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It's easy. Need some help. Shipping locations, time & costs Return my purchases by mail. Criminal Legal Services at JDA Criminal Law Firm Melbourne. Bail Applications If you need assistance with a bail application anywhere in Victoria, you can contact JDA’s criminal lawyers.

Criminal Legal Services at JDA Criminal Law Firm Melbourne

We’ll help you understand the bail application process in this complicated and technical part of the law. You can also reach out to us on behalf of a friend or family member who is currently being held on bail. Find out more Call now (03) 9781 4900 Driving & Traffic Offences JDA offers immediate advice and legal representation for all types of driving and traffic offences in Victoria. If you need immediate advice or representation for any kind of offence, including Excessive Speeding, Dangerous Driving, or more serious offences involving injury or death, call JDA now. Find out more Sexual Offences Are you facing a charge for a sex related offence or Indecent Assault? Our sex offence lawyers in Melbourne understand this complex area of law and will fight to protect your rights. Find out more. JDA Criminal Lawyers Dandenong. JDA Criminal Lawyers Highett. JDA Criminal Lawyers Frankston. JDA Criminal Lawyers Melbourne CBD.

24hr Legal Aid Services Melbourne. Legal Aid is a Government initiative which provides certain people who cannot afford a lawyer with grants of legal assistance.

24hr Legal Aid Services Melbourne

As a member of Legal Aid Victoria’s Section 29A Panel, James Dowsley & Associates may be able to provide you with partially or fully funded legal services. Read more Not all private law firms take on Legal Aid cases, but we are committed to delivering expert advice and quality representation to those in need. Legal Aid may cover some or all of your legal costs. James Dowsley & Associates Criminal Lawyers Melbourne For Justice. JDA Criminal Lawyers Melbourne. Air Conditioning Capalaba - Installation, Service And Repairs.

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