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KR Lynch & Co is a noted name in the industry of surgical and medical equipment. This is a 100 years old house of manufacturing and supplying all types of surgical and medical equipment, anaesthesia apparatus & accessories.

Medical Equipment Buying Guide: Simple yet Useful Tips. The importance of buying the right kind of medical equipment does not need to be explained.

Medical Equipment Buying Guide: Simple yet Useful Tips

We all know that hospitals, nursing homes, and medical clinics must have the best and, most importantly, reliable medical equipment to provide the finest treatment and care for patients. This is why owners of health care businesses always try to invest in the most efficient and trusted sets of equipment for their set up. There are some factors that one must take into account before making such a crucial investment. Maintenance of Ventilators: Know the Best Preventive Measures. Medical equipment is supposed to save the life of patients.

Maintenance of Ventilators: Know the Best Preventive Measures

Equipment that is not functioning well can cause disaster for patients who are in critical conditions. Respiratory ventilators are one such medical equipment. Patients with severe respiratory issues need this device’s support to stay alive and respond to the treatment. Malfunction in this device can be fatal for the patients. Hence, regular maintenance and inspection required to ensure that the device is in good condition. Surgical Equipment: How to Enhance the Lifespan. The significance of proper equipment in the surgical sector does not need any new introduction.

Surgical Equipment: How to Enhance the Lifespan

We all know that to make a surgery successful, the presence of certified and highly-skilled surgeons are imperative. However, without proper surgical equipment, these experts would not get success in the process. Hence, it is required to know how to enhance the lifespan of your surgical instrument; so that you can enjoy their best performance for a more extended period. Understand the Basics of Surgical Equipment Care There are several options for keeping the surgical equipment in proper shape and form.

Cleaning the Instruments Surgical equipment contains dirt, dust, stains and different types of germs. Hospital Equipment: Why It Is Necessary to Maintain. In this present time, while hospitals across the globe are experiencing an excessive flow of patients daily, it becomes more important than ever to maintain the hygiene and efficiency of hospital equipment.

Hospital Equipment: Why It Is Necessary to Maintain

The surmounting requirement of hospital furniture and equipment maintenance becomes obvious to offer fast, safe and efficient treatment to the patients in this pandemic phase. As per the industry experts, it is essential to maintain hospital furniture, equipment and other accessories to keep the entire service reliable and satisfying. Simple yet Important Buying Guide for Wheel Chair Users. People who need to remain on wheel Chairs for the rest of their lives are the bravest ones.

Simple yet Important Buying Guide for Wheel Chair Users

Though some people may find them unfortunate, the fact is these people are the real fighter. Despite their immobility and difficulties, they never keep themselves trapped in a room, and use the right kind of wheelchairs to go out, move and travel. With the immense advancement in hospital furniture or medical equipment, the design, shape, style and pattern of wheelchair have also changed a lot. The designers and the manufacturers keep the daily requirements of the people who use these chairs as well as the convenience of their caregivers while planning the designs. Hence, the modern wheelchairs are more comfortable, reliable, accessible and safer than their ancestors. Which is a Standard Wheel Chair A standard wheelchair has two large rare wheels and two small front wheels. What is Transport Wheel Chair As the name suggests, these wheelchairs are specially designed for transportation purpose. Medical Equipment Dealers in Kolkata, Hospital & Surgical Equipment at K R Lynch & Co.

Importance of Different Types of Masks In This Pandemic Situation. During this current pandemic condition, using of face mask becomes mandatory all over the world.

Importance of Different Types of Masks In This Pandemic Situation

No matter whether you are going out regularly or once in a week; not wearing the cover can be risky for your health. On the other hand, there are banks, shops, doctor’s clinics and other places where people without masks are entirely not allowed during this period to ensure the safety of the mass. Before you buy a mask, you should know the types of covers available in the market and the importance of these categories. Is your face mask reusable? How long can you use it? N95 Respiratory Masks Health care staffs, doctors and other professionals who need to get in direct contact of COVID 19 patients or work in infected areas need to wear this type of mask.

KN95 Masks Like N95, KN95 masks are also considered a useful product to prevent contamination while working in risky zones or coming to the direct contact of the patients. Surgical Masks 1-Ply Cloth Mask 2-Ply Cloth Mask. Importance of Pulse Oximetry as Medical Equipment in this Current Time. In this current battle against COVID 19, we need the support of various medical devices.

Importance of Pulse Oximetry as Medical Equipment in this Current Time

The devices will make our position secure and safe. Pulse Oximetry is one such medical equipment. For a COVID 19 + patient it is highly essential to check the level of oxygen in his blood. Pulse Oximetry is a measure of this level. The device helps us to measure how much oxygen is currently present in our blood. What is Pulse Oximetry A healthy body and its organs need a certain level of constant oxygen supply to function properly. A pulse oximeter measures the level of oxygen present in your body. Benefits of Using this Device During this current pandemic, doctors are often suggesting the asymptomatic COVID 19+ patients stay at their home. If you are planning to buy an advanced model of a pulse oximeter, then you must have it from a reliable and experienced supplier.

How to Take Right Care of the Medical Equipment in Hospitals. The equipment you use in your hospital for patient care must be in good condition always.

How to Take Right Care of the Medical Equipment in Hospitals

Otherwise, it will not be possible to offer flawless medical support to the patients, which can affect the reputation of your hospital. Moreover, faulty equipment can cause extra expenditure too.