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Read Ruby 1.9: Free Ebook About the Ruby Programming Language. Array (Read Ruby 1.9) Spec Tutorial: Elegant Spec-Style Testing That Comes With Ruby. Despite RSpec's awesomeness, Test::Unit remains the most popular Ruby testing tool out there outside of Rails apps.

Spec Tutorial: Elegant Spec-Style Testing That Comes With Ruby

I've recently been code walking through a lot of Ruby libraries for my Ruby Reloaded course and the typical arrangement is Test::Unit, sometimes coupled with Shoulda or Contest for some extra syntactic sweetness. Part of the reason for Test::Unit's enduring popularity is its presence in the Ruby standard library but, also, its general 'lightness' and speed. When you're writing a large app, using a powerful full-featured system like RSpec has significant benefits (particularly stakeholder involvement in writing the specs). But when you're working on a library that might spread far and wide and is aimed solely at developers, the pros of Test::Unit shine through. Enter MiniTest Note: Ruby 1.8 users can run gem install minitest to get MiniTest too but it's not part of the standard library there. What Does MiniTest::Spec Look Like? Nothing too unusual there, I hope. Give It A Try.

Ruby Testing

Table of Contents. Ruby the Red Gem of Programming - Ruby Thoughts for Mortals (Unless Specifically Otherwise Denoted!) Front page - APIdock. Code School - TryRuby. Ruby 1.9.3 Standard Library Documentation. Documenting the Ruby Language.

Index of Classes & Methods in Ruby 1.9.3. Ruby 1.9.3 Files .lib/xmlrpc/README.rdoc .test/rdoc/test.ja.large.rdoc .test/rdoc/test.ja.rdoc doc/rake/command_line_usage.rdoc doc/rake/glossary.rdoc doc/rake/proto_rake.rdoc doc/rake/rakefile.rdoc doc/rake/rational.rdoc doc/rake/release_notes/rake-0.8.7.rdoc doc/re.rdoc Classes CArray CBignum CBasicObject CObject CModule CClass CComplex CNilClass CNumeric CString CFloat CFiber CFiberError CContinuation CDir CFile CEncoding CEnumerator CStopIteration CEnumerator::Generator CEnumerator::Yielder CException CSystemExit Cfatal CSignalException CInterrupt CStandardError CTypeError CArgumentError CIndexError CKeyError CRangeError CScriptError CSyntaxError CLoadError CNotImplementedError CNameError CNoMethodError CRuntimeError CSecurityError CNoMemoryError CEncodingError CSystemCallError CEncoding::CompatibilityError CFile::Stat CHash CIOError CEOFError CRubyVM CRubyVM::InstructionSequence CMath::DomainError CZeroDivisionError CFloatDomainError CInteger CFixnum CData CTrueClass CFalseClass CMutex CThread CProc CLocalJumpError CSystemStackError CMethod CUnboundMethod.

Index of Classes & Methods in Ruby 1.9.3

Ruby Programming Language. Satish Talim Ruby Evangelist. Ruby Tutorial - Learn Ruby. A Ruby Learning Hub. Blog — All about Ruby programming. The Wonderful Tech Wizards of Oz Photo by David Jackmanson / Flickr The Information and Communication Technology sector is the fifth highest paying career group in Australia, with entry salaries starting at $88,000 and median salaries of $100,000.

Blog — All about Ruby programming.

This ranking is both because of, and contributes to, Australia’s growing IT leadership. Over 50 software companies are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The growth of technology centers created by governmental planners and business networks, such as the Bentley Technology Park in Western Australia (adjacent to Curtin University of Technology), the Digital Harbour at Docklands in Melbourne, and the Macquarie Park in Sydney (including the Research Park and Macquarie University), combined with respected universities and the roll-out of the National Broadband Network, all demonstrate the IT successes of the Aussies! School ‘Em at Home! And Hook ‘Em All Up!