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Dried Ginger. Galangal Root suppliers. Galangal root suppliers Krishna Industries was established in the year 1910; our company is pleased to make aware all that we are one of the prominent and leading suppliers of galangal root suppliers in India as well overseas.

Galangal Root suppliers

Most of the galangal root suppliers products are directly procured from our highly well-reputed suppliers. We give for you 100% guarantee of quality service and performance for the galangal root suppliers purchase from us. Galangal root are well-known for their high dietary value and numerous health advantages combined with them.

Krishna Industries procure high-quality Galangal root suppliers and the most important thing is that they don’t include any kind of pollution. By providing the most reasonable and competitive prices mutually with high and top quality of our galangal root suppliers, we take a great delight in our achievement to set up enduring buy and sell ties with your respected company. Sweet Basil Seeds. Sweet basil seeds Krishna Industries offer a fine assortment of premium quality Sweet basil seeds to our esteemed customers.

Sweet Basil Seeds

The Sweet basil seeds offered by Krishna Industries are enriched with highly vital nutrients for instances. Our Sweet basil seeds are highly in demand because of the below features: FreshnessAppetizing nutty taste These Sweet basil seeds are carefully packed while using particular food grade packaging material to preserve both the freshness and increase the longer shelf life. Black Pepper suppliers. Black pepper suppliers For the various range of Black pepper Products, Krishna Industries is a one stop place for everyone.

Black Pepper suppliers

The company provides a wide range of Black pepper products which comprises of Buckwheat flour, Buckwheat kernels, Black pepper suppliers, and Buckwheat hull pillow as well. Our Black pepper suppliers owing to their soft and cozy texture are high on demand all among the client. Krishna Industries is offering best and premium quality of Black pepper to our respected consumers. Black pepper suppliers are severely determined using a variety of limitations under the supervision of quality specialists.

Dried Ginger suppliers. Dried Ginger suppliers Dried Ginger suppliers are mainly a valuable resource of energy: most of the energy body gets from different essentials can be prepared by steaming, boiling, frying, poured into a range of soups, stews, salads.

Dried Ginger suppliers

Dried Ginger supplier’s advantages: Galangal Root. Galangal root Krishna Industries a Rajasthan based company offering a wide range of Galangal root.

Galangal Root

Purchasers can browse our catalogs of the Galangal root and can as well send a request for the product details. Our company was established in the year 1910, Krishna Industries is anISO 22000 certified manufacturer, trader, exporter and supplier of a broad range of galangal root products a well all agro products. Sesame Seeds. Sesame Seeds You are heartily greeted at Krishna Industries, first and foremost name amongst Top Quality Natural Ingredient suppliers.

Sesame Seeds

Krishna Industries make available best quality guar gum, psyllium husk, sesame seeds, cassia gum, tamarind kernel powder and several other natural ingredients. We take 100% complete assurance of providing trustworthy supply of high quality natural ingredients at extremely competitive prices. Our company Krishna Industries is trusted supplier for a range of companies around the world, due to the determined efforts of our highly experienced and dedicated team.

Fenugreek Seeds suppliers. Fenugreek seeds suppliers Fenugreek seeds suppliers are a good resource for health purpose.

Fenugreek Seeds suppliers

They are somewhat parallel to that of sunflower seeds, but quite smaller in shape, and nuttier. Fenugreek seeds suppliers make an ideal snack and would work well when sprinkled into a salad or over pasta. Krishna Industries is one of the leading and most reliable Fenugreek seeds suppliers in India and abroad. Our Fenugreek Seeds encompasses as well as whole seeds to meet up the precise requirements of the customers. Fenugreek Seeds. Fenugreek seeds Krishna Industry is proud to introduce itself as a top leading Manufacturer, suppliers and exporters of Fenugreek seeds.

Fenugreek Seeds

Krishna Industry is set up in the desert city of Rajasthan i.e. Bikaner. Company is an ISO 22000 and HACCAP certified company. Krishna Industry belongs to the family that is involved in trading of agriculture goods since 1910. The fenugreek seeds are gaining popularity these days all across the globe.

Fenugreek seeds are becoming more popular not only worldwide but also are popular in India too. Black Sesame Seeds. Sweet Basil Seeds suppliers. Sweet basil seeds suppliers Krishna Industries introduce itself as and ISO 22000 and HACCAP certified manufacturer and exporter of sweet basil seeds suppliers.

Sweet Basil Seeds suppliers

We are situated in Bikaner, Rajasthan. Our company follows the norms of good food production as well quality assurance Management System for food safety and quality assurance for Cleaning, Hulling, Crushing, Toasting, Roasting, Powdering and Processing of sesame seeds. Our experience and knowledge of more than 40 years in sesame business makes us proficient of reliable supply, continuous quality perfection and up-gradation. Sweet basil seeds suppliers. New 11 links KrishnaIndia 1 May 2017. KRISHNA INDIA LOGO. Desiccated Coconut suppliers, Desiccated coconut manufacturers in india. Turmeric suppliers. Krishna India Industry is one of the most trusted ad prominent turmeric suppliers.

Turmeric suppliers

We are well known for the purity of supplying turmeric to our buyers. Krishna India Industry has given maximum significance in supplying our consumers with the best and top quality of turmeric, which is possible only with appropriate equipment as well, manpower. The turmeric that our industry supplies is picked from well reputed vendors and then processed in a disinfected way as adequate equipment is obtainable to gratify the requirements of processing. Our supplied turmeric has found encouraging retort in main marketplaces, as we have established ourselves as a favored resource of best quality Turmeric.

