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Read Ruby 1.9: Free Ebook About the Ruby Programming Language. Array (Read Ruby 1.9) Spec Tutorial: Elegant Spec-Style Testing That Comes With Ruby. Despite RSpec's awesomeness, Test::Unit remains the most popular Ruby testing tool out there outside of Rails apps.

Spec Tutorial: Elegant Spec-Style Testing That Comes With Ruby

I've recently been code walking through a lot of Ruby libraries for my Ruby Reloaded course and the typical arrangement is Test::Unit, sometimes coupled with Shoulda or Contest for some extra syntactic sweetness. Part of the reason for Test::Unit's enduring popularity is its presence in the Ruby standard library but, also, its general 'lightness' and speed.

When you're writing a large app, using a powerful full-featured system like RSpec has significant benefits (particularly stakeholder involvement in writing the specs).

Ruby Testing

Table of Contents. Ruby the Red Gem of Programming - Ruby Thoughts for Mortals (Unless Specifically Otherwise Denoted!) Front page - APIdock. Code School - TryRuby. Ruby 1.9.3 Standard Library Documentation. Documenting the Ruby Language. Index of Classes & Methods in Ruby 1.9.3. Ruby Programming Language. Satish Talim Ruby Evangelist. Ruby Tutorial - Learn Ruby. A Ruby Learning Hub. Blog — All about Ruby programming. The Wonderful Tech Wizards of Oz Photo by David Jackmanson / Flickr The Information and Communication Technology sector is the fifth highest paying career group in Australia, with entry salaries starting at $88,000 and median salaries of $100,000.

Blog — All about Ruby programming.

This ranking is both because of, and contributes to, Australia’s growing IT leadership.