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3 Quick Tips on Picking the Right Curtains And Drapes. Whether you’re planning to move into your dream house or looking to renovate your existing home, curtains form one decor element that you simply can not ignore.

3 Quick Tips on Picking the Right Curtains And Drapes

As there is a variety of options available for tracks, fabrics, accessories, etc., the real question is, how to choose the right curtains. To not let it become a daunting task, we have here a few quick tips that will help you decide on the right curtains… Picking Out a Fabric The material or fabric goes on to play a major role in the look of the drapes and hence, the whole room. From lightweight cotton to sheer laces, heavy velvet to not-so-heavy brocades, you have got plenty to opt from. You will find that heavier fabrics better suit rooms that have a traditional look. Choosing the Right Colour You should pick the colour of your curtains, keeping in mind the surrounding furniture.

Prints or Solids? Again, whether you should go for solids or prints, would depend upon the rest of the décor. Picking Out a Fabric. What's The Ideal Dining Table Shape For Your Home? How to Place a Mirror to Best Accentuate it in Your Room. A mirror, whether it’s part of cabinetry, a dressing table, or just one that you hand on the wall, has its own unique way to combine both decor and function.

How to Place a Mirror to Best Accentuate it in Your Room

From letting you know if there's any lipstick on your teeth, to making dark rooms appear lighter, while small spaces look larger, mirrors play great aesthetic as well as a functional role in any household. But, before you go around in any modular furniture showroom in Ahmedabad to find the perfect mirror, you should know where you’re going to be putting this decor piece.

Would you like to hang it, should be a full-length mirror, and where inside the house would it look the best? It is the last question of ‘where’ that we will try to answer in here. Living Room If you have a living room with southern exposure, then a mirror placed directly opposite to the window would help you make the most of the cosy afternoon light. Bedroom Dining Room Entry Hall. Let's Bust the Top 3 Bedding-related Myths. When it comes to furnishing a bedroom, most questions can be easily answered by one of the many modular furniture showrooms in Ahmedabad.

Let's Bust the Top 3 Bedding-related Myths

But, as for the lesser asked questions, the ones regarding the bedding - bed sheets, specifically - we thought to have them answered here! Here we are, taking care of three major myths related to bed sheets, so that you can make a better choice every time you buy one for your bedroom… Are New Sheets the Important? Won't Old Sheets Do? Every year, we spend just short of 3000 hours in our beds. Does Heavy Fabric Always Mean High Quality?

This one's a big myth, and needs to be busted once and for all. Is Washing with Hot Water Really Better? While this is largely a personal preference, we believe sheets tend to last longer if they're washed on a cold setting. Final Thoughts… Modular Kitchens in Alleppey. Are you planning to design your own home?

Modular Kitchens in Alleppey

Do you have any specific ideas about the kitchen? If you think the kitchen is more than just a place to prepare the meals, then Krios Kitchens is your perfect destination. At Krios Kitchens, we consider kitchens as the focal point of every house where familial bonds are strengthened and happiness is found over delicious meals. If you wish to create a kitchenette that reflect your way of life and style statement, our team of experienced designers can assist you.

Investing adequate amount of time and effort in designing the kitchen layout will leave great impact in your cooking space in amazing ways. We specialize in designing aesthetically crafted modular kitchens for your home. Modular Kitchens Thrissur - Modular Kitchen Shop in Thrissur. Since quite a few years now, modular kitchens have been gradually yet surely been replacing our age-old traditional kitchens.

Modular Kitchens Thrissur - Modular Kitchen Shop in Thrissur

It is one of the most progressive changes in the field of home design - the perfect blend of utility and technology with our value system. We have arrived at a point where we understand that having a kitchen in modules is way better, way more effective than having an already assembled one. Modular Kitchen Store in Bangalore. The future of kitchens, no matter which part of the world we talk about, has been modular kitchens for as long as we can remember.

Modular Kitchen Store in Bangalore

And guess what? The future is finally here! Especially in a country where kitchens are the most important part of any home, modular kitchens are a godsend. We are breaking free from the long-held myth that modular kitchens are expensive, that traditional kitchens are more suited to our cultural sensibilities. Bangalore is one such city where modular kitchens are making a foray into the commercial markets, and through there, into people's households and finally hearts. Every modular kitchen in Bangalore, under our brand, allows excellent storage capacity. With the advent of the chimney and super-sophisticated hobs, you can finally bid goodbye to noisy exhaust fans.