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We are committed to providing aggressive and professional legal representation and counsel in all areas of immigration and nationality law.

Chicago green card attorney. The process of obtaining permanent resident status, or a “green card,” can be extremely complicated, especially for people who are unfamiliar with U.S. immigration law.

chicago green card attorney

Even the simplest of the rules that dictate whether a particular person is eligible to obtain a green card have substantial exceptions that may or may not apply in your case. In addition, the documentation that a green card applicant is required to produce in order to successfully obtain a permanent residency can be extremely complicated and errors or omissions could very easily result in significant delays or even the denial of your application. For this reason, it is highly advisable for anyone that is seeking a green card to do so with the assistance of an experienced immigration lawyer. Family immigration lawyers chicago. For many people, relationships with family members are among the most important aspects of their lives.

Family immigration lawyers chicago

As a result, many United States citizens and lawful permanent residents seek to have family members living overseas come to live and work in this country. Other U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents seek to apply for family member who are already here, who may not yet have status. Fortunately, under United States immigration law, a citizen or the holder of a green card (a lawful permanent resident) may petition to have certain relatives immigrate to the United States and obtain a green card. These relatives may also later be eligible to obtain citizenship through naturalization time if they meet certain requirements.

The family members that are eligible for family-based immigration depends on whether you are a United States citizen or a lawful permanent resident. Chicago top immigration lawyers. The United States immigration law is a complex set of laws which have been amended over the last 80 years.

Chicago top immigration lawyers

The last major reform in 1996 amended the immigration laws and provided a much stricter standard for admission and removal of certain foreign nationals. It also created a ground to remove certain individuals from the United States for crimes defined as aggravated felonies. As the immigration laws in the United States have become more complex, the need for specialization and expertise in pursuing visas, appearing before the immigration courts, advocating before the federal courts, providing counsel to corporations and ensuring compliance with the Immigration Act becomes more necessary than ever. The immigration laws are further complicated by policy memoranda and guidance attempting to explain the laws. Green card immigration lawyer chicago. Immigration attorneys chicago. At Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC we are committed to helping people and businesses with legal issues related to immigration law.

Immigration attorneys chicago

Immigration law is a very complicated area of law that is constantly changing, and attorneys who practice in this area must constantly stay abreast of new developments in order to provide effective legal counsel and representation. Few things are as stressful as having questions about where you will live, whether you will be able to be with your family, or whether you will be able to take a particular job or pursue a certain business opportunity. Investor visa attorney chicago. If you are a foreign national and you want to start operating your business in the United States, you face many complicated legal requirements and regulations relating to immigration.

Investor visa attorney chicago

One of the most important decisions you face is which type of visa is right for you to pursue so that you are lawfully present and working in the U.S. At the Chicago immigration law firm of Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC, we regularly assist business owners and investors in navigating the immigration process so that they can obtain the appropriate visa in the most efficient way possible. The following are some of the options that we pursue on behalf of our investor and entrepreneur clients. Chicago family immigration lawyers.

Chicago family immigration lawyer. Chicago deportation lawyer. People who are in the United States without lawful immigration status, or who are in lawful status but have committed certain violations of immigration or criminal law, may be subject to legal proceedings through which the U.S. government seeks their removal from the United States. This process is called “removal proceedings,” although many people still refer to it by its former name of “deportation proceedings.” The removal process is generally initiated by a government agency, including U.S. Investors immigration attorney chicago. Green card lawyer chicago. Citizenship attorney chicago. For many immigrants who already have lawful permanent resident status, becoming a full United States citizen is their ultimate goal within the U.S. immigration system.

Citizenship attorney chicago

While permanent residents are allowed to live and work in the United States indefinitely, they do not have all the rights of a citizen. For example, they are unable to vote in United States elections and may inadvertently give up their green cards if they leave the country for too long. There are several paths to citizenship, four of which are detailed below. For specific information regarding your case, call the team of immigration attorneys at Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC today. Most Common Path to Citizenship. Chicago green card attorneys.

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