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BrainAthlete. Charinging BrainAthlete Re-Chargeable Lithium Ion Batteries are built in BrainAthlete.


Charging Plug in the Mini-USB side of the cable in to the socket on the front side of BrainAthlete, and the other side into any USB port. When charging, a blue light will be flashing, and turns off when complete. Charging Time. Charging will take about 2 hours. Turning on/off Powering on Hold the power button for 2 seconds. Powering off Hold the power button for 7 seconds. Connecting to a computer To connect to a computer, you must first "Pair" it. Warning: Make sure the battery is charged before pairing. Visual Display Troubleshooting guide. Visual thinking tools. All About Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI), Biofeedback & Mind Controlled Gadgets. When Gaming Is Good for You.

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Brain Addiction Pictures. XWave EEG Brain Computer Interface for Your iPhone/iPad. 0inShare The XWave is an EEG interface from PLX Devices (Sunnyvale, CA) that works with iPhones/iPads as a controller for games, meditation training, and potentially many other uses not invented yet.

XWave EEG Brain Computer Interface for Your iPhone/iPad

The actual EEG is NeuroSky‘s eSense dry sensor, which the company has been licensing to other companies in order to push the technology into consumer hands. The plastic headband, which costs around $100, has a sensor that presses against the user’s forehead and communicates with a free XWave iPhone application that then shows your brain waves graphically on the iPhone screen. As you focus your mind on a task the graphics are changed — a ball may move higher for instance, or your state of relaxation may be indicated by changes in a pulsating color, which moves towards blue as you become more relaxed. The XWave is meant to be used for entertainment, but can be applied to any other practical use, perhaps even as a controller for an assistive device for the disabled. Zap your brain into the zone: Fast track to pure focus - life - 06 February 2012.

I'm close to tears behind my thin cover of sandbags as 20 screaming, masked men run towards me at full speed, strapped into suicide bomb vests and clutching rifles.

Zap your brain into the zone: Fast track to pure focus - life - 06 February 2012

For every one I manage to shoot dead, three new assailants pop up from nowhere. I'm clearly not shooting fast enough, and panic and incompetence are making me continually jam my rifle. My salvation lies in the fact that my attackers are only a video, projected on screens to the front and sides. It's the very simulation that trains US troops to take their first steps with a rifle, and everything about it has been engineered to feel like an overpowering assault. But I am failing miserably. Then they put the electrodes on me. I am in a lab in Carlsbad, California, in pursuit of an ... How The Mind Really Works: 10 Counterintuitive Psychology Studies.

Ten psychological findings that challenge our intuitive view of how our minds work.

How The Mind Really Works: 10 Counterintuitive Psychology Studies

Some critics say psychology is just common sense, that it only confirms things we already know about ourselves. Ironically this can be difficult to argue with because once people get some new information they tend to think it was obvious all along. One way of battling this is to think about all the unexpected, surprising and plain weird findings that have popped out of psychology studies over the years. So here are ten of my favourite. 1.