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Kramer Industries, Inc.

Shop Kramer Industries' Walnut Shell Grit for soft abrasive material. Biodegradable walnut shells are versatile and a healthier blasting media than sand.

Synthetic Tumbling Media: How it’s Really Made. Electricity Cost Expectations for A Tumbler. Electricity Cost Expectations for A Tumbler. Maintaining the Optimal Air Pressure for Sandblasting. How To 3D Metal Finishing Process. Submission 8. PDF 1. . Are You Reaping the Benefits of Micro Flow Controls? Industry Advancements: Surface Finishing Technology. EVB LARGE BOWL VIBRATORY TUMBLERS Kramer PPT. . Get Metal Finishes to Shine. Black Acrylic Polishing. Cleaning and Polishing 3D Printed Titanium. TB Series - Abrasive Blasting System. TB Series - Abrasive Blasting System. White Aluminum Oxide Grit. 8 Mesh White Aluminum Oxide 10 Mesh White Aluminum Oxide 12 Mesh White Aluminum Oxide 14 Mesh White Aluminum Oxide 16 Mesh White Aluminum Oxide 20 Mesh White Aluminum Oxide.

White Aluminum Oxide Grit

Abrasive Sandblasting Equipment. Portable and Cabinet systems in both Siphon/Suction and Direct Pressure styles provide for a wide variety of application purposes.

Abrasive Sandblasting Equipment

Our abrasive sandblasting equipment comes in an extensive range of sizes and is used with almost any dry abrasive blast media. The blasting of large areas or batches of small parts are easily achieved with these systems. Siphon/Suction cabinets are ideal for lower volume applications where cost is a factor. These systems are available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate almost any size part. Direct Pressure cabinets are typically heavy duty and are designed for quicker blasting as well as more regular usage. The portable blasting systems are designed for situations when blasting needs to be done on the job site or the part is too large for a cabinet. Siphon blast cabinets and pressure blast cabinets are the two main types of sandblasting cabinets that exist on the market.

Portable sandblasting equipment is used worldwide in a variety of applications. MB Series - Mini-Bowl Style, Vibratory Tumbler. MT Series - Table-Top Model, Mini-Barrel Tumbler. Liquid Finishing Compounds. Steel Shot Blasting Media. Steel Shot Blasting Steel Shot blasting is a technique used to perfect or clean steel when specific surface finishes are required.

Steel Shot Blasting Media

Steel shot is utilized in pretty much every industry imaginable. These incorporate massive construction, shipbuilding, rail, and auxiliary manufacturing. Blast cleaning with steel shot is a vital operation at various stages of primary metal production. The different varieties and the size of the steel shot give an excellent result on the metal surface. A larger steel shot blasting cleans a rougher surface thoroughly. Advantages of Steel Shot Blasting It provides an excellent result on the metal surface finish.Extremely high durabilityCost-effective & recycle abilityBoth wheel blast systems and air power can be usedRemove surface contamination and provide a spotless surface Steel shot blasting produces the least dust because its process is less abrasive and the media does not break down.

Kramer Industries Inc. NJ, NH. Garnet Grit Abrasive Blasting Media. What is Garnet Abrasive?

Garnet Grit Abrasive Blasting Media

Garnet abrasive is one of the most versatile media for blast cleaning. Garnet abrasive is a naturally occurring silicate crystal. The harder types of garnet like almandine are utilized for more aggressive purposes and have a hardness on the Mohs size of about 6.5 to 7.5. Once refined, it is washed, prepared, and screened to the necessary size gradation for use as an abrasive. Where conditions permit Garnet Abrasives can be reused. The Benefits of Garnet Abrasive Garnet Abrasive has the following benefits for almost all applications. Clean – Garnet abrasive creates less dust than most other abrasives, making it suitable for use in confined spaces like tanks. Deburring Barrel Tumblers. Deburring Barrel Tumblers are the most versatile option of parts finishing systems.

Deburring Barrel Tumblers

Reasons of application for this equipment include heavy deburring, high polishing, degating, and parts drying. If you have a heavy load and a vibratory finisher isn’t a good option, then a barrel tumbler is an ideal alternative. The barrel size options cover everything from a few ounces up to the size of a small car, and everything in between.

When estimating the required barrel capacity, keep in mind the barrel should only be half full during its usage. During the process, the load inserted into the barrel slowly rolls and cascades to achieve the desired surface finish of the product. Wet barrel finishing, the system containing water, is a batch system for the removal of excess material or the polishing of parts. Dry barrel finishing is a batch system for mass polishing or removing excess material from plastic or metal parts without liquids. Benefits. Vibratory Finishing & Polishing Systems. Vibratory tumbling systems are the go-to finishing systems for batch and continuous parts finishing.

Vibratory Finishing & Polishing Systems

Its rolling action removes material from pockets, recesses, and bores on delicate parts, making it ideal for almost any size and shape parts. They are available in bench model sizes for small parts and smaller batch sizes, as well as in massive tub style systems for extremely large parts and bigger batches. To achieve an optimal finish, these tumblers produce a cutting action by shaking the tub at a high speed. This causes the tumbling media and parts to scrub against each other, producing thorough and precise abrasions to remove burrs. A shaft with rotating eccentric weights mounted on the tub produces this effective shaking action. Deburring Copper Parts. Cleaning Polishing Carbon Steel. Deburring Copper Parts Sample. Non Skid Flooring How Its Made. Non Skid Flooring How Its Made.