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Multicultural Literature

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What is multicultural literature? Cultural authenticity. Change in the “All White World of Children’s Literature” #WeNeedDiverseBooks. Mirrors, windows and sliding doors. Beyond folk, food and festivals. Diverse books in the classroom, all year round. Reading Effie Lee Newsome today. Celebrating children through poetry. Pride in our heritage, strength through our families. The new biographies. Default: A talk on the lack of diversity in literature. Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature. Censorship and the Black Child Can the Real Story Ever be Told?

Codeswitching: Tools of Language & Culture Transform the Dialectally Diverse Classroom. A "Deluge of Simplicity" Contradictions in the Life and Work of Joel Chandler Harris. Free Within Ourselves. Guiding Principles for Teaching Multicultural Literature. How Common Core’s recommended books fail children of color The Washington Post. It's not on the List: An Exploration of Teachers' Perspectives on Using Multicultural Literature. Introduction to Multicultural Literature. Kaleidoscope: A Multicultural Booklist for Grades K-8 (4th ed.) Multicultural Children's Literature as a Context for Teaching Mathematics for Cultural Relevance in Urban Schools. Multicultural Literature and Discussion as Mirror and Window. Teaching Tolerance Diversity, Equity and Justice. Selected African American Artists 1859 to 1945.

Still an All White World? Nancy Larrick's landmark 1965 study on race and c...: at USF Libraries. Transcultural Theory and the Study of Multicultural Literature. Where To Find Diverse Books. Where can you go to find diverse books?

Where To Find Diverse Books

Right here. Each of these sites offers lists of diverse titles. Our list of sites is not exhaustive, and we welcome suggestions of current, active sites that provide diverse book lists. Africa Access Review. Whose History is it Anyway? Professional Development Center: Multicultural Resources.