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Web.go - Quickstart. Thinking Small: Finding The Right Niche. The word niche comes from French, where it means roughly the same thing as in English: a small, somewhat isolated space. But in French, the word has an additional meaning that’s just as common: a niche is a doghouse, like the ones with triangular roofs that you’d put in your backyard. So one could infer that according to the French language, niches are best left to dogs. And even in English, niche is often used to dismiss a product as too limited and lacking in usefulness.

However, I’d like to explain why, despite all that, niches aren’t always such bad places to be in after all (once you get used to the dog-breath smell). Finding My Niche First of all, a little background on me. Discover Meteor I’m not saying this to brag (well, ok, I might be a little), but because it’s very relevant to the topic at hand. If the above made you go, “Huh, what’s Meteor?” So why did we decide to work on a Meteor book rather than address a larger market like, say, JavaScript, or web apps in general? Thinking Small: Finding The Right Niche.