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Smashing Labs - gMap, Google Maps jQuery plugin - examples. Simple map with marker Displays a simple map with controls and adds one marker.

Smashing Labs - gMap, Google Maps jQuery plugin - examples

The viewport gets centered automatically. Loading... Different map type Changes the map type to physical view. Please note: Available since version 1.0.1 Please note 2: Passed argument has changed in V3 API. Controls and map center Every type of control has its own boolean flag. Map with marker and info window Same as example above but with info window that pops up and title. Addresses (geocoding) and references Since version 1.1.0 you can use addresses instead of latitude/longitude. gMap automatically geocodes the given string and places a marker or even center the viewport. Extended usage Map without controls, custom marker images, multiple markers, custom viewport position and zoom. Callbacks Sometimes you want to manage your markers after initial load. Example: calculate route between two markers Here is a little more complex example of what can be achieved using new 3.1.0 features.

Load new random markers. Places in the city emotionally 'closer' visualised and sonified by Kitchen Budapest #foursquare #openframeworks. SubMap is a project by Dániel Feles, Krisztián Gergely, Attila Bujdosó and Gáspár Hajdu at Kitchen Budapest.

Places in the city emotionally 'closer' visualised and sonified by Kitchen Budapest #foursquare #openframeworks

The project visualises and sonificates data pulled from one of the biggest news sites of Hungary, One frame is one day, and on one day many things can happen. Depending on how many times a day the name of a city or a village is mentioned on the site, the map of Hungary dynamically distorts according to that number. The sound follows and sonfies that visual outcome, creating a generative ever changing drone. The project developed from the idea to draw a subjective map of Budapest that represented their preferred places or memories in the city. Kitchen Budapest, opened in June 2007, is a new media lab for young researchers who are interested in the convergence of mobile communication, online communities and urban space and are passionate about creating experimental projects in cross-disciplinary teams.

Project Page. Infographic of the Day: Subway Map Morphs Based on Travel Times. The iconic London Tube Map is endlessly inspirational to other designers.

Infographic of the Day: Subway Map Morphs Based on Travel Times

Here's another one for the pile: Tom Carden's "Time Travel Tube Map" uses the Processing visual programming language to warp London into different shapes that display the travel time required to get to any station in the system from one central location. The clever twist is that the "central" station can be any one you choose: the map reshapes itself to focus on whatever point you happen to be at.

It's like that old saw: "wherever you go, there you are"--but powered by Java. What London looks like to God. What London looks like to someone stuck way the #&^@ out in Chesham. But hey, it's still better than coming in from Heathrow. Ffffuuuuu..... Carden says that his travel-time estimates are still a little off. OpenStreetMap, les routards du web #1 : A la carte ! «Comment peut-on passer de 100 000 à un million de contributeurs ?»

OpenStreetMap, les routards du web #1 : A la carte !

C'est l'une des questions ambitieuses qui ont été débattues, ce week-end à Amsterdam, dans le cadre du State of the Map 2009. Pour la troisième édition de son grand meeting annuel, le projet OpenStreetMap veut sortir de l'ombre. OpenStreetMap , sorte de Wikipédia de la cartographie, est un projet un peu fou qui tente depuis 5 ans de redessiner le monde sous Creative Commons, rue après rue. Sa communauté œuvre d'abord par idéologie. Convaincue que les données géographiques de la planète devraient appartenir au bien commun et non aux agences qui les ont relevées pour les exploiter commercialement (Ordnance Survey au Royaume-Uni, IGN dans les pays francophones...), elle encourage les internautes à effectuer leurs propres tracés et à les publier sous licence CC by-sa .

Et comme toute réutilisation des contenus propriétaires de Google Maps, Yahoo! Les pistes de La Plagne sur OpenPisteMap Lire la suite. Camille GÉVAUDAN. Les codes QR mettent le désordre public dans Paris. Les Trucs — ♦ Marker/music. Yellow Arrow - Projects.