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Kranky. Fluttery Records : Artists. COLLABORATIONS Gargle & Bosques De Mi Mente.

Fluttery Records : Artists

M-tronic Label - News. Security Check Required. Manic Depression Records : Post Punk french label/mailroder. CUNEIFORM RECORDS. Nervous Inc. Noise music links directory : noise music label links : all listings. Moi J'Connais. Moi J'Connais. Dixiefrog Records. CUNEIFORM RECORDS. Netlabel & Webzine for Dark Country, Folk, Blues, Rock, Punk and Roots Music. Life is a walkman. For his Sylvia Monnier project, the french artist Mickael Perez focuses on a musical approach resolutely based on the drone.

life is a walkman

Nevertheless, as the ideas are taking shape, his approach is regularly phagocyted by other styles, particularly ambient music. It’s this growing absorption, this occasional and soothing shock of the opposites that fascinates us so much on Second Thought, his new cassette. 12k. Label of the month: RVNG Intl. Matt Werth has lived in New York since 2002, and he's acutely aware of the city's rich history of musical and artistic cross-pollination.

Label of the month: RVNG Intl.

It's a legacy that stretches back to the downtown scene of the '60s and '70s, when artists got into music and musicians dabbled in art, and all kinds of disciplines—dance, poetry, film, literature, music—were mixed in one creative broth. Werth, who has been running RVNG Intl. for ten years, cites Lovely Music Ltd, an avant-garde label that's been a bastion of such mingling for nearly four decades, as one of his key inspirations. Sharply intelligent but easygoing, almost everything about Werth seems at odds with his label's esoteric leanings. Label of the month: RVNG Intl. Label of the month: UntilMyHeartStops. There's something unmistakably genuine about UntilMyHeartStops, the label run by Leif Knowles (better known as Leif) and Joe Ellis.

Label of the month: UntilMyHeartStops

Their records are, on a basic level, 4/4 dance music made for DJs, but they're a far cry from party fodder—most are dark and subtle, with an ambient streak. All of them have a left-field, surrealistic edge, but never any pretense of being avant-garde. While so many labels pounce on tracks that are likable or effective, Knowles and Ellis home in on things they simply want to have on vinyl for themselves, and which probably wouldn't see the light of day otherwise.

"We would try to pick stuff that's a little bit awkward, tunes that other labels probably won't want," says Ellis. "One of the names we were going to call the label was 'awkward silences,' but I think it had already been taken. " UntilMyHeartStops (or "uhms" as Ellis calls it) is fueled by this love for misfit tracks. UMHS and Freerotation are deeply intertwined at this point. UntilMyHeartStops mix. Oyabun Audio. Diagonal Records. The black acre. TRI▼ANGLE — B E D O U I N. Home - Gang Of Ducks. Acktivism Recordings - Record Label. Candela Rising (Candela_Rising) on Twitter ... Latest releases from !Kaboogie Records. Page 1 of 1 pages Rapidfire Buzzer EP !

Latest releases from !Kaboogie Records

Kaboogie presents "Rapidfire Buzzer EP" - four slices of heft that will pleasure your bass buds! Acroplane Recordings. Editions Mego. Procession Toward The Unknown by [Mental Groove Records] Industrial Records Ltd. - Estb. 1977. Houndstooth ~ News. OUT NOW: Call Super - Depicta / Acephale II City weight cut loose with forgetfulness.

Houndstooth ~ News

Empty head every time I enter. Wire maze got combed. Respect to Katharina Grosse. Call Super - Depicta / Acephale II is out now. Continue Reading → Love Love Records. End fence. ÆNTITAINMENT. VINYL FOR MINORITIES.

Techno Labels

Small But Hard Records. FVA_aboutus. Sociopath Recordings (Worldwide Breakcore/IDM/Hardcore Netlabel) Lorn / Artists. YOU CAN DANCE (IF YOU WANT) – TOC – CIRCUM-DISC. 01 Obsessive Compulsive DisorderToc - You Can Dance (If You Want) - CIDI1101 - 2012 Ready Free hypnotic pop punk, post-rock, jazz-core … Disturbing, orgiastic and communicative, Toc is unclassifiable, but shakes the feet and heads.


The group reveals with this second album his love of improvised and energetic pop without compromising its appetite for sound experimentation … Playing on the volume and energy of rock, drawing its influences from Stravinsky to Sonic Youth, not to mention there between 2 and all around (The Necks, Godspeed, …), the trio emphasizes in it listening, availability, initiatives or coups d’état … Toc is constantly looking to work a sound material in which the identity of the instruments disappear, leaving the hollow reappear in the texture. Planet Mu Records. ROOM40. Bad Sekta - About. What We Are - Bad Sekta is a collection of solid-state entities, currently operating together as a record label / semi-collective.

Bad Sekta - About

We specialise in uncovering new and interesting electronic music and video from the more individual / extreme ends of the spectrum and we hope to continue creating and releasing until we re-integrate with the collective consciousness. History - Bad Sekta was founded as an independent outlet for underground electronic music and video by Will (Phuq) in 2005.

Tom (Machinochrist) came on board to help run the label in 2007. Since our inception, we've collected loads of wicked artists, made some good friends and managed a few releases along the way. Jarring Effects - label indépendant. Cluster (Mille Plateaux) drone / experimental ambient music « Ant-zen. Bedroom Research. Labels. ROOM40. Ninja Tune.