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Music Marketing Tips

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Different kinds of "press" you can get for your music. What does it mean to “get press” for your music?

Different kinds of "press" you can get for your music

Well, it could mean a bunch of different things: * features * show previews * premieres * album reviews * interviews * and more Want to know the difference between these kinds of press, and how to secure each kind of coverage? Public Display PR wrote a handy article on this very subject. Album Premieres, Reviews and Features, Oh My! For more information on DIY publicity for musicians, check out: 10 ways to get your music in the press (besides the usual album release and tour PR) 4 simple steps to creating a killer press list.

How to Write a Great Band Bio: The Art of Tasteful Boasting DIY Musician Blog. May 2, 2013 The folks at recently invited me to be a guest on their webinar about writing great band bios and taglines.

How to Write a Great Band Bio: The Art of Tasteful Boasting DIY Musician Blog

It was called “The Art of Tasteful Boasting” and featured 3 panelists: Julia Rogers, Editor in Chief at; Jem Bahaijoub, Founder of imaginePR; and… me. Some of the band-bio topics we discussed: * How do you get started writing a band bio? * How do you deal with writer’s block? How to REALLY Get Your Music on Blogs: Finding the Best Blogs for Your Music. This post is part two of the “How to REALLY Get Your Music on Blogs” blog series here on Tight Mix.

How to REALLY Get Your Music on Blogs: Finding the Best Blogs for Your Music

You can download the entire series for free in the form of a .pdf e-book here. In the first part of this blog series, I suggested that you write down some defining characteristics about your music, your lifestyle, and your fans. I hope you kept that piece of paper, because now you are going to use those keywords in your search to find the best blogs to approach with your music.

Where to start your search Searching for anything online can be a complete waste of time if you are looking in the wrong places. Google Blog Search Google Blog Search is basically just Google, but only focuses on content published within the blogosphere. The Hype Machine The Hype Machine is an MP3 blog aggregator, which basically means that it re-posts the newest and most popular music from a hand-picked selection of music blogs around the globe. 101 Resources for Marketing Music. A PROJECT IN MOTION!

101 Resources for Marketing Music

Found a dead link, got a new one or want to add a better description? --then send me an email There are loads of websites that give bands the opportunity to sell their music online. Watch out for Terms & Conditions and costs! CDbaby is one of the most popular Websites for selling your music.Emubands a digital distribution service which allows unsigned bands and artists to sell their music through major online stores such as iTunes, Napster, HMV Digital, Virgin Digital, Tunetribe...INgrooves Digital distribution of music. Most bands crave honest and positive reviews from respected sources, music magazines and music bloggers are good places to start as they're always looking to discover the next big band.

Google Directory - Arts > Music > Chats and Forums << start here! Band Weblogs features music commentary, band and music blogs, music articles, interviews, opinion, tour dates, guest music bloggers and more with free promotion and advertisement for bands. How to Write a Band Biography - Band Bio Guide. Musician bios are deceptively difficult to write.

How to Write a Band Biography - Band Bio Guide

Your band bio is your way of introducing yourself to both fans and music industry types, and you need to strike the right balance between providing useful information and going into so much detail no one makes it past the first paragraph. Learn how to put together a band bio that does the job and leaves people interested in learning more about you. Time Required: N/A Here's How: Know Who The Band Is:That may sound like a pretty easy thing - but is it? Tips: Pros and Cons: The Straightforward Approach:Taking the straightforward approach to your bio is the easiest way to go. How to Write a Press Release - Write a Music Press Release. The music is ready for its public debut - now you just need to know how to write a press release.

How to Write a Press Release - Write a Music Press Release

When you write a music press release, you need to "get in and get out" - in other words, you have to communicate all of the necessary information in a clear and engaging manner without overstaying your welcome with the reader. Sure, it may sound like a tall order, but once you get the hang of it, writing press releases will become a breeze. Read on to find out how to write a press release. You'll also find links to press release templates at the bottom of the article. Identify What You're Promoting Focus is your friend when it comes to press releases, and it helps to have a clear goal in mind. Music Careers - Music Industry Careers - Finding Music Business Careers.