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Mormon Guitar - Free LDS Hymns, TABs and Chords. LDS Hymns For Guitar. Lavender's Blue Guitar Tutorial. Guitar Lessons: All the Pretty Little Horses (song to play!) I Saw Three Ships. I wonder if this song from the 17th Century inspired the following poem by Walt Whitman?

I Saw Three Ships

A Riddle Song By Walt Whitman 1819-1892 That which eludes this verse and any verse, Unheard by sharpest ear, unform'd in clearest eye or cunningest mind, Nor lore nor fame, nor happiness nor wealth, And yet the pulse of every heart and life throughout the world incessantly, Which you and I and all pursuing ever ever miss, Open but still a secret, the real of the real, an illusion, Costless, vouchsafed to each, yet never man the owner, Which poets vainly seek to put in rhyme, historians in prose, Which sculptor never chisel'd yet, nor painter painted, Which vocalist never sung, nor orator nor actor ever utter'd, Invoking here and now I challenge for my song. Greensleeves. La ghirlandata (1873) Londra, Guildhall Art Gallery . . .


Greensleeves . . . Text below from: In the 15th through the early 17th centuries, music began to be printed and sold. Musical themes spread rapidly throughout Europe, particularly those developed by the troubadours of Provence in earlier centuries. Barbara Allen. I remember seeing Joan Baez sing “Henry Martin” at Club 47 in Cambridge MA in 1960.

Barbara Allen

She looked and sounded just like she does in this clip: CLICK HERE This ballad is sometimes confused with Andrew Barton, because they are similar both in story and sometimes in tune. According to Sharp Henry Martin is probably the older ballad and was recomposed during the reign of James I. However, some scholars feel it is the other way around. Whichever is the case, Henry Martin dates to at least the 1700s. In the many versions the hero is variously Henry Martin (Martyn), Robin Hood, Sir Andrew Barton, Andrew Bodee, Andrew Bartin, Henry Burin and Roberton. The ballad is based on a family that lived during the reign of Henry VIII. Child Ballad #250 Click Here for another strong performance of “Henry Martin” by actor Chris Leidenfrost-Wilson The lot it fell first upon Henry Martin, The youngest of all three; That he should turn robber all on the salt sea, Salt sea, salt sea.

Hullo! Oh no! Oh no! Roger McGuinn's Folk Den » Blog Archive » All The Pretty Little Horses. This song is on the third page of my Old Town School of Folk Music song book but for some reason I just got around to recording it.

Roger McGuinn's Folk Den » Blog Archive » All The Pretty Little Horses

Aside from being a classic of Southern folk lullabies, it’s also Spring-like and appropriate for June. The Rickenbacker instrumentals give it kind of a dreamy quality. [Dm] Hush-a-bye [Gm] Don’t you cry [C] Go to [A] sleepy little [Dm] baby [Dm] When you wake [Gm] You shall have [C] All the [A] pretty little [Dm] horses. Riffstation - Get the chords and tabs for any song in the world! All the Pretty Little Horses Chords and Lyrics. All the Pretty Little Horses. "Hush-a-bye" redirects here.

All the Pretty Little Horses

For a lullaby with the same line, see Rock-a-bye Baby. "All the Pretty Little Horses" (also known as "Hush-a-bye") is a traditional American lullaby from the United States. Origin[edit] "The English and Scottish popular ballads" edited by Francis James Child. published 1884. a consolidation of folk songs 1600-1800 five volume set The origin of this song is not fully known. The song is commonly thought to be of African American origin, yet the tune is more easily identified as English or Scottish in origin.[1] The author Lyn Ellen Lacy is often quoted as the primary source for the theory that suggests the song was "originally sung by an African American slave who could not take care of her baby because she was too busy taking care of her master's child.

One such version of All the Pretty Little Little is provided in Alan Lomax's book American Ballads and Folksongs, though he makes no claim of the song's African-American origins. All the Pretty Little Horses, a Pretty Lullaby with Free Guitar Tabs! All the Pretty Little Horses is perhaps the prettiest lullaby I know.

All the Pretty Little Horses, a Pretty Lullaby with Free Guitar Tabs!

Its structure is very simple; 3 lines that are exactly the same, and 1 line that differs only a little. It's a great melody for beginning guitar students, and easy to take advantage of with my free guitar tabs. Three versions, below.