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Councilwoman uses her own key to let protesters into Seattle City Hall, demand removal of mayor for not defunding cops. Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily.

Councilwoman uses her own key to let protesters into Seattle City Hall, demand removal of mayor for not defunding cops

SIGN UP HERE. The most radical member of the Seattle City Council purposefully allowed a crowd of unruly “peaceful protesters” reportedly brimming with Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists to enter Seattle City Hall late Tuesday so they could chant for the mayor’s resignation. Look: Why all the anger against Mayor Jenny Durkan?

Because she’s been willing to allow Seattle police officers to use a very limited amount of force to quell the looting and rioting that has ravaged the city since Minneapolis black man George Floyd’s death in late May. During one riot last Saturday, for instance, rocks, bottles and explosives were thrown at local officers. In response, city police chief Carmen Best, a black woman, reportedly authorized her officers to use flash bang devices and pepper spray to disperse the clearly unruly thugs. Example: The woman above, Teresa Mosqueda, is a member of the Seattle City Council. 70 Questions In 7.5 Minutes That Make You Go "Hmmmm" Against The Official Narrative Going On In The US (Video)

Bernie Sanders Rejects Left's Call To Defund Police, Proposes the Opposite. Chicago’s most violent day in 60 years: 18 murders in 24 hours. A hardworking father killed just before 1 a.m.

Chicago’s most violent day in 60 years: 18 murders in 24 hours

A West Side high school student murdered two hours later. A man killed amid South Side looting at a cellphone store at 12:30 p.m. Ben Shapiro slams Pelosi for donning kente cloth in Floyd demonstration: 'What in the world are you doing?' Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Tuesday for "coordinating outfits with the Democratic Power Rangers" after congressional Democrats donned African-patterned garb and knelt in a demonstration against racism and police brutality at the Capitol Monday.

Ben Shapiro slams Pelosi for donning kente cloth in Floyd demonstration: 'What in the world are you doing?'

"Nancy Pelosi is a terrible Speaker of the House, but Nancy Pelosi is very good at coordinating outfits with the Democratic Power Rangers... ," Shapiro said during Tuesday's episode of "The Ben Shapiro Show. " "At the State of the Union address ... all the women were wearing white to demonstrate 'purity of feminism," he went on, "well now, she got everybody in kente cloth. " On Monday, Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., joined other Democrats in kneeling inside of the Capitol Visitor Center for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, representing the length of time George Floyd was pinned down by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Ben Shapiro slams Pelosi for donning kente cloth in Floyd demonstration: 'What in the world are you doing?' Speaker Pelosi bewails the "martyrdom" of George Floyd. At her press conference introducing the ‘Justice in Policing Act,’ which mandates national laws to control policing in America, Speaker Pelosi responded to the killing of George Floyd.

Speaker Pelosi bewails the "martyrdom" of George Floyd

She called it his “martyrdom.” “The martyrdom of George Floyd gave the American experience a moment of national anguish,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Tuesday, including the Minnesotan who died in police custody among her list of “names of martyrdom.” While his manner of death was tragic — he was murdered in police custody — he is not a hero or a martyr. He is a victim. NY Police Union Boss Goes NUCLEAR After Dems Pounce; 'Stop treating us like animals and thugs, and start treating us with some respect!'

De Blasio declares a street in each New York borough will be renamed 'Black Lives Matter' Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily.

De Blasio declares a street in each New York borough will be renamed 'Black Lives Matter'

SIGN UP HERE. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared that his city must “fully deeply feel” that black lives matter and will be moving ahead with a plan to rename certain streets. Just days after the Democrat announced he would be cutting funding to the New York Police Department, which faced night after night of violent protests and rioting, de Blasio said Tuesday that a street in each New York borough will be renamed “Black Lives Matter.”

“What will be clear — the street name and on the streets of our city — is that message that now this city must fully, fully deeply feel and this nation must as well, that black lives matter,” the mayor shared at his daily City Hall press briefing as the city began its reopening phase following the coronavirus shutdowns. Black Lives Matter Activist BLASTS Democrats. As a magnetic element of the Black Lives Matter movement, King helps us see our present place in the larger current of American history.