Krishna India Industry is ready for any volume of supply that can be directly used for utilization. Nigella sativa seeds supplier. Nigella Sativa seeds are generally comprised in Ayurveda for past several of years even as in the past ancient time as well, within herbal and natural healings, it is frequently useful for curing numerous diverse medical matters. Nigella Sativa Seeda are also has been well known as magic herb. Krishna India Industry is a renowned nigella sativa seeds supplier from, India. Flax seeds in india. Flax seeds supplier. Flax Seeds are a rich resource of nutritional fibers and the flax seed oil, with its squat fat and cholesterol content, is now a fashion with health conscious people. The Flax Seeds Krishna India Industry provides are cautiously picked and checked for superiority to make sure cleanliness.

We are a supplier of high standing and repute of superior quality flax seeds, located in India. The best thing is that Flax seeds are best available all throughout the year. A health cognizant customer has preferences to comprise flax seeds in his diet because of the abundance of omega 3 essential fatty acids in them, providing frequent advantages. Nutrients in ground seeds can be effortlessly soak up by the body.

Linseeds supplier. Desiccated coconut powder exporter. Krishna India Industry is recruited amongst the highly reputed desiccated coconut powder exporter. Our superior grade desiccated coconut powder has a gentle coconut fragrance and savor, which makes it appropriate for flour-based cuisines. Desiccated coconut powder manufacturer. Krishna India Industry is India’s one of the largest desiccated coconut powder manufacturer in India. Krishna India Industry is well known for its best quality products as well enormous quantities that our industry manufactures and supply close by and nationwide.

We firmly believe in accurate and prompt delivery. The processing, hygienically packaging and harmonization has assisted us to uphold opportune delivery, in agreement with the specified norms. Our industry only manufactures desiccated coconut powder of best grade. Our high quality desiccated coconut powder is naturally sweet, has a nutty flavor and a crunchy consistency. Desiccated coconut powder suppliers. Desiccated coconut powder. Desiccated Coconut suppliers, Desiccated coconut manufacturers in india. Turmeric suppliers. Nigella sativa seeds supplier. Flax seeds in india. Flax seeds supplier.

Linseeds supplier. Desiccated coconut powder exporter. Desiccated coconut powder manufacturer. Desiccated coconut powder suppliers. Desiccated coconut powder. White sesame seeds. White Sesame Seeds White Sesame seed is a very vital constituent that is used in numerous of cooking traditions of several countries all over the globe, chiefly the countries in West Asia. White Sesame seed carry with them 55% of oil part. White Sesame Seeds used for below: Sesame oil is used for cookingWhite sesame seeds can be best for cosmetic productsThey are widely used in paints and lubricantsThe byproduct that is achieved after taking out oil can be used to feed livestock Our country India accounts for near about 30% of the worldwide production and henc, it plays a vital role in the worldwide business as well.

White Sesame Seeds are primarily cultivated in the below states: MaharashtraRajasthanGujaratMadhya PradeshKarnatakaOrissaWest Bengal From the past historical era white sesame seed oil has been widely used for the healing oil. Buckwheat hulls. We welcome you with full warmth at Buckwheat Hull India, one of the largest suppliers of buckwheat hulls that are grown in India. Krishna India buckwheat hulls are widely used as a filling for numerous of products comprising: For making cushions for meditation purposePillows for a relax sleepBeanbags for schoolsVarious of craft activities If any of the visitors of our website are in search for a natural filling consists of Indian touch for your next coming venture, you have come absolutely at the right place. Buckwheat Hulls a short explanation Buckwheat hulls are actually the outcome of buckwheat Hulls milling.

The best feature of Buckwheat hulls is that they do not perform or replicate heat and are extremely very enduring which makes them a great feeling for cushions, pillows and several other craft activities. Buckwheat hulls are also popular and well recognized as husks. Kindly, get in touch with us via dropping an e-mail or tele-conversation for buckwheat hulls products. Black sesame seeds. Sesame seeds. Buckwheat kernels. White sesame seeds. Buckwheat hulls. Black sesame seeds. Sesame seeds. Buckwheat kernels. White sesame seeds. Peanut kernels. Peanut Kernals are the major oilseed of India.

It accounts for around 25% of the total oilseed production of the nation. Yearly production of seed and oil are approximately 5-8mln and 1.5 mln tons correspondingly. Production is extremely vulnerable to rainfall deviations and present enormous fluctuation between years. Krishna Industries is engaged in providing very nourishing Peanut Kernels. Peanut Kernels are highly rich in monounsaturated fats all along with a variety of several other nutrients and regarded extremely advantageous for health purpose. Krishna Industries is among the top leading manufacturers as well exporters of peanut kernels in India.

Peanut Kernels can be also used to make peanut oil, peanut butter, roasted peanuts as snack food, peanut butter cookies, peanut candy bars, and major factor in the food industry and cooking…Additionally, we incessantly struggle hard to develop each and every day for adding more trust from our valuable customers and partners. Buckwheat hulls. Buckwheat kernels. 01512250587. Sesame seeds. Musk melon seeds kernels. Melon kernels. Black sesame seeds. Hulled sesame seeds supplier.