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We create animated explainer videos, Whiteboards, Product Demo, 2D Animation Video, Motion Graphics, Animated Ad and Promotional Videos for your business.

How to use animated videos for inbound marketing. Inbound marketing helps to promote the brand by creating unique content for the brand online.

How to use animated videos for inbound marketing

Animated videos can also come in handy. Read on to know how animated videos can help in inbound marketing. Do you have a small business? Do you want to make it even more successful and popular? Then the best way to do that is by developing an inbound marketing strategy. With the help of an animation video, one can explain, entertain, engage, and also get new prospective customers in a matter of a minute. Helps to make an eye-catching first impression As the saying goes, the first impression is the last. Educating the prospective customer After the introduction, the customer will become interested to know more about the products and services that you offer.

How to use animated explainer videos for boosting email open rates? Different emails come in the inbox of an individual.

How to use animated explainer videos for boosting email open rates?

To ensure that your email is not deleted and read by the receiver, you have to spice up the email marketing strategy. Read on to know about how to use the animated explainer videos for enriching the emails. E-mail marketing has been used by marketers for online marketing campaigns for a long time. Though e-mails may look old fashioned with the advent of so many kinds of communication, however, they are direct and more effective in reaching out to the consumers.

So many emails come in the mailbox of an individual. Different types of explainer videos to choose for your business. Video marketing works effectively for different sizes of business ventures.

Different types of explainer videos to choose for your business

This is commonly known by marketers and company owners so that they choose the right type of explainer videos for brand promotion. As different categories of videos are coming up, there is increasing popularity among the video. Using the right type of video shall help you get the desired result from the brand awareness of company products or services. Video marketing works effectively for different sizes of business ventures. This is commonly known by marketers and company owners so that they choose the right type of explainer video for brand promotion. How animated explainer video changing the trends in 2020.

In technical terms, we can say explainer video is a type of animated video of short duration majorly used by businesses to narrate their brands’ stories in an interesting and motivating way.

How animated explainer video changing the trends in 2020

Explainer videos are the preferred choice for an organization like Twitter, engaged in offering services that sound a bit difficult to describe transparently and succinctly. The tenure of this video lasts for 2 minutes and within this time the brand will get the opportunity to share about its products or the services it offers. Explainer Video Trends Guide for the Year 2021.

Trends in marketing always keep on evolving with the passing of time.

Explainer Video Trends Guide for the Year 2021

Explainer videos have been gaining importance in recent times among the marketers worldwide. In this article, we have compiled a list of Explainer Video Trends in 2021 that one must know about. Introduction This is the age of digitalization. Since people have a shorter attention span and less time on their hands, it is very difficult to catch the attention of the target customers. How beneficial is 2D animation for the animation industry?

2D, also known as two-dimensional animation, can be defined as a blend of artistic technique, with media design for creating the illusion of real movement using a two-dimensional environment.

How beneficial is 2D animation for the animation industry?

The expert’s sequence individual drawings over time, backgrounds, characters, objects, and also effects to give a feel as if they are moving. 2D animation is a preferred choice for professionals designing animation videos for more than 100 years. Emile Cohl is known to be the first cartoonist, and animator who made an animated video and it was Fantasmagorie. The period between 1930 to 1950, is considered as the Golden era of animation.

This golden era delivered lots of memorable creations such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and there are many more to count. We are living in the era of 3D animation and feel blessed to watch real-like characters in animated format. Packed Animation Software to rule the animation industry in 2020. It was in the year 1900 when the concept of animation made its presence felt primarily in the USA and France.

Packed Animation Software to rule the animation industry in 2020

The creations of cartoons and funny characters using animation tools started in the year 1906. During this time the Stop-motion animation was used for the first time. Slow in and Slow out- effective animation principles. Slow in and slow out are quite common terms to the animation designers.

Slow in and Slow out- effective animation principles

These words describe the tendency of things to come to the stop or start moving in a progressive way. It is accepted as one of the most understandable principles in life. In other words, it can be said that when a person animates something and it moves from a stop, the spacing of that object needs to properly increase until it gets the required speed. In this way, at a point spacing becomes relatively constant in an animation. On the other hand, when that object comes back to rest, spacing also decreases to zero. Spacing is not a new term as it is dating since the time of animation on paper. Basic animation principles. Ideas for making a superb animated explainer video. Animated Explainer video use in effective branding of business’s products and services.

Ideas for making a superb animated explainer video

This video content is one of the most preferred ways of communicating a specific message in regards to the products and services of a business with the targeted audience. Branded video content must be authentic, short and below 60 seconds, entertaining, have a story to share and target the core audience. The application of explainer videos by businesses and brands increased dramatically and that too in the last couple of years’ times. In recent times, almost everyone is making an effort to keep their audiences engaged and connected. How to Reduce Shipping Costs for eCommerce Store? While you are running an eCommerce store online, there is no escape from shipping and the cost associated with it.

How to Reduce Shipping Costs for eCommerce Store?

All you can brainstorm about, or ask, is – How Can I reduce shipping costs for my e-commerce store? Well, we are going to answer your question through this post. Here are a few effective methods to reduce shipping costs: 1. Understand Your Shipping Needs First Ask yourself a few questions, like: How UX Designers and SEO Experts Can Simplify Website Development Process. Yes, I am talking about making SEO and UI/UX work together for website development. Often both are considered as the opposite of each other. SEO is no more the same as it was a few years back. It is continuously improving and evolving. Explainer video: Drive ROI and win your audience hearts.

Some websites come with great explainer videos on their landing pages. It simply impresses us. Business experts consider it an effective way to provide customers a detailed understanding of their products. They also say that explainer videos are actually an extension of the brand and drive sales in a stunning way. Just a small addition can make you stand out from the crowd. And your potential customers will better understand your product and services. How To Create A Virtual Tour For Your Business With Google Street View.

Google believes in taking revolutionizing decisions. It recently introduced the Google Street View which is a technology that is being featured in Google Earth and Google Maps. This technology gives interactive panoramas of a location from various angles and positions. Modern businesses may greatly benefit by enhancing “Google My Business” listing with Google Street View technology. You may use this technology to give your audience a virtual tour of your office, store or any type of set-up. The powerful first impression that you may leave on the viewers’ mind when using the Google Virtual Tour may become a deciding factor in achieving new clients or customers. The digital tours are presented in a 360-degree perspective enabling the viewers to tour around any location without being physically present at that location.

6 Things we can learn about animation from HeadSpace, Google, and more. Telling stories through animation is quite a popular thing today. Walt Disney is the pioneer of this trend to create delight and awe in audiences through 2D animation stories. Now animation is an inevitable tool of digital product designing. It not only creates beautiful moments but also informs and engages more and more users. The sole intention is to let them navigate easily and successfully through a product. The principles of animation help digital interfaces properly mimic real-world experiences. When animation has become an integral part of the digital platforms, it also comes with more and more jobs. Fact 1: Let motion show instead of saying The world is more familiar with physical products. Apart from this, motion is here to invite discovery and enlivens software. 5 stats that prove the power of animation video. You may need 1000 words to explain your service or products. But believe that reading 1000 any time is not possible for your target audience.

But they can watch a two-minute video at the bus stand, in the college corridor or even inside public transport. So, you can understand that you have just 120 seconds to tell your customers everything. Believe me, you can make that possible. Freelancer or Agency: Who can best help with animation video production? We all know that content is king. Tips for gaining ultimate benefit using Explainer Videos. Create business animation video and let your viewers remember complex concepts longer - KrishaStudio - Video Production Agency. Business topics or products cannot be simple always. Conveying the right message is a challenge to every business now. If your service and product are a little bit complex and you cannot choose the right way to make your potential customers properly understand that, earning profit or gaining popularity will be a tough challenge for you.

What’s expected in Animated Video Marketing for 2021. Animated Video Marketing has become an integral part of the marketing sector as brands are using video content to engage with the audience, base, inform the viewers about their latest offerings, and so on. A sneak peak on probable problems which a business may face for not investing in making Explainer Video. Why go for explainer videos for business promotion? Reasons to entertain & educate your potential customers with marketing animation video. Every potential customer should remain aware of the product and the services that your brand offers.

Explainer video - which trends you can expect in 2021. In the coming 2021, explainer video trends will take a prominent role in deciding the marketing strategy for the brands. These trends can offer better scope of audience engagement for the marketers. In this article, you will know about the possible top five explainer video trends of 2021 as how they will impact the advertisement and promotional sector. At present, explainer video services are top-rated. With the changing times, people now prefer videos that offer them more information in a concise manner. Modern technologies like 3D animation, 4D animation, liquid motion, augmented reality, and digital illustrations.

Mobile optimized videos At present, most internet users prefer to surf the internet through their smartphones. Complete guide you need to read before writing explainer video script. To start writing scripts, you do not need to be an award-winning writer. Writing a video script can be easy as well as interesting if you follow the rules. Instagram Video Marketing Statistics for all businesses in 2021. Over 1 billion active Instagram users, Today Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms. According to various surveys, active users open the app and scroll down and explore a lot of things frequently when it comes to Instagram.

Instagram Video Carousel Ad and how to use it for business growth. 10 effective tips: How to create engaging videos for social media. 10 YouTube Video Marketing Statistics You Need for 2021. How to Create Successful Video Marketing in 4 Ways? All you need to consider to strategically place a video ad content. Why do Companies Partner with Explainer Video Experts? 10 Facebook Video Marketing Stats to Know in 2021. Ways to Increase Message Conveying Abilities of Explainer Videos. What are the Ten Aspects of Motion Graphics? How can whiteboard animation videos be beneficial for your business? Why do you need to use social media videos for your business? Why choose a professional video production company? HOW CAN ANIMATED VIDEOS POSITIVELY IMPACT BUSINESS GROWTH. How a business can benefit from corporate video production? The steps to create a storyboard for your marketing video. How can you increase sales by using Product Demo Videos?