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Joshbuchea/HEAD: A list of everything that goes in the <head> of your document. Free Clip Art & Images - Millions of Royalty Free Images | Clker. Understanding the critical rendering path, rendering pages in 1 second. How does the browser rendering engine work? In order to render content the browser has to go through a series of steps:1.

Document Object Model(DOM)2. CSS object model(CSSOM)3. Render Tree4. Layout5. 1. To process a html file and get to the document object model event(DOM) the browser has to go through 4 steps: 1. This entire process can take some time, specially if there is a large amount of HTML to process. In order to measure the full time needed for this process, you can record a timeline on chrome devtools while your page is loaded. In the timeline above you can see that the browser initially sends a request for the html, then it starts receiving the response in chunks of data, and initializes the html parser, as the parser finds any links for CSS or Javascript, it immediatelly sends a request for them, after that it also sends requests for all the other assets found in the rest of the page. 2. 1. 3. 4. 5.

Conclusion. - the new generation of SEO. SEO has always been a bit of a black-hat science, hiring agencies to "do your SEO" is a minefield and you may just end up with a 2-bit operations who ask for money because they generated some XML using a free SiteMap Generator, or worse give you actively bad advice such as "use meta keywords" or "duplicate this paragraph on every page of your website". It's become so difficult to tell what is actually good SEO advice, and what is bad. Luckily Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! Have joined forces to create an approved form of Search Engine Optimisation: a new generation of microdata tags which helps optimise your pages to tell search engines exactly what these pages are, what data is inside of them and the relationships around that. uses a simple set of HTML attributes (itemscope, itemtype, itemprop) in combination to describe "items" in your page. An item can be anything from a WebPage to a Product Offering to a Comedy Night to a TV Series and its Director. The 5 Most Popular Frontend Frameworks of 2014 Compared. Nowadays there is a deluge of CSS front-end frameworks. But the number of really good ones can be narrowed down to just a few. In this article we’ll compare what I think are the five best frameworks available today. Each framework has its own strengths and weaknesses, and specific areas of application, allowing you to choose based on the needs of a specific project. For example, if your project is simple, there is no need to use a complex framework. The frameworks that I’m going to explore are presented based on their GitHub popularity, beginning with the most popular, which is, of course, Bootstrap.

(Note: Some of the information below will go out of date in the coming weeks and months – e.g. 1. Bootstrap is the undisputed leader among the available frameworks today. Notes on Bootstrap The main strength of Bootstrap is its huge popularity. (Note: By saying “unique components” I mean that they are unique compared only to the frameworks mentioned in this list.) 2. Notes on Foundation 3. 4. PKC Security | Blog. It'd be awesome if this was an accurate, error-free resource, but I'm sure it's not.

If you see any errors PLEASE let me know. You can email us at Why Should I Read This? This is an attempt at a flow-centric, rather than code-centric, description of WebRTC. Think of this as a companion guide to the official w3 spec. With better pictures. It’s designed to help you better understand the plumbing by walking you chronologically through the formation of a peer-to-peer WebRTC connection, placing each of the various WebRTC Javascript API and out-of-band signaling calls inside the context of the flow. Essentially it’s “what I wish I had seen in the WebRTC draft spec, but wasn’t there.” Incidentally, the w3 spec is still in draft, complete with dubious warnings like, “This example flow needs to be discussed on the list and is likely wrong in many ways.”

If you crave after general WebRTC info or specific working code examples, don’t read this. See why it’s awesome? That’s it! Ask Slashdot: What Should Every Programmer Read? Mbuchetics/heroku-buildpack-nodejs-grunt. ‘DevOps for Dummies’ book is available for download | Sanjeev Sharma. Disqus – The Web’s Community of Communities. For Websites. Foundation Work Groups. Backplane Exchange — Seamless data flow between social applications. API Finder - Most Popular APIs. Use the RingCentral FaxOut API to pass fax data to RingCentral so that your fax can be sent. The response tells you whether the fax was accepted or not.

In the request, you can include a recipient's phone number, coverpage, resolution, send time, and attachment containing the document to fax. The FaxOut API is related to the RingCentral Fax product, which has features of toll free or local numbers, receiving faxes as emails, faxing from an application, electronic editing and signatures, secure faxes, and fax alerts and history logs. Mutltiple methods give developers control of outbound fax transmission, inbound fax reception, and administrative control (add users, set preferences, etc.). Venali is a provider of enterprise Internet fax messaging.