Black Lives Matter Activist BLASTS Democrats

He’s adopted social media to rally and unite people of disparate backgrounds and has now become one of the most followed activists in the world. King was an outspoken critic of police in the case of Michael Brown Jr, where he rose from obscurity to fame. And I was an outspoken critic of King, particularly his fake blackness. I also criticized the racist BLM movement, who cheered when two MI bailiffs were killed. Police investigated after video shows them pinning black man to ground for dancing.

Below is a report that DML News gives a 4 OUT OF 4 STARS trustworthiness rating.

Police investigated after video shows them pinning black man to ground for dancing

We base this rating on the following criteria: Provides named sources Reported by more than one notable outlet Does not insert opinion or leading words Includes supporting video, direct statements, or photos Click here to read more about our rating system. As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by City officials in Alameda, Calif., have called for an independent investigation after a black man who was dancing in the street was pinned to the ground and placed under arrest by officers. The man, Mali Watkins, 44, was arrested May 23 after police received a call from an area woman who said that “an African American person” was dancing in the street and “obviously something’s very wrong,” according to recordings from the police department’s non-emergency line released by the city. Natalie Portman Says Her Position on #DefundthePolice has evolved from Fear.

Actress Natalie Portman sounded off on Instagram about her feelings on the “defund the police” movement.

Natalie Portman Says Her Position on #DefundthePolice has evolved from Fear

When I first heard #defundthepolice , I have to admit my first reaction was fear. LA Democrat Pushing to Defund Police Has Private LAPD Detail at Home. On 10th June 2020 @ 1.00am © press A top Los Angeles Democrat official, who is pushing for the city's police department to be defunded, has her own private LAPD detail guarding her home, it has been revealed.

LA Democrat Pushing to Defund Police Has Private LAPD Detail at Home

City Council President Nury Martinez has tried to make substantial cuts to the Los Angeles Police Department's (LAPD) funding. However, a special LAPD unit, usually made up of 2 officers, has been guarding Martinez's home for the last two months, as reported by Spectrum 1 News journalist Natalie Brunell. "The private security detail infuriated some members of the force when Martinez became one of the council members to spearhead a motion to cut $150 million in funding to the LAPD’s budget," Brunell reported. "Multiple LAPD sources confirmed the units were directed to provide 24/7 security beginning April 4 at Martinez’s home, almost always staffed by two officers. NY Police Union Chief Erupts on Lawmakers: 'Stop Treating Us Like Animals and Thugs' Niger Innis: BLM 'not a damn thing to do with saving black lives,' wants to ‘overthrow western civilization’

Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily.

Niger Innis: BLM 'not a damn thing to do with saving black lives,' wants to ‘overthrow western civilization’

SIGN UP HERE. The national spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality tore into the Black Lives Matter movement and exposed “some hard truths” about the group’s agenda. Conservative activist Niger Innis warned Fox News host Laura Ingraham that the organization “would overthrow Western civilization,” reminding viewers in a fiery interview about the history and goals of the Black Lives Matter movement. (Source: Fox News) “They take their instructions, their guidance from the Marxist playbook. “And I want to separate the protesters out there that support BLM and some of the misguided athletes and celebrities that get off pushing the black lives matter narrative. “The BLM movement, Black Lives Matter movement was founded by Alicia Garza and a number of other co-founders that were promoting a hard Marxist and LGBT agenda,” Innis explained.

Niger Innis: BLM 'not a damn thing to do with saving black lives,' wants to ‘overthrow western civilization’ Speaker Pelosi bewails the "martyrdom" of George Floyd. Niger Innis: BLM 'not a damn thing to do with saving black lives,' wants to ‘overthrow western civilization’ White Christians kneel in repentance for racism before black Christians in viral video. A prayer group from Houston, Texas called Praytest has started a movement after its members made a video showing white Christians kneeling in repentance for racism in front of a group of black Christians.

The video, which has since gone viral, was created at the Cuney Homes, a public housing complex in the Third Ward area of Houston, where George Floyd grew up. Praytest is a multi-racial Houston prayer group established by white rapper Bobby "Tre9" Herring. In the video, Herring is seen leading a group of white Christians in prayer on their knees in front of a black group led by Pastor Johnny Gentry, who is the senior pastor of Free Indeed Church. Herring has said, "One of the videos that went viral with Pastor Johnny Gentry and myself on one side facing each other, white people kneeling asking God for forgiveness and then you see my black brothers and sisters kneeling asking God for forgiveness, that was a moment that was beautiful.

" Buffalo Teen Spends 10 Hours Cleaning Community After Protests, Receives FULL RIDE Scholarship - Gregg Jarrett. Hrough the tumultuous months of COVID-19 and protests following the death of George Floyd, we have seen the worst in humanity. Every so often, however, a story breaks through the mainstream media of the very best in humanity. One teenager in Buffalo, New York gives us hope for the future. 18-year-old Antonio Gwynn felt compelled to help his community after watching some of the destruction that occurred during protests on Facebook Live.

In the middle of the night, at 2 am, Gwynn went to the vandalized town with cleaning supplies and spent the next 10 hours undoing the mess left by protesters. The young man credits his late mother for his big heart and the need to help his community, saying it’s something she would have done. When news spread, Briceland Insurance Agency offered to give Gwynn one year of car insurance for his new ride. Clyburn: Trump is the worst thing that’s happened to the country "in my lifetime" House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, born in 1940, told Alexi McCammond on “Axios on HBO” “This president is absolutely the worst thing that’s happened to this country in my lifetime. And it may be the worst thing ever.” John Berman: You have said in the last day that President Trump is responsible for more carnage than any president in history.

Lawmakers seek investigation of Park Police after clearing of White House protesters. News Crew Receives Beat Down Right in Front of White House - Right Wing News Hour. A news crew, allegedly with NBC, was caught on camera being beaten down in Lafayette Square Park by a mob of “peaceful” protesters. NBC refuses to admit it even happened, much less report the incident. There isn’t a word about the violence in any other mainstream outlet either. If you watch carefully, there’s more to this video that the minions of Darth Soros don’t want you to see.

News crew off limits One commentator to the video posted by Ian Miles Cheong notes that the cameraman had a security guard who was acting as “his guide as he’s walking backwards in a group.” In other words, some of the rioters got the memo and some didn’t. Nick price points out the absurdity with a little dialog to emphasize the point. NYC Mayor de Blasio reveals his daughter called him out for his 'white privilege' New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio revealed on Tuesday that his 25-year-old daughter Chiara, who is biracial, has confronted him about his “white privilege.” “She would talk to me about my own white privilege…she’s usually right,” de Blasio said while appearing at a TIME 100 Talks virtual event for how leaders should respond to social injustice and coronavirus. “Usually her underlying impulse with me having to come to grips with something over many, many years has usually been right,” he added, according to the New York Post.

De Blasio reportedly went on to say, “I started to be open to my own privilege.” MORE NEWS: ‘Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah compares police to gangs: They’re the opposite of ‘what America is supposed to stand for’ EXCLUSIVE: Is society sustainable with no police? [VIDEO] In a recent exclusive news broadcast to subscribers, retired INS agent, immigration expert and TeamDML contributor Michael Cutler warned the radical left will not be satisfied until there are no police patrolling America’s streets. Lawsuit Calls BLM A Religion, Demands DC Street Banner Be Removed ⋆ Conservative Firing Line. In early June 2020, Mayor Muriel Bowser of the District of Columbia ordered the painting of a massive BLACK LIVES MATTER banner to span two blocks on 16th Street, a central axis that leads southward straight to the White House.

The display was erected at taxpayers expense. On June 10, 2020, three Christian conservative D.C. activists, Pastor Rich Penkoski of Warriors For Christ, Chris Sevier Esq. of De Facto Attorneys General, and Tex Christopher of Special Forces Of Liberty, filed a lawsuit pursuant to the First Amendment Establishment Clause and the Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection Clause against the Mayor in Federal District Court in the District of Columbia, seeking injunctive relief to remove the banner.

The Plaintiffs seek a temporary and permanent injunction to have the banner removed. A copy of the original complaint be found here and below. Watch: Black Cop Blasts BLM and LA City Councilwoman Over Police Budget Cut Plan. Antifa seize abandoned police department, six blocks in Seattle Capitol Hill. A citizen reporter named Andy Ngo reports that Antifa took over an abandoned police precinct, barricaded themselves in a six-block area, and have armed guards.

Townhall reporter Julio Rosas is following the same incident. CHI ald. crying, cursing over destruction, police in armed combat with anarchists. On Sunday, as criminals and radical groups tore through the poorer areas of Chicago, smashing windows, looting, and burning stores, Mayor Lori Lightfoot was accused of not keeping people safe during a leaked conference call. The aldermen were distraught and one had a cursing match with the mayor. Another alderman was crying over the damage. Minnesota state patrol defends ‘strategically’ slashing tires during protests. Andrew Trunsky, DCNF The Minnesota State Patrol Monday acknowledged video that emerged showing officers slashing protesters’ tires on May 30, but defended the tactic, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. George Floyd will be buried today in Houston next to his mother.

A pastor at George Floyd's funeral called for the White House to be 'cleaned out' and urged the public to vote as hundreds of mourners, including the families of Ahmaud Arbery, Botham Jean and Eric Garner, gathered to lay the beloved father to rest. Rev. James Woods Says Twitter Locked His Account Because "Lefties" In Charge Got "Irked" Video released of black man who died in police custody saying 'I can't breathe' during arrest in Austin.

Trump Cracks Down on the 'Defund the Police' Movement. Republicans Silent After Trump Suggests 75-Year-Old Protester Injured By Police Was A ‘Set Up’ De Blasio declares a street in each New York borough will be renamed 'Black Lives Matter' NYPD police prepare to leave force, saying top brass abandoned them. Rank-and-file New York Police Department officers say they are ready to leave the force, claiming no one has their backs amid nationwide efforts to restrict law enforcement.

Since widespread protests erupted in New York City last week following the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who died while in the custody of Minneapolis police, NYPD officers have endured 12-hour shifts in response to violence, destruction of retail property, burglary, and the vandalism of NYPD vehicles. "At our level, It's hard to say, but in the past, you felt like chiefs like [Joseph] Esposito had your back. L.A. Dem Pushed To Cut LAPD Funding While Having Private LAPD Detail At Her Home Since April.

‘If that’s not abandoning, you tell me what is’: Seattle police board up east precinct after protests, riots. Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF Seattle police officers boarded up their East Precinct building as riots continue throughout the Pacific Northwest over the death of George Floyd. Footage of the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct showed that the building is boarded up and surrounded by masked protesters. Jon Voight Defends Trump, Shames Looters: “This is a disgrace to mankind, this is a disgrace to the higher power of God” Kamala Harris: To Think More Police Create More Safety is ‘Backwards’ Piers Morgan Says Trump Should Take a Knee in the Oval Office. NY Gov Andrew Cuomo Demands President Trump Apologize Over Tweet About Protester. Rioters Decimate Manufacturing Company... Business Owner FURIOUS, Vows to Relocate Out of Dem Controlled City - NEWS HOUR FIRST.

WATCH: Whitmer explains why she attended a tightly packed march "I thought it was important to show up" Candace Owens Unloads on Democrats' Kneeling 'Photo Op' While Wearing African Garb. The liberal mob is enraged at Tucker Carlson today, calling him racist for his monologue last night on Black Lives Matters. Dems Accused of Pandering and Cultural Appropriation After Wearing African Cloth and Kneeling. WATCH: Radical protester screams at drivers—'Do black lives matter to you?!' Situation derails. DA Declines to Prosecute Accomplice in New York St. Patrick’s Cathedral Vandalism - Gregg Jarrett. L.A. teachers union leaders support eliminating the School Police Department.

Get Ready For The Great Hypocrisy, Trump’s New Announcement Already Has The Media In A Tizzy. Niger Innis: BLM 'not a damn thing to do with saving black lives,' wants to ‘overthrow western civilization’ 'I don't agree': Bernie Sanders spurns left-wing political revolution to abolish police. Branden Wolfe Charged in Minneapolis Police Precinct Arson. Distraught Chicago officials heard on tape fuming over looting, riots: ‘My ward is a s–t show’ New Leak Dooms Chicago’s Mayor To Ash Heap of History, Proves Trump Right: “A Virtual War Zone, The Wild, Wild, West Out There” WATCH: Minneapolis City Council president aspires to have a "police free society" Bette Midler: ‘Fascist’ Trump ‘Shames’ America. Don Trump Jr Tells Dems Who Want To Defund Police To Cut Their Security Details First. Acosta: Trump would have to have out of body experience to deliver acceptable speech on race.

Trump claims 75-year-old man shoved by Buffalo police could be part of 'set up' Antifa Leader Arrested For Assault Was Tied To Democratic Policymakers. Trump claims 75-year-old man shoved by Buffalo police could be part of 'set up' BLM Protester Boasts About Desecrating Churchill Statue: 'He's a Confirmed Racist'

Tucker Carlson slams Republicans 'sitting this crisis out,' exposes Romney's reason for joining protests. Business Owner Takes Things Into His Own Hands With a Shotgun, Looters Weren't Ready (Video) - Right Wing News Hour. McEnany strikes back after Ocasio-Cortez accuses her of racism, demands apology. 600 Cops Could Be Leaving NYPD Due to Violent George Floyd Riots. Done! Owner of factory burned in Floyd riots says he's taking company out of Minneapolis. Judge denies lawsuit against Michigan governor’s stay-at-home restrictions. Mayor Lori Lightfoot And Ald. Raymond Lopez Have Foul-Mouthed Argument Over Looting; ‘You’re 100% Full Of S***’ Mayor Says.

Piers Morgan Urges Trump to Bow to BLM: 'Take a Knee' - Daily Political Newswire. Mind-blowing double standard on protests by right and left. Business Owner Takes Things Into His Own Hands With a Shotgun, Looters Weren't Ready (Video) - Right Wing News Hour. Chicago Mayor Begs Businesses To Stay as Major Retailer Mulls Abandoning City. WATCH: AG Barr supports the banning of chokeholds, but not in all situations… Air Force Reservist Exposes BLM Hypocrites in Epic Rant: "Black Lives Matter is a joke...You are the racists!" Fox News' Melissa Francis Blasts NYC Mayor de Blasio with NYC Street Photo: "With my 4-Year old...naked man, penis flapping in the breeze...great job"

Self-described “Redneck” Warns "Defund The Police” Dummies: “People like me..we don’t own tasers and we don't own rubber bullets" Just when you thought white virtue-signalers could not abase themselves more - American Thinker. George Lopez says Latinx celebrities staying quiet about Black Lives Matter is ‘the wrong attitude’ Desperate FakeNews Media in Overdrive - American Thinker. Trump’s Homeland Security Cracks Down Hard – Launches High-Priority Investigation Into Antifa Leaders. Minneapolis City Council President: We Will Replace Police by Reimagining Public Safety 'Holistically' Kentucky governor vows to provide healthcare coverage for all black residents. TRUMP TWEETS: ‘Mattis is wrong: Ignoring history and facts is divisive’

Florida police org tells 57 Buffalo cops who resigned in protest they are hiring. BREAKING: St. Paul Man Arrested for Burning Down of Minneapolis Police Precinct. Dem Party, Kneeling & Not Getting Up. White House: Trump Restored Order in America. AOC "If you are radical, it means that you get to the root of problems, which is why I’ve never been offended and I embrace that term" White police officers and community members wash the feet of black faith leaders in North Carolina to ‘express humility and love’ Senate Democrats Asked If They Would Consider Defunding The Police. Here’s What Happened.

Race Shaming on Steroids: White Protesters Wash The Feet Of Black Protest Organizers and Beg for Forgiveness. WATCH: Rep. Clyburn Says Sen. Cotton "ought to be ashamed of himself" for NY Times Op-Ed. Thousands of LA protesters won’t be charged over curfew. Top Dems punt on ‘defund the police’ question. Trump still adamantly against kneeling. Press secretary explains why. Philly Police Officers Cheer Colleague As He Turns Himself In For Allegedly Pummeling Protester.