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Designing for iOS: Life Beyond Media Queries. Although not a new phenomenon, media queries seem to be getting a lot attention online recently and for the right reasons too – it’s great to be able to adapt a design with just a few lines of CSS – but many people are relying only on them to create an iPhone-specific version of their website.

Designing for iOS: Life Beyond Media Queries

I was pleased to hear at FOWD NYC a few weeks ago that both myself and Aral Balkan share the same views on why media queries aren’t always going to be the best solution for mobile. Both of us specialise in iPhone design ourselves and we opt for a different approach to media queries. The trouble is, regardless of what you have carefully selected to be display:none; in your CSS, the iPhone still loads everything in the background; all that large imagery for your full scale website also takes up valuable mobile bandwidth and time. Redirect your iPhone/iPod Touch users To detect whether someone is viewing your site on an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can either use JavaScript or PHP.


Contact form PHP Script Download. Well if you find yourself at this page, you are after a quick fix to get that problematic contact page up and running, and you probably made a smart move and saved yourself hours of time, because one error can cause the PHP Script to implode and trying to locate the error can be monotonous to the inexperienced eye.

Contact form PHP Script Download

Here I have created a simple PHP Script for your contact page you can Download below, the Dreamweaver tutorial above will provide you with the information you need to change on the actual script. You will need to edit the scrip with the Email you wish your message to be sent, the return URL and you can edit the message and CSS to suit your website. This Script has variables to gather information from a form with three fields, Name – Email and Comments. If you have additional fields just add the variable to the form like shown bellow. Example. $email = $_POST['email']; $name = $_POST['name']; $phone = $_POST[phone]; $comments = $_POST['comments']; $body = << Create a Contact Form / Page for your website, PHP Script Dreamweaver Tutorial.

Responsive webdesign

Yahoo! Developer Network. 1stwebdesigner - Graphic and Web Design Blog. As smart phones and tablets have become popular, more and more people are have been reading their emails regularly on their small screen devices.

1stwebdesigner - Graphic and Web Design Blog

According to Campaign Monitor, mobile surpassed web and desktop client usage last July 2012. As the mobile email usage grows, web developers and designer must consider optimizing the look of their email newsletters on phones and tablet. Email clients such as Outlook (Windows), Mail (OSX), etc. use different HTML engines. Many have some rules and regulations. That being said, some CSS might work while some might not. So, in making an email template, it is highly recommended to use a different approach. Read More Have you tried using the SVG image format? In the past, the only image format that was supported by all browsers was the GIF, an image file developed by CompuServe. After some time, the aim for advance 2-dimensional vector computer graphics on the Web came into being.

Read More Read More Read More. 30+ Killer Web Development Screencasts to fine tune your skills. A single image helps us to understand the concept better than a description of 1000 words.

30+ Killer Web Development Screencasts to fine tune your skills

In a similar manner reading a code of thousand lines wont make us learn a software than a single video demonstration. There comes the purpose of Screen shots which helps us in the form of screen casts to learn our task in a quick and relaxed manner. So sit back and do your task in an effective manner.Updating the information on the site or developing the site as a whole is Web Development. Targeting the specific users , a website is developed by planning, analyzing, designing and implementing the same.

Then comes the promotion of the site which plays a major role and after promoting, thinking of novel ways to sustain in the industry. A screen cast gives you a much clear idea by its interactive way of explaining as similar to a live version with the help of a clear audio as in the case of Microsoft Office or Photoshop tutorials. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials.

Responsive web

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