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Hi! I like meeting new people.

Taylor Swift - The Story Of Us.


25 Unique Business Cards. Too often business cards are an after thought, resulting in dull and rather sad cards that are easily forgotten.

25 Unique Business Cards

Business cards present a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers, so let’s take a look at some designs that do just that. Also check out the 10 Most Creative Ads Of The World. Share With Your Friends. Humble Abode. Kids. Wedding. Food. TED. Books. Blogs. TipTap - Discover Products that Match Your Personality. Lol Happens - Just Deal With It. How To. Look at Soon. Social Media.


Everybody Prints by Andy Warhol at AllPosters. A visionary and innovator, Andy Warhol profoundly influenced the world through artworks and insights that have endured far beyond his time.

Everybody Prints by Andy Warhol at AllPosters

Known for the famous quote, "I think everybody should like everybody", Warhol (1923 – 1987) had this shot taken in a photobooth in 1963. Founder of Pop Art, Warhol invented silkscreening, which created mass-produced images by mechanically inking a photo overlaid on a large canvas. Best known for his multiple images, Warhol also made films, produced music, illustrated, wrote books, published a magazine, and indelibly influenced 20th century art. Have fun sending uplifting messages to your friends! Do Something.


Design Seeds®: For All Who Love Color. #f0cca8 #0a2654 #004d8c #32c79f.

Design Seeds®: For All Who Love Color

Filmmaking. Charities. The College Search. School. Nerdy. Travel. Books & Reading. Funny :) Amazing. Health. Art. Comics. Crafts. Music. Shopping. Holidays. Comic Book and Superhero Things. Games. Free Online Idea Management and Collaboration Service. Important for the Future. Return to These Websites.


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