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EDM & Rave Community. EVERYDAY JUNGLIST: Home. 10 T-Shirt Scarf Tutorials. D.I.Y: Recycled T-Shirt Scarf // Gettin' Crafty! D.I.Y: Recycled T-Shirt Scarf 1} Gather a few old t-shirts you don't wear anymore; thrift them or buy new -- but choose thin, soft (preferably worn out) t-shirts.

D.I.Y: Recycled T-Shirt Scarf // Gettin' Crafty!

Find two t-shirts of different colors that go well together. 2} Lay the shirt flat on the table or floor. 3} Cut 1 1/2 inch strips, remove the hemmed edges. Cut them as long as possible; I went from the bottom of the front of the shirt all the way to the end of the back on some pieces. 4} Cut off the sleeves of the shirt and save them for the end. 5} Organize the strips by length and gently pull on them. 6} NOW GET CREATIVE! 7} Tie together, trim ends, and wrap with the excess sleeve fabric you saved. Knit Scarf. Sometimes I like to skip steps.

Knit Scarf

Who doesn’t, right? Well, knits allow you to leave their edges raw, without fraying…..and add a whole shabby look in the meantime. DIY recycled t shirt braided scarf tutorial. This tutorial will teach you how to make your very own homemade recycled t shirt braided scarf.

DIY recycled t shirt braided scarf tutorial

There are several different ways to go about making these scarves, but all are extremely simple. For this project, I used XL t-shirts I got from a local thrift store but you can also use store bought jersey fabric as well. Let's get started!! - Fabric OR XL used seamless t-shirt (no need to buy new)- Fabric scissors That's it! You will need approximately 1 - 2 meters of fabric depending on the desired length. If you are using a t-shirt first you need to WASH it....who knows where it's been or who's been doing jumping jacks in it. Dallas Cohousing. Directory - Community View.

We're growing a community of like-minded folks who'd like to live cooperatively in urban Dallas, close to DART rail.

Directory - Community View

Our goals: to be affordable, sustainable, and diverse. Our models for living together include cohousing--homes for individual households, plenty of shared space & meals, decisions by consensus--and the ecovillage concepts of living in a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable manner. We're interested in possibly sharing: work space (for those of us working from home) dinners a garden to grow some of our own food child care space for yoga, other kinds of movement home schooling cars a food buying club community-supported agriculture (CSA membership) Our vision of retrofitting includes affordable energy efficiency and sustainability. Food, Etc. % Food Grown: Cohousing, Ecohousing, Ecovillages, Intentional Communities, Dallas-Fort Worth, DFW.

Green Building and Energy Efficiency in DFW Cohousing or Cooperative Housing is about community and relationships.

Cohousing, Ecohousing, Ecovillages, Intentional Communities, Dallas-Fort Worth, DFW

Ecohousing is sustainable housing. Ecovillage is about sustainability in building, housing, community, and food. Groups with Events The Rural Ecovillage forming east of Dallas is for people who want to grow most or all of their own food and live a sustainable future in community rather than live in a rural setting alone.... We take advantage of opportunities and classes to learn the skills necessary for organic vegetable and fruit farming; we reskill in such areas as food preservation; we learn Permaculture principles that allow us to deal with our unique Texas sun, soil, and water; we develop a community that permits any who wish to do so to earn at least some income from the land.

The cohousing community forming in Dallas will remodel a commercial or industrial building preferably near a Dart Station. IC Web Site: Fellowship for Intentional Community.


100 Ways To Elevate Your Consciousness. Wiki Image Drew4 Mind 4 Life 1.

100 Ways To Elevate Your Consciousness

Connect with nature – Go for a walk in the forest, jungle, field of daisies, or wherever you feel like getting a connection with nature. It is possible to feel at deep sense of peace and oneness when you attempt to connect with nature. As you learn to connect and appreciate nature, you allow your consciousness to rise up. 2. Visual Art. Chanting Down Babylon by Daniel Mirante Posted by admin on March 30, 2014 · Leave a Comment Painter Daniel Mirante explains some of the meanings and symbolism in his latest artwork ‘Chanting Down Babylon’ in a video journey through the artwork.

Visual Art

Aya: Awakenings VOD Posted by admin on January 13, 2014 · Leave a Comment. Andromeda. Want to stay on top of all the space news?


Follow @universetoday on Twitter Andromeda This large northern constellation belongs to the constellation family of Perseus, Cassiopeia, and Cepheus. The name of the primary or Alpha star of Andromeda is Sirrah, whose Arabic meaning refers to the “horse’s navel”. This association is related with the constellation of Pegasus, which borders Andromeda. Medicinal Spices Exhibit - UCLA Biomedical Library: History & Special Collections. Pediatric Dentist - Mansfield, TX - Deborah C. Sullivan, DDS, MS. Applewhite Dental - Home.