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Rich ICT learning experiences Tessa Gray. DigitalTechnologySafeAndResponsibleUseInSchs. Twitter for teachers(1) About Us | The Global Classroom Project. Super Teacher Worksheets. The Weekly Plan. 20 Ways To Help Your Child Learn Their Sight Words | Creating A Learning Environment. Welcome to my second blog in the series “Literacy in the Primary Classroom”. In this blog I focus on how educators and parents can use games in their home and classroom to help children learn sight words successfully. When children begin Primary School they are usually given a list of sight words to learn each week. Sight words are the frequently used words that come up in beginner reading books. Children need to learn these words by sight as it is very difficult to use sound knowledge to work out these words. In order to be a successful reader in the early years of Primary School, children need to have a good recollection of high frequency sight words.

Teachers use sight words in all literacy activities in the classroom. Below is a list of 20 sight word games that can be played at home and at school. 1. Cut up cardboard or paper into rectangles and write each sight word on two of them. 2. Cut paper or cardboard into rectangles and draw a line across the halfway mark. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. GuidedReading2002v2.pdf.