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Porter's 'Diamond Framework'

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Introduction. Porter's diamond framework. Factor's condition. Demand conditions. Related and supporting industries. Related & Supporting industries #2. Rivalry and business practice. Rivalry and business practice #2. Other examples of successful business practises. Background of Micheal Porter. Michael Porter (born 1947) is the doyen of living management gurus, a professor at Harvard Business School whose office is a whole on-campus house, home of his own Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness.

Background of Micheal Porter

A talented sportsman (like Frederick Winslow Taylor), Porter could have became a professional golf player. The Economist once said (see article): “His work is academic to a fault. Mr Porter is about as likely to produce a blockbuster full of anecdotes and boosterish catchphrases as he is to deliver a lecture dressed in bra and stockings.” He has been criticised for his willingness to boil his thoughts down into a series of bullet points, each of them with a ploddingly unmemorable title. Unlike many of his colleagues, Porter is frustratingly unquotable. The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy.