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Apple Cider Margaritas Apple Cider Margaritas I couldn’t go one more day without telling you about this. You need it in your life. Today sounds about right. Print Save
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The 10 manliest cocktails (and how to make them) - Guyism The 10 manliest cocktails (and how to make them) - Guyism Celebs Michael Bay was giving a presentation at CES for Samsung promoting their giant curved TVs when the teleprompters malfunctioned. So he just walked off stage. Sports
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Breakfast Smoothie Breakfast Smoothie In my perennial search for the perfect smoothie, I stumbled upon this combination! Turns out to be the perfect breakfast. As much as I like the Tangerine Dream and Jayden’s Smoothie; I just need more fibres to get me through the morning. So I’ve added something I normally don’t care much for; muesli. Plain, unsweetened muesli (with dried fruit) works like a charm when combined with fresh fruit, yogurt and milk.
Detox Smoothie Yep, that’s a healthy green smoothie? I realize things like these are rather scarce over here, at this little place of mine. But before you start wondering whether I’ve overcome a head injury recently, let me explain what’s going on… I made this smoothie yesterday. That allowed me to tick off my first New Year’s resolution – to bring a little more health into my life. Detox Smoothie
When I was in Nashville,TN, I tasted a Bacon infused Bourbon. I told my friend about this drink and she told me that she once had vodka that was infused with bubblegum! What would this taste like? Is it as easy as just adding bubblegum to vodka and waiting? These were all questions that I needed to answer. A recipe for bubblegum vodka A recipe for bubblegum vodka