OneOutBox offers Web Service integration with outbound FAX for the transmission of invoices, correspondence, order confirmation, status reporting, workflow updates, and more. PamFax is an internet faxing service. An HTML scraper of rhymezone. Top 10 Web APIs — Bridging Today’s Technology. With the explosion of application programming interfaces (APIs), the web has become an intermingling of technology, as if all your favorite applications got together at a speed-dating event. Using web APIs, including WebDAM’s Rest API programmers can now mingle the capabilities of multiple applications together. By doing such, they eliminate the need of clicking through different applications—all serving different purposes.

So, what is the best API deliverable? Instead of standing on opposite ends of a virtual wall, a window (with nice trimmings!) Has been installed to grant data access, allowing different applications to socialize and make friends with each other. With so many fish in the sea and increased availability of internet-based services, we all ask ourselves “What are the Top Web APIs out there?” 1. In the past decade, Google has moved far beyond mere search to maps, social networking, email, and more. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. The Increasing Importance of APIs in Web Development. Web APIs have experienced an exponential increase in popularity and usage in the past few years. These days, they're an important tool for web developers; however, they are also even becoming an effective marketing tool for many types of businesses. This article covers Web API statistics, their benefits, and a list of some of the most useful APIs currently available.

What is an API? All of the Charts in this post are powered by the Google Charts API! An API, or "Application Program Interface", is a set of routines and protocols that provide building blocks for computer programmers and web developers to build software applications. In the past, APIs were largely associated with computer operating systems and desktop applications. In recent years though, we have seen the emergence of Web APIs (Web Services). Web API (Web Service) Web APIs allow developers to build web pages and web based applications (known as "mashups") using data from multiple online sources. Video Nu... Popular Web APIs. 2013 Most Popular and Successful Web APIs | Mathieu Fenniak.

Have you ever been stumped how to design a Web API? There are so many different approaches that you can take for even simple things, like paginating API result sets. If you list out your options, it can be easy to end up in analysis paralysis. I like to remind myself that I’m not the first person to tread on this soil. I often take inspiration on design choices from well-known APIs, assuming that the hard work has already been done. But I realized lately that I’m not confident what a popular or successful API is, and that I have my own exposure biases in what is popular or successful. So, I decided to do some research to address that. I defined an API’s success and popularity based upon whether it is supported by integration solutions. I gathered the available APIs in nine integration platforms: Zapier, Mule ESB, ifttt, itDuzzit, Pipethru, Formstack, Magic xpi, Adeptia, and CloudWork.

So, here it is; the most popular APIs by their integration platform support: API Dashboard: ProgrammableWeb. 40 useful APIs for web designers and developers. An application programming interface (API) is a set of rules and specifications that software programs can follow to communicate or ‘interface’ with each other. As developers are well aware, there are hundreds of APIs out there for doing almost anything you could imagine online. Some are better than others, and some are definitely more useful than others. Below are forty of the most useful APIs out there. The included APIs will let you do everything from shortening a URL to displaying a book preview on your site to interacting with your Twitter account, and everything in between. Please share with us which APIs have you found most useful and feel free to recommend others that we may have missed… The Google APIs Google offers dozens of APIs for web designers and developers.

Some are specifically related to popular Google products, like Gmail and Analytics, while others are more specialized and aren’t part of public programs. All are free to use, of course. The Yahoo! Like Google, Yahoo! Fixing CSRF vulnerability in PHP Applications. Cross Site Request Forgery or CSRF is one of top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities. It exploits the website’s trust on the browser. This vulnerability harms users’ and can modify or delete users’ data by using user’s action. The advantage of the attack is that action is performed as a valid user but user never knows that he has done something. If the target account is of website administrator, attacker can perform admin’s action of the web application. Poor coding and wrong assumptions are the main reason why the vulnerability exists on the web application. Sometimes, it is typical to understand how this vulnerability is exploited by attackers.

What is Cross Site Request Forgery Attack? Cross Site Request Forgery or CSRF is an attack that forces a malicious action to an innocent website from end user’s (valid user) browser when he/she is running a valid session of the website. Most common effects of this attack are change of password, fund transfer from bank account, purchase of an item etc. 1. A Collection of Section Separators. Objectively innovate empowered manufactured products Galaxies a still more glorious dawn awaits shores of the cosmic ocean bits of moving fluff the only home we've ever known finite but unbounded colonies astonishment laws of physics a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena brain is the seed of intelligence realm of the galaxies Apollonius of Perga rogue intelligent beings courage of our questions made in the interiors Engage worldwide methodologies Take root and flourish. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, across the centuries venture hundreds of thousands are creatures of the cosmos rich in heavy atoms of brilliant syntheses Cambrian explosion Euclid...

If you enjoyed these styles you might also like: Creative Link Effects Caption Hover Effects. Fontello - icon fonts generator. App - Icon Font Generator. Job Titles in the Web Industry. There are loads of job titles in our industry. The opinion on their usefulness range from harmful (i.e. leads to “not my job” syndrome) to vital (i.e. people change companies sometimes and need common language). Since they are out there and we use them, there should be some consistency to their definition. Perhaps we can get closer to nailing that down. Let's light this fire, shall we? This is all debatable, of course. Job Titles These are legit in my opinion. Web Designer If "designer" is in the title, the job is designing. If the job is also designing for print, apps, signage, products, clothing, etc., the title would be widened to Designer.

Front End Developer This job is focused on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and light backend work. A synonym might be Front End Engineer. Technology specific job titles may be also be appropriate here, like "JavaScript Developer" or "JavaScript Engineer" for a job where that is primarily what needs to be done. UI Designer UX Designer Interaction Designer Dev Ops. · Swatch you doing? How to become a designer without going to design school | Karen Cheng. I got my job as a designer without going to design school. I had hacked together my own design education in 6 months while working a full-time job.

I didn’t think I was ready but started applying for jobs anyway – and got a job at a great startup, Exec. To be clear, I’m nowhere near as good as those design prodigies that come out of a 4-year education at an elite school like RISD. But I’m definitely good enough to do my job well. Maybe you want to change careers and become a designer full-time. This is a guide to teach yourself design. Update: I first published this blog post over a year ago.

Step 1. First, learn how to draw. You don’t have to sit in a room with a bunch of other artists trying to draw a naked woman.You don’t even have to get that good at drawing. Learn graphic design theory Start with the book Picture This. Learn some basics in user experience Learn how to write Here is a sure sign of a bad designer: their mockups are filled with placeholder text like Lorem Ipsum. Step 2. Front-End Ops. Advertisement When a team builds a complex application, there is often a common breakdown of roles. Specifically on the back end, there are database engineers, application engineers and operations engineers, or something close to this. In recent years, more and more application logic is being deferred to the client side. For some reason, though, operations folks aren’t going with it. I recently wrote an article on “Deploying JavaScript Applications.”

“With all due respect, may I ask if you actually enjoy your job? See, I had written my article with a few too many assumptions. I think things are about to shift, and I’d (humbly) like to help guide that shift, because I think it’ll be great for the Web. The Front-End Operations Engineer A front-end operations engineer is not a title you’ve likely come across, but hopefully one that you will. A front-end operations engineer would own external performance. Why? Builds And Deployment This is where many people use Grunt these days. Tracking Speed. Выбираем решение для изображений в отзывчивом дизайне | Frontender Magazine. Если вы разрабатываете сайты, есть большой шанс того, что хотя бы один из ваших клиентов заказывал вам или интересовался, можете ли вы сделать сайт, который хорошо бы отображался на мобильных устройствах.

Если вы сторонник отзывчивого дизайна (в этом случае ваш сайт сделан настолько гибко, что может визуально подстраиваться под размеры и десктопов, и мобильных устройств), тогда вам нужна стратегия и для того, чтобы сделать гибкими изображения — то есть решение для отзывчивых изображений. Понять базовые вещи достаточно просто, но когда вы осваиваете их, вы понимаете, что масштабирование картинок — это только самое начало: решить нужно еще проблемы с производительностью и контролем впечатления от изображений.

Вы столкнетесь с огромным спектром решений для отзывчивых изображений, из которых у каждого есть свои сильные и слабые стороны, и ни одно не идеально. Принципы Применить стиль к нефоновым изображениям, чтобы они соответствовали ширине их контейнера, очень просто. Не так быстро! Mobify. Color Scheme Designer 3. Audreyr/favicon-cheat-sheet. Benchmarks: Node.js vs Go (vs PHP) Pineapple · Web Tutorials and Resources That Don't Suck. Free Javascript and Python eBooks | Coders Grid.