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NYC man with Wolverine-type claws apparently threatened George Floyd protesters, police say. An older white man, apparently furious at Black Lives Matter demonstrators in Whitestone, Queens, threatened them with knives and then plowed his SUV onto the sidewalk where they were demonstrating, sending the activists running for their lives, according to police and video. Two videos of the incident, which occurred around 3:45 p.m. Tuesday near Clintonville Street and the Cross Island Expressway service road, show the man jumping out of his car and brandishing a Wolverine-type claw — two large knives affixed to his hands — and yelling at demonstrators. The activists were at the location affixing signs on the highway overpass and demonstrating against police brutality after an admitted racist, Anthony Abicca, was captured on video ripping down a single BLM sign earlier this week and hurling racial slurs.

The man then drove off the sidewalk and left the scene. Click for more from the New York Post. Two videos of the incident, which occurred around 3:45 p.m. The widening racial divide of the Obama era. Contrary to the expectations of most pundits, the election of Barack Obama has aggravated the racial divide in America between blacks and all other racial groups. Seth Forman has an insightful column in National Review that concludes Barack Obama has hardened black political segregation. Far from bringing black and white together, as he promised to do in his famous 2004 Democratic National Convention speech and that was implicit throughout his 2008 campaign, his policies since assuming the Presidency have led to racial polarization. Forman: It's not just the punditry that overpredicted the soothing qualities of Obama's presidential salve.

Forman points out that Obama's political palaver about bringing people together when he was on the national stage was belied by his own statements and actions when the klieg lights were not shining on him. But it has been Obama's statist policies -- his mania for social and economic engineering -- that have stoked the racial divisions. Forman again: Obama: U.S. 'not even close' to bridging racial divide | GOPUSA. WASHINGTON (UPI) — President Barack Obama said there has been progress in the administration’s policing task force created after racially motivated protests in Ferguson, Mo., but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

Obama, in a four-hour meeting with law enforcement, civil rights leaders and members of the Black Lives Matter movement Wednesday, said there has been progress in training, outreach and policy on the local level, such as “systems of accountability” that allow departments to use collected data in a meaningful way. Still, the end game is out of reach, he said. “We’re not there yet. We’re not even close to being there yet, where we want to be,” he said.

Obama, speaking a day after eulogizing five Dallas police officers killed in an attack and following the deaths of two black men shot by police officers, said the meeting produced a list of priorities that will give direction to curtailing violence. Among those at the meeting where National Action Network the Rev. Riots test Obama's power to heal racial divide. As the nation's first black president, Obama has wrestled with an enduring expectation that he could do more than any other figure to heal racial tensions. But on this score, Obama has mostly come up short, often leaving his supporters wanting more and his adversaries blaming him for exacerbating age-old conflicts. With parts of Baltimore burned out and protesters demanding answers after the death of yet another black man in police custody, Obama seemed to acknowledge just that, pointing to the limits of the presidency and the tragic sameness of it all.

"This is not new," he said Tuesday, addressing the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old West Baltimore man whose spine was snapped while he was in police custody. "It's been going on for decades. " It was a familiar role for Obama, who addressed the high profile deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner with the same exasperated tone. 'Criminals and thugs' Obama's legacy. Obama, Clinton Widen Racial Divide.

Hillary Clinton, exploiting the venue of her appearance in Springfield, Ill. — where Abraham Lincoln warned against "a house divided" — told America that Donald Trump is not fit to lead in times of racial tension. This is rich, considering that she served under the most racially divisive president in American history. On the very site where Lincoln denounced slavery, Clinton said: "Trump's campaign adds up to an ugly, dangerous message to America — a message that you should be afraid. " Clinton said Trump is "pitting American against American" when we need "a president who can help pull us together, not split us apart. " The stinging irony is that Clinton is now the standard-bearer for a political party whose lifeblood depends on stirring racial tensions and alienating blacks from whites. There is no other way for the Democrats to continue garnering 90 percent of the African-American vote.

Democratic Party leaders know that neither Republicans nor their policy agenda is anti-black. 5 Times Obama Has Encouraged Violence Against Republicans. With violent protesters shutting down Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Chicago, people getting physically assaulted, and a Black Lives Matter nutjob almost managing to rush the stage and do God knows what to a presidential candidate, the media is left trying to point the finger at the big boogeyman – “rhetoric.” You see, “rhetoric” is the cause of these outbursts by the folks at Trump’s rally. It’s just not his rhetoric that is the problem. President Obama recently claimed that things happening at Republican events are not “a consequence of actions that I’ve taken.”

But they’re certainly a byproduct of the “rhetoric” you’ve used over the years, Mr. Obama. And if “rhetoric” can be used to justify violence as you and the media have done in the case of demonizing Trump, then you are just as guilty as hell. Trending: Kayleigh McEnany Steamrolls Jim Acosta: ‘If Anybody Needs To Be Fact-Checked, It’s The Media’ Need examples of Obama saying it’s okay to be violent against Republicans? Obama has set back race relations for many years. How will Trump fix race relations? | US Message Board - Political Discussion Forum. I graduated from High School in 1977 from a small MO farm town (12,000 pop) and we had HUGE violent race riots. They really peaked in about 1975/76. Since that time race relations have steadily improved. They did under Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II until we elected Obama. Obama was the biggest racist President since LBJ and I believe took joy in stoking racial division to cause chaos in a Country that he hates.

President Obama had an opportunity to bring us together and unite Americans to a degree never experienced before in our history. Barack Obama says he 'absolutely' suffered racism while President. President Obama has said he “absolutely” has been the victim of racism during his time in office. The US President suggested the criticism he faced from “whites in Southern states” was a result of the colour of his skin. He told CNN: "There's a reason why attitudes about my presidency among whites in Northern states are very different from whites in Southern states. Download the new Independent Premium app Sharing the full story, not just the headlines “Are there folks whose primary concern about me has been that I seem foreign, the other?

Are those who champion the "birther" movement feeding off of bias? Absolutely.” Racism was not a major element of mainstream Republican opposition to his presidency but was an issue on the political fringe, he added. Mr Obama has faced repeated questions about whether he was born in the US – despite there being no evidence he was not. The comments were made during a CNN documentary special, The Legacy of Barack Obama, that aired on Wednesday night. The Seeds of Trump's Victory Were Sown the Moment Obama Won.

It’s no wonder, then, that Trump’s crassness with women didn’t damn his candidacy, even with self-proclaimed Christian conservatives. Indeed, he represents a return to an earlier time, when not just people of color, but women knew their place — which is not in the White House. “The age of the pajama boy,” in the words of former Trump national security adviser Sebastian Gorka, had given way to the return of the (white) “alpha-male.” Trump resonates with what you might call James Woods’ America. Actors Armie Hammer and Amber Tamblyn recently took Woods to the woodshed after his Twitter attack on Hammer’s new movie, “Call Me by Your Name,” in which Hammer’s character has a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old boy. Tamblyn then revealed that he invited her to accompany him to Las Vegas when she was just 16.

(Woods has denied this account.) This is also true on race. “Economic anxiety” didn’t elect Trump. We are still reckoning with the result. Joy-Ann Reid. Has Obama Ushered in the Most Racially Divided Period in Recent History? Barack Obama Quotes About Racism. Obama’s Biggest Failure | National Politics and Racism. When the country elected Barack Obama president in 2008, those of us who disagreed with many of his policy ideas were nonetheless consoled by the fact that his victory illustrated that America had moved well beyond institutional racism. Certainly the fact that Obama had succeeded in both a hard-fought Democratic primary and a general election meant that the country was ready to move past the intense focus on race in our national politics. Boy, were we wrong! Rather than seeing his own victory as a significant advance in American social life, Obama and those he appointed to his administration vigorously put forward the idea that America remains a deeply racist country, and they have redefined racism in the broadest terms possible.

It’s not a coincidence, then, that more than seven years into the administration of the nation’s first black president, Americans are more deeply divided on race then they have been in decades. Their own president has fostered the divide. The Obama Doctrine of Control Through Dissension. The president has more than proven that he is not a uniter. He is a committed divider. Jesus said, "If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. " Hence, try as we might, it's getting harder to ignore what appears to be a burning desire on Obama's part to destroy the great and glorious house called America. With an eye toward stepping in and reorganizing everything from our social and economic structure to the U.S.

Constitution, it appears that Obama's plan to gain control involves stirring up discord and agitating every area of society to the point of near-collapse. Barack Obama has managed to undermine the nation's unanimity through the deliberate fostering of racial, political, religious, and class-based conflict. Chicago-style troublemaker Barack Obama acquired his skill set while nestled close to the pedagogical breast of Rules for Radicals author Saul Alinsky.

Among factions, and then uses silence to offer tacit approval of the hate speech spouted by his allies. Barack Obama Is Responsible For America’s Tragic Racial Divide | NaegeleBlog. By Timothy D. Naegele[1] In an article entitled “‘Own up to reality’: 2020 Democrats urged to confront US racial divide,” Lauren Gambino has written thoroughly anti-Trump screed in the UK’s Guardian, which nonetheless is worth reading: In August 2016, Donald Trump stood before an overwhelmingly white crowd in Dimondale, Michigan, and asked black people for their votes. “What the hell do you have to lose?” First, by and large, the British media is biased against America’s President Donald Trump. Second, by way of contrast, Barack Obama is praised despite the fact that he was and is a racist and anti-Semite.[3] If anyone has any doubts whatsoever, please read his book “Dreams from My Father,” which is shocking.

Fourth, America’s blacks whose ancestors were brought to our shores as slaves are U.S. citizens. Sixth, as I have written: Seventh, the racists attempt to portray “people of color” as being all the same, when the reality is very different. . © 2019, Timothy D. . [1] Timothy D. Like this: Thanks to Obama, Racial Division Will Never End | CNSNews. Barack Obama (AP Photo) Paul Sperry of the Hoover Institute reports in the New York Post that the Obama administration is mining data on all of us regarding our “health, home loans, credit cards, places of work, neighborhoods,” and the nature of the discipline policy at our children’s schools, so that when he leaves office, the information will be available for purely racial reasons. Obama is the president of the United States, yet he persists on dividing us, not uniting us. It is the goal of the Left to break us all down into groups, so that you can be “treated fairly” by your benevolent government. Let’s say you are black.

No matter what your background, experience, family life, likes, dislikes, work ethic, whether you are a professional or unemployed, you are going to be treated as if the government has to fix things for you, even if you don’t want them “fixed” – and it’s all for your own good. The whole exercise is overtly racist. Barack Obama, Trayvon Martin, and the Presidency | Vogue. On March 23, 2012, President Barack Obama gave a press conference in the Rose Garden. A little less than a month before, George Zimmerman, a self-appointed neighborhood watchman, had shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin after a violent encounter prosecutors said was instigated by Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida. Local police had released Zimmerman after five hours of questioning, saying there was not enough evidence to refute his claim of self-defense. It was an obviously incomplete investigation, and the Martin family was demanding justice. In the weeks that had passed, journalists, especially Trymaine Lee then at The Huffington Post and Ta-Nehisi Coates at The Atlantic, had focused national attention on the case.

Protests sprouted up around the country. The Department of Justice had begun to investigate the case, which was moved from the Sanford police to Florida state officials just a few days before Obama stepped into the Rose Garden to speak, squinting into the sun. President Obama often spoke about race relations in the U.S. Here are some of his words. After the weekend violence in Charlottesville, Va., President Trump’s statements about white nationalists, neo-Nazis and their opponents drew criticism from some observers who said he failed to adequately address and acknowledge racial discord in the United States. When Trump was asked Tuesday whether he believed race relations had improved or worsened since he took office in January, he said he thought they had “gotten better or [remained] the same.” He said race relations had been “frayed for a long time, and you can ask President Obama about that because he made speeches about that.”

Meanwhile, a quote Obama shared on social media after the Charlottesville violence, which included one death, had garnered 2.8 million “likes” by Tuesday evening, breaking the record of the most “liked” tweet in the history of the 11-year-old company, according to the social media platform. By Wednesday afternoon, the number of “likes” had surpassed 3.8 million. July 24, 2009 July 19, 2013 August 14, 2014. Obama Accused Of Dividing America With "Racist" Speech About George Zimmerman Verdict. (2849) The Racial Divide And Attack on History Was the Dream of Obama. NPR Choice page.

Reason to Hate: Barack Obama's Racist Roots - Accuracy in Media. Obama divided America. Race and Racism in the Time of Obama | HuffPost. How Obama Divides America. George Floyd protester allegedly killed by bar owner. A Complete Timeline of Race Relations Under Obama | The Daily Wire. Why Race Relations Have Gotten Worse Under Barack Obama. How Obama Ruined Race Relations. Barack Obama Creates The Greatest Racial Divide In Fifty Years. An Inevitable Race War Is Coming. : ThyBlackMan. KERIK on HANNITY: George Floyd’s Arrest ‘Defies Logic, Common Sense, Training, Police Procedure’ Trump must not call in troops: police are being told to stand down on purpose - CHERI BERENS.

: The Coming Race War in America: A Wake-up Call. Burning down the White House – Obama’s race war against white America. Obama’s Race War Against White America • Dustin Koellhoffer • A Complete Timeline of Race Relations Under Obama | The Daily Wire. Hundreds of rioters run wild in Democrat city of Santa Monica. Obama’s Legacy Is a Weaker and More Divided America. An Executive Unbound: The Obama Administration’s Unilateral Actions.

How Obama has turned back the clock on race relations. There is a war over race in America. But it’s not whites vs. blacks. Are You Prepared for the Race War? In Conservative Media, A "Race War" Rages. Walid Shoebat: Obama wants a race war to overthrow America's government ⋆ Conservative Firing Line. Obama's Race War, by Ben Shapiro.