settings. Use this panel to reset the privacy settings in Flash Player: If you select Always Deny and then confirm your selection, any website that tries to use your camera or microphone will be denied access. You will not be asked again if a website can use your camera or microphone. This action applies both to websites you have already visited and to those you haven't yet visited. If you previously selected Remember in the Privacy Settings panel to permanently allow or deny access for one or more websites, selecting Always Ask or Always Deny has the effect of deselecting Remember for all those websites.