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Ancient Civilizations
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13-Year-Old Looks at Trees, Makes Solar Power Breakthrough



Fridtjof Nansen Fridtjof Nansen Fridtjof Nansen If you can look at this picture and tell me that this isn't one of the sweetest photos of a dude with a 'stache that you've ever seen, then you obviously need to learn a little something about facial hair and being awesome. This picture alone makes the guy badass, even if you didn't know the story behind it. You will be pleased to learn, no doubt, that the man behind this vicious strip of solidified testosterone is sufficiently badass to pull off a soup strainer that epically righteous.

Global One TV - Inward Revolution brings Outward Revolution What is Advaita Vedanta? Introduction: The fundamental knowledge is Atman is Brahman. The Atman being the "Self" and Brahman means the "All Soul" or the Universal Consciousness. Global One TV - Inward Revolution brings Outward Revolution
